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  1. Back pain: how can I quit my job and get ALG1?

    Good luck with the Agentur für Arbeit. If they are friendly you can get a retraining, but their job is to get you back to work asap. And in Germany most Germans work in the field where they already have training/experience.  Quereinsteiger is almost a dirty word in Germany. They won't automatically offer a new career path/training without good reason, like you are trained on making buggy whips.
  2. Then it is likely not illegal for me to sweep up pigeon food left in the park and dispose of it properly. Costs me nothing, annoys the pigeon lady. What a lot of cities do is simply label it littering and that is punishable.
  3. Town pigeon numbers hit hard by renovation

      Imagine the discussion if it was about feeding the grizzlies...   I'm fine with some pigeons, live and let live. But feeding them in urban public spaces is not cool. Feed them from your own yard/balcony. And left over bread is also not a high crime, but the local pigeon lady is pouring buckets of peas and grain (Dinkel?) on the ground in the local square.   Pigeons also compete with song birds.   And to segue, it can lead to bear problems! Better beef up the balcony nets.   Not so much of an issue in Minga.    
  4. Town pigeon numbers hit hard by renovation

    We have lots of pigeons in Munich, so if anyone wants them, come get them. And to anyone who thinks of feeding them, it is illegal in german cities. Munich the fine is 1000€, 5000€ in Stuttgart. Snäppchen And I am the guy taking your pictures and complaining to the police (don't worry, they don't do anything).
  5. Old thread, but I wanted to point out that feeding pigeons is illegal in most german cities. Us city dwellers don't appreciate the flying rats pooping on our balconies and leaving eggs there also.,erfahrungsgem%C3%A4%C3%9F%20von%20Tauben%20aufgenommen%20werden.   And there is nothing more pleasing to a grumpy old German than explaining/yelling the rules at someone. I am practicing that with the old ladies who feed the pigeons in München.   Stuttgart: up to 5000 euro München, Snäppchen at 1000 euro.
  6. January 6th Select Committee

    Related to the attempted coup is an attempt to 14th Amendment Madison Cawthorn in North Carolina...   Section 3. No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.   The 14th was set up to keep confederates from the Senate. It won't succeed, but I wish it would.
  7. How do I Register myself in a State (USA)?

    university cities and towns are usually pretty enlightened.
  8. SWM as an electricity company?

    Check that Stromio actually has gone under. In the news the last night there was a stromio customer and the Verbraucherzentrale looked into the case. Stromio just decided to no longer honor the contract, but did not declare bankrupcy. They can't do that. You have grounds to take them to court. Rechtschutzversicherung.
  9. If people get notice that their energy company is no longer delivering, one should check that the company is actually declaring bankruptcy. Stromio has sent out notices that it will no longer deliver but has not declared bankruptcy. The Verbraucherschutz says it is pretty clear they can't just do that, a contract is a contract. They don't get to walk away from the bad deal without paying. You will have grounds to sue. Time to use your Rechtschutzversicherung! (Although I am guessing those that think they can save a few euros by buying electricity from the discounters might not be the same group who has Rechtschutzversicherung).
  10. How do I Register myself in a State (USA)?

    Get friends in Seattle. If you are a democrat, you can keep the antifa hordes at bay (or at least cancel out my vote). If you are a republican, you can run for city attorney. The seattle city council also has a genuine socialist (econ lecturer from the local community college) on the city council who is as unlikeable as she is politically astute (her group ended up collecting signatures for her own recall in order to try and influence the timing). Bonus: they allow you to vote by email! You can check your registration online, you get a constant barrage of emails for votes for every dog catcher or referendum and you just use a pdf form, scan/photo your signature and send it back via email. They offer this to seattleites living abroad and military stationed abroad. You can also check afterwards to see that your vote was received and tallied. Double Bonus: legal pot in WA!
  11. ...and the ex KGB cheif of Dresden is likely campaiging or using straw men to campaign for nordstream2. Official US policy was to oppose it in order to sell US natural gas, among other reasons, but $ was the key one.   In the Putin annual press conference the other day one of the questions mentioned on the German news was the high cost of energy/gas in Russia. So I don't think that nordstream2 is going to magically decrease prices if the russians are also paying more. (Some suggest the saudis are mad at Biden for not visiting.) Maybe the nordstream2 supporters can translate the question?   And Kazakhastan has also had riots (Deutsch; spazierengehen) regarding fuel prices and they are firmly in the fold of moscow.   So it's not just in Germany/Europe that the energy prices are rising.   And as always, with thermal power sources, it seems cheap because we don't count the external costs. The cost of burning things for energy gets paid by those who are affected by climate change. The quicker we move on to renewables the better.
  12. Unless you can source that, it's just your regular anti left/commies everywhere hysteria. Or did the KGB fiendishly plot to explode Chernobyl to influence the west?
  13. But you have to notify the amt if your conditions change. Likely that means they will delay your application. It is a system designed to make it difficult to succeed. And in my case, the ALG1 was in the zone of greater than the required minimum and just less than than the cost of renouncing my US citizenship, which meant I qualified only while on ALG1 for the exception of keeping the old citizenship. So basically, you can apply while on ALG1 but you won't have enough time (likely) to complete the procedure and when you are reemployed, you will have to update your status to the amt which will delay the process. And there is no statement that says probezeit is not a disadvantage, and guess what, you just started a new job. And I don't think it should be easy, but I think that they give too much leeway to the xenophobic beamten.
  14. I think you were the one in my viewing of Star Trek the Wrath of Kahn who laughed when Spock goes in the reactor to save everyone. Something about Ayn Rand and foolishness?
  15. Regarding the original query, being unemployed (but getting ALG1) does not affect your naturalization. Wichtig: Die Inanspruchnahme anderer Sozialleistungen (z. B. Arbeitslosengeld I, Wohngeld, BAföG) steht dem Anspruch auf Einbürgerung nicht entgegen. However, the reality can be that the time limited ALG1 might end and ALG2 can affect your naturalization. The bavarians know this well and will use it to run out the clock/deny your application if they think they can get away with it. (Or, in Munich at least, they will just invent some shit and see if they can get away with it).