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  1. My next-door neighbor is a petty, miserable bastard who needs to be taught a lesson. I don't want advice about how to deal with him, because there is no dealing with him. He owns his 1/4 of the quattro house I live in so you can guess his attitude...any leaf trying to make it to the ground is shot on sight. If I hang my little umbrella on the fence between our front doors to dry, he puts it on the floor, as the fence is apparently his. I get typed letters about minutiae and dirty looks for nearly anything. This type of person.   What I really want now is to have fun with it instead of being stressed about him all the time. I'm looking for creative tips on how to annoy him, legally. Nothing malicious, just fun ways to make him fume. If you've been in a similar situation, what have you done and gotten away with?   This is my setup...we both live on the same side of a quattro house (house unevenly split into 4), our doors are about a foot apart and our entrances are separated by a steel fence that belongs to him. I have a small front porch and I think the area in front of the steps belongs to my apartment. He has to walk by my door, and my little garden area, to leave his house. Just in case this helps with your creativity.
  2. Gasthaus vs. Pension

    What are the differences between a Gasthaus and a Pension? I think, but I'm not sure, that a Gasthaus has a restaurant and a pension doesn't. Any other differences?   Thanks! Mia