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  1. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      This is the argument made for every regulation the automobile industry has been required to meet. An example, the US requires airbags, Germany does not. I have yet the see Americans stop driving cars/economy going into the ditch. The truth is in Germany the auto industry has undue influence on the laws in Germany and Europe. München is phasing in the rules and will ban non Münchners diesel 4 autos first. If the benchmarks are made, they won't do any more regulations. (The problem is there is not really much chance of enforcement). If people vote for parties that promise to clean up the air, these things will happen. The actual damage from poor air quality is usually more of an issue than theoretical damage the economy claimed by a group of industries that are constantly crying the sky will fall... Also, certain diesel 4 autos without particle filters have a grün plakatte and are exempt from the current ban but will be banned in the future (Lupo 3L) which is a shame.
  2. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Those numbers don't reflect the EU directive which I think are 25 μg/m3 . Probably the table numbers are the allowable in Germany/from the auto lobby. Doesn't mean we can't do better. There they estimate EU financial losses due to air pollution at 330 billion euro and 300k premature EU deaths due to fine particulate matter. For a comparison, Australia allows 8 μg/m3 .,_shape_and_solubility_matter  
  3. For the data geeks, if you dig around the DWD site, you will find the weather station data for Germany for the last hundred years or so. And one data measurement is sun. Naturally you can't say what the sun shine will be tomorrow, but if you have a lot of data, you can do a pretty good estimate of what is likely for a time of year. In a given data set, this is what you find. air_temperature/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - cloud_type/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - cloudiness/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - dew_point/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - extreme_wind/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - moisture/ 06-Jan-2021 09:00 - precipitation/ 14-Nov-2018 08:11 - pressure/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - soil_temperature/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - solar/ 24-Jan-2023 08:41 - sun/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - visibility/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - weather_phenomena/ 30-Apr-2021 14:40 - wind/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - wind_synop/
  4.   The loophole will be redundant if Germany eases the rules for dual citizenship. If the US lowers the renunciation fee, the hardhsip exception (loophole) will be denied by the German rule due to the minimum income requirement. But the US and Germany coordinate on immigration about as much as the Bavarians and the Prussians.
  5. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt   They measure in multiple areas. Blame the automobile industry and automobile fetish of the conservative parties in Germany, not cities who are required (unlike auto manufacturers) to follow EU rules.
  6. This is true, but your example refrigerator also cycles on and off. So the X watts for the refrigerator is not constant. Smart would be to have appliances know what the battery/sun has available (or cost of grid delivered) and decide whether or not they can delay a cooling/washing energy using cycle.
  7. My 9kWp Photovoltaik Anlage

    if it wasn't for random guys on the internet, there would be no internet...  
  8. Voluntarily Unemployment

    I would think the easiest course of action is to register with the AA and simply not renew your contract. To avoid some AA issues, sometime before the end of the current contract get the doc to write you sick for a few days with burnout (take the days off). Then if the AA wants a reason why you didn't renew at the old company, tell them the doctor recommended against it (and it has harmed your health). You get 3 weeks vacation for a year of ALG1 and you just need to tell the AA that you are taking that at the start. (but confirm this).   I was once let go shortly after booking a long delayed 1 month vacation and so I told the AA. They were sympathetic but said I could only have 3 of the 4 weeks based on the rules of ALG1. But they had no problem with a single week of Sperrzeit (which I found reasonable). In general, they are reasonable and will not force you to take a contract if it harms you.   If you can't work because of burnout, then the company pays you for X weeks until the Krankenkasse takes over your partial salary. (I don't remember how long you can be sick before the KK takes over your pay).
  9. My 9kWp Photovoltaik Anlage

