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  1. Fired while on sick leave (terminated)

    If you know the firing is not conforming to the rules, you can start a Klage at the local Arbeitsgericht. You need to understand the rules and speak German, but they can start the Klage/negotiation. The Arbeitsgericht is there to settle disputes between employees and employers. Must be done immediately/very shortly after you are notified. Bring your own lawyer and/or know the rules. A lawyer will not be provided and technically is not required. 
  2. Great, so I get to pay an extra 67€ or so for a card that is not a legal ID? Since no one is obligated to accept it as ID and, has been made abundantly clear, one is not required to carry it or any ID, it is just a way to get my information. I guess that is fine but I would appreciate a ID similar in function to the German's Ausweis. I have a unbefristete Niederlassungserlaubnis (uNE) and didn't bother getting one since my last US passport had my Niederlassungerlaubnis. Nor did any Amt inform me of the requirement to get an eAT (Germany, Rule No 1, you have to know all the rules). and due on 31 August 2021. My question is: does anyone know of any penalty for not getting your card? They made it clear earlier old uNE were to be respected (bring along the old passport). Or does anyone know a reason to get the card if you have in your old passport the uNE. (It is pretty rare if not unheard of to have to show the NE, so I don't see it as an issue. Since I don't have to carry ID (ad nauseum) when the police bring me home for me to get my ID, all my old passports are there.)