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  1. Hello Panda, great to have an expert at hand. I think I am similar to other cases you expounded upon but my accounts are pretty dormant. No deposits, just the occasional withdrawals.. Short questions: I have 2 accounts at the a credit union in the USA 1 linked to a visa and debit card and 2. savings account (checkbook). Aren't these both current accounts? Haven't made a deposit in ~20 years, I just keep it open to pay for things if I visit the US (Okay, I had my stimulus checks from the US recently but other than that, nothing in). Reason: not going to rely on a postbank visa card when travelling? hardly works in Germany (granted not a very good reason). If I would in theory have to start reporting my occasional withdrawal from these accounts, how would I know the date when the $ was deposited? The accounts have been open since I started university (just after the Jurassic). Christian Lindner understands they don't take my actual $ bill and bury it in a sack with a note saying when deposited until I need it, right? Lazybearsolution: Do they want itemized lists of the transactions? Or could I simply say that I had 1€ under the limit (€599) and leave it up to them to try and prove otherwise (since the actual will be much less, and likely zero).