      But this data is (partially) dependent upon your panel set up. You have east/west at a given latitude, cloud coverage, etc. You can't generalize your results to everyone. Naturally the summer will peak but if you orient and tilt your panels to different directions, you could 'pimp' your system to produce more at certain times. Over the year, the average would be less, but you could tilt south to get more Sept - Feb sun (and have less in summer). Depends on what your goal is, By default it is to maximize overall output. If you want it to run a heat pump, you might optimize for winter sun. If you want coffee in the morning, east. The latitude angle is the usual south facing tilt angle which optimizes output. But you could optimize for a certain season. The panel would then run optimal for a different time of year. Less in summer, a bit more in fall, for example.;jsessionid=8ADD6E3D8A5B8313DEC59A05DA91A16A.live11042?nn=495490 Naturally very few are free to have a panel to tilt/orient in any angle, but one person's result is not anything universal.
  10.   Did you run a calculation to see if the most expensive option (heat pump run by PV) would in the long run be cheaper? If you generate enough PV energy to run a heat pump then the up-front cost of the heat pump is the cost of heating (no more bills, in theory, at least).
  11. you have to ask. I am guessing total household Bruttogehalt / 2. The rules are not very clear and the Beamte interpret them as they wish.  The wish in Munich is that you assimilate and give up the old citizenship, based on my experience.   Unfortunately asking likely means one trip to the office to wait in line. Stay on their good side and you might be more lucky than me.
  12. I think if you are on a German contract, you/the company are required to fill out an S1 European certificate which indicates that your company knows you are working from another EU country and accepts some liabilty. (If it is legal for someone with only a work permit for Germany to work in another Eu land is another question. It is always done for short periods. No one bothers if it is a conference/week/training.) No HR wants the bother and the company usually doesn't want to pay (I work for an american company that farmed out this task to some other firm and they (over) charge several hundred euro for each application). Many people simply don't bother and 99.9% of the time it is not an issue. Note that doesn't mean it would be legal or smart, but the chances of something happening are small. But the rules in Germany are that if you working and in home office and you trip over the rug/dog/kid and injure yourself getting coffee (naturally they will say that the rug/dog/kid should not be in your office...), that is a work related injury. This gets complicated enough in Germany and if you visit a doctor in another EU country with a work related injury it might get overly-complicated.    But if you had some injury while working abroad and it was significant it would be a real issue down the road. You get different scenarios if you are injured at work and can no longer work as opposed to if you are on vacation and have some accident where you can no longer work. Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung... yet another German specialty.   The betriebsrat where I work is trying to get an allowance for employees to work up to 1 day per month in other EU countries but the issues and management pushback make it difficult to see this happening. Issues appear to be the cost of the S1 and the fear that allowing a bunch of non EU foreigners to run loose and work from wherever might not be legal.   Corrected: S1 and not A1.  
  13. Regarding the feared wave of 2nd/3rd generation Turks living in Germany, don't they have some back door ability to regain the benefits of Turkish citizenship if they renounced? So maybe a lot of them have naturalized already. I am being optimistic that there might not be as many people applying as feared. The beamte are slow (and/or incompetent) enough without having to deal with more applications. I am not in a hurry but if it takes years, it will be a challenge to keep updating them everytime some living situation relevant to the application changes.
  14. There is one rule in Germany.   You have to know all the rules.
  15.     The says the proposal is being submitted.    Maron, actually I heard this on tt, that you have have update the amt if your situation changes. Naturally they want to know. I would assume small changes (raise, new title, etc) are not required. Burying them with extraneous paperwork is a nice thought though (new office, flat on the job bike)... But best to find/keep on their good side.
  16. The War in Ukraine

    dear kevin, if you don't see any hyprocitical irony in your trashing a messenger, then you're dumber than you think i think you are. That said, it's okay to have an opinion.
  17. Probably not in Munich. If your situation changes (income, wohnort, marriage, etc) you are obligated to report it to the amt. Unless you want to work for 25% until you get citizenship (years?) I would not bother. On the other hand, you could get a lot of skiing in and enjoy life. In Munich they will pull out all the stops to make sure dual citizenship is not granted. But I think Faeser(?)  has appointed a fdp person to look into allowing dual citizenship.  
  18. Tips on bathroom renovation

      We have that and it is nice. But we asked a tile guy if he could replace tiles on the floor and keep the heating and he said these type of electric grid wire heaters will break at the mere mention of a Hilti (schlaghammer, the tool used to remove tiles). So you limit the renovation potential a bit (but not seriously). The serious bodenheizung is pipes embedded in the concrete and supposed to be re-tileable.
  19. Tips on bathroom renovation

      And make sure you or someone with authority (and can speak german/polish) is there to require them to build it as in the contract. A lot of things get done because it is easier/quicker if you don't watch out. (Says the man  who has to live with gas pipes going around his kitchen floor because the drop ceiling was too much work...).
  20.   Another good article, this time in the suddeutsche about how incapable the german bureaucracy is with respect to foreigners. Basically they pull the guy's blue card, after some time in Germany, when they decide an American firm branch in Munich should not have an American West Point grad in a management position if his degree is in something other than management. Dude's married to a German, has kids, has moved to Germany based on the blue card and job, makes beaucoup dinero, followed the rules and still they can't figure out how to deal with it.  This reinforces my opinion that some of the bureaucracy loves the power of making other people suffer. Especially non-citizens who  lack recourse. Or maybe the whole bureaucracy is just inept.
  21. Tips on bathroom renovation

    We tore out the tiles in an old apartment in stuttgart with a super Hilti schlaghammer from a colleague. Super tool, filthy work, but rewarding if you like getting your hands dirty. Warn the neighbors! Disposal in the nearest Deponie.  Added bonus, we unexpectedly found decent terrazzo under the boring tiles. But terrazzo requires special polishing tools, more cool tools, one like a mini zamboni.  Recommended to distribute ear plugs and alcohol to your neighbours for that one.
  22. ZDF Magazine Royale did a great piece on the Ausländerbehörde in Germany.  
  23. The War in Ukraine

      I don't think you understand what is going on. Read some of the previous posts and you will get a pretty clear picture what team jeba is rooting for. It's pretty simple, you choose a side. Only one is right.
  24. The heute show had a good piece on einbürgerung and dual citizenship on Friday Dec 2. The first segment is all about the opposition from the CDU. The CDU demonstrates their lack of knowledge of the rules basically. And a proposed new test scheme to become German with the Beamte (understand how a fax machine works, socks with birkenstocks, etc...) And the Sud Deutsche has given us a label, der inländischen Ausländer. But the article is very pro (dual citizenship).