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  1. The War in Ukraine

    I assume jeba lives in a villa 'liberated' by the turkish invasion and is happy not to acknowledge it was stolen from some greek cypriot. That would be right up his alley. Great price, so who cares if the old owners were forced out by a coup...  
  2. I have looked at apartments where rooms would only have some underfloor that made the room unusable until something was installed over it.  So there are or were apartments where the floor was not included. Not unheard of but hopefully rare. I did not take that apartment and have no idea what someone does at the end of the rental. Negotiate likely with the owner and/or new tenant. This type of expectation, I am pretty sure, is limited to Germany (the kitchen thing is another example).
  3. Verdi demanding 15% wage hike

    Actually a lot of Gewerkschaft/Betriebsrat work very hard to get larger pay increases to those paid the least. I sit on a Rat and they are trying to ensure those who are underpaid according to the market have that taken into account for raises. Often you will see a minimum raise in absolute terms  (example €300) in the details to help those who are at the bottom of the ladder. And at the upper end, those in management usually don't get the same deal that is negotiated by the rank and file (because, we need management and labor to hate each other or something...). They will inevitably get something better.
  4. Verdi demanding 15% wage hike

    I am all for a 15% pay raise. Do CEOs insist on bonus/pay increases less than the current rate of inflation for themselves?   But I will settle for 12.5%. Inflation drivers are the cost of raw materials, including energy. What the workers make will have very little to do with inflation.    Interesting case recently in Germany where a woman sued her employer for paying her less for doing the same work as a male colleague. The company naturally fought it through 4 instances/apeals. In the end they will pay her the difference, a bonus and likely for all the time her lawyers put in. Go girl! (sorry, woman) Now someone needs to apply that to foreigners. It is a tax loss for the state if people are underpaid.
  5. The War in Ukraine

      Giving away 1/3 of your country? Gotta be bad for the GDP.
  6. The War in Ukraine

    So on top of all your other biases, you are a sexist. Color me surprised, not.
  7. ....what skinheads?

    What, don't you have the AFD in Berlin?   I have some friends in the US who think Germany is full of old nazis and while there are nazis (both young and old) the US isn't exactly a shining star of enlightenment when it comes to race relations.   And we shouldn't assume the politics of the follicly challenged:
  8. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      This is the argument made for every regulation the automobile industry has been required to meet. An example, the US requires airbags, Germany does not. I have yet the see Americans stop driving cars/economy going into the ditch. The truth is in Germany the auto industry has undue influence on the laws in Germany and Europe. München is phasing in the rules and will ban non Münchners diesel 4 autos first. If the benchmarks are made, they won't do any more regulations. (The problem is there is not really much chance of enforcement). If people vote for parties that promise to clean up the air, these things will happen. The actual damage from poor air quality is usually more of an issue than theoretical damage the economy claimed by a group of industries that are constantly crying the sky will fall... Also, certain diesel 4 autos without particle filters have a grün plakatte and are exempt from the current ban but will be banned in the future (Lupo 3L) which is a shame.
  9. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Those numbers don't reflect the EU directive which I think are 25 μg/m3 . Probably the table numbers are the allowable in Germany/from the auto lobby. Doesn't mean we can't do better. There they estimate EU financial losses due to air pollution at 330 billion euro and 300k premature EU deaths due to fine particulate matter. For a comparison, Australia allows 8 μg/m3 .,_shape_and_solubility_matter  
  10. For the data geeks, if you dig around the DWD site, you will find the weather station data for Germany for the last hundred years or so. And one data measurement is sun. Naturally you can't say what the sun shine will be tomorrow, but if you have a lot of data, you can do a pretty good estimate of what is likely for a time of year. In a given data set, this is what you find. air_temperature/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - cloud_type/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - cloudiness/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - dew_point/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - extreme_wind/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - moisture/ 06-Jan-2021 09:00 - precipitation/ 14-Nov-2018 08:11 - pressure/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - soil_temperature/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - solar/ 24-Jan-2023 08:41 - sun/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - visibility/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - weather_phenomena/ 30-Apr-2021 14:40 - wind/ 26-Apr-2021 10:53 - wind_synop/
  11.   The loophole will be redundant if Germany eases the rules for dual citizenship. If the US lowers the renunciation fee, the hardhsip exception (loophole) will be denied by the German rule due to the minimum income requirement. But the US and Germany coordinate on immigration about as much as the Bavarians and the Prussians.
  12. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt   They measure in multiple areas. Blame the automobile industry and automobile fetish of the conservative parties in Germany, not cities who are required (unlike auto manufacturers) to follow EU rules.
  13. This is true, but your example refrigerator also cycles on and off. So the X watts for the refrigerator is not constant. Smart would be to have appliances know what the battery/sun has available (or cost of grid delivered) and decide whether or not they can delay a cooling/washing energy using cycle.
  14. My 9kWp Photovoltaik Anlage

    if it wasn't for random guys on the internet, there would be no internet...  
  15. Voluntarily Unemployment

    I would think the easiest course of action is to register with the AA and simply not renew your contract. To avoid some AA issues, sometime before the end of the current contract get the doc to write you sick for a few days with burnout (take the days off). Then if the AA wants a reason why you didn't renew at the old company, tell them the doctor recommended against it (and it has harmed your health). You get 3 weeks vacation for a year of ALG1 and you just need to tell the AA that you are taking that at the start. (but confirm this).   I was once let go shortly after booking a long delayed 1 month vacation and so I told the AA. They were sympathetic but said I could only have 3 of the 4 weeks based on the rules of ALG1. But they had no problem with a single week of Sperrzeit (which I found reasonable). In general, they are reasonable and will not force you to take a contract if it harms you.   If you can't work because of burnout, then the company pays you for X weeks until the Krankenkasse takes over your partial salary. (I don't remember how long you can be sick before the KK takes over your pay).