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  1. For men size S (44/46) or else grown up teenagers. Work jacket made by Engelbert Strauss, loads of pockets, one inside pocket with zip. White stripes light up in the dark when light shines on the jacket.  I can send more pictures via e-mail if interested. Very good condition.  Pick up in Trudering. Original price is 44 Euros at the moment, I would like 20 Euros. 
  2. 124 min. Language in English and German and loads of subtitles (English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic). Pick up in Trudering/Munich or postage is 1,90 Euros.
  3. Airplane seats

    I have had these airplane seats for many years, they have been perfect when having partys, but I just need the space in the house, so I have decided to sell them. Not in very best condition (the armrests have lost the plastic), but definitely still usable. At the back of the seats there are still the fold down tables. More photos can be sent by e-mail. Asking 99 Euros, pick up in Trudering.
  4. Was only used once last year, in perfect condition. It's very heavy to carry, so pick up is best by car (in Trudering). Asking 10 Euros
  5. Lovely cardigan in size 50, grey with a hedgehog hood, new with label on. At the moment this cardigan costs 27,99 Euro, I paid 39,95 Euro when I bought it, would like 19 Euros for it. Pick up in Trudering, can also be sent by post for 1,90 Euro.