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  1. Hi TTers, I have a visitor coming to Munich toward the end of June from Australia.   He is a serious biking enthusiast and would like to buy a bike frame and separate components to ultimately 'create' his own bike. I understand that he may not necessarily get a whole bike and assemble it during the trip but will also be happy to buy most/all the bits and take them with him as parts?   Problem is my cycling knowledge/experience/interest is limited to getting around from A to B in my old clacker bike and have no idea about where to buy (higher end?) bicycle bits and pieces to build your own bike. I don't even know what type of bike he is looking for (racing/mountain/hybrid ?)   He doesn't speak much/any German and I don't have time to really help him on the ground in Munich so he is somewhat on his own.   After Munich, he will be in Frankfurt for a few days and is interested in any shops there as well.   Any tips/suggestions are most welcome. We are in Haidhausen so anything closer to this area will be great but not essential.   thanks in advance