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  1. Employer not paying sick days

    Certainly if you work there you would have more knowledge than I. Or if you do labor law. My experience there is limited. How does one become so knowledgeable about it? 
  2. Employer not paying sick days

    snotty.  You are using a legal procedure to get someone to follow the law. Call it a suit if you want.  
  3. Employer not paying sick days

    And that is what happens if you go to court. I think that is the point, after all.  You don't have to 'sue' but you have to convince the Arbeitsgericht  to start a process. A Klage is not quite the same as a sue-ing someone.  And as Jeffo and I pointed out, you bring your own lawyer and the best case is you get back what the employer owes you (and/or your old position) and no phat payout. Also, there is a short time window to start the process. But in the OPs case, it probably won't help if the employer is only threatening and has not actually done anything. This was simply to give the OP some options in the future and the OP should understand there are state supported institutions that are there to (theoretically) support workers.   So it would have been better to say that you can go to the Arbeitsgericht (labor court) and someone there will discuss your problem and will then decide if a process should be started. 
  4. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt   everything is on the internet.
  5. Employer not paying sick days

    Arbeitsgericht. Every locale should have one.  If your employer does something that is against the rules, they will start the a process against the employer if they think you are in the right.  If your employer is threatening but not yet going breaking any rules, then it might not be so helpful. But they are there to handle worker/employer issues and are part of the state and should remain neutral.  The lawyer is up to you, but the threat of legal actions and associated costs often has the desired effect.
  6. American Idiot   No, it is not about Trump. It is a musical written by Green Day playing for a few more days in Prinzregenttheater in Haidhausen (Bogenhausen boo!)   free earplugs!
  7. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    It is well known that self promoting ecar drivers can leave a trail of smug behind them.
  8. Non payment from house sale

    think you narrowed down people who will provide any substantial feedback there.   What if you threaten to put it back on the market? If the sale is not complete, the Makler does not need to be paid, right?   But it sounds like the new buyer is making the sale dependent upon the planning permission, which should not be your problem. Give your Makler a swift kick in the ass (always a good recommendation).  
  9. As someone with a liberal arts degree (BA Econ, South Asian Studies), I can highly recommend getting a phd in the engineering sciences. That said, try at the US embassy/consulate. I have an old (liberal arts) classmate who ended up in the foreign service. Stamping passports with his phd.  If you speak German then there are good chances you get posted to, guess where... Bern, Dakar.. But the consulates seem to have job openings. Working in Germany is the bomb and any us citizen with a liberal arts degree who manages to get work should be thankful. Germany is full of very well trained people. Hals und Beinbruch!
  10. Only in America...

    I'll take your messiah and double down with a white haired pence jesus baby surrounded by nuns. He would in theory be replacing donald. Yikes.
  11. Inform unemployment agency about trip

    Your number of vacation days is pro-rated. The yearly is 3 weeks and so if you are ALG is for 6 months then you would have half of the three weeks.  You can go wherever you want, they don't care, but you need to tell the ArbeitsAmt that you will be taking your legally alloted vacation. In that period they will not expect you to look for work. And if they are organized they will not schedule you for a CV check on the like. Inform them, know how long you have and follow the rules. It is quite easy. Happy job hunting!   dj's link above actually allows you to notify the AAmt of your vacation. And it has some confusing possibilities. The 'rule of thumb' 3 weeks paid ALG vacation and always inform them. 
  12. The guardian is hinting that Hillary is getting ready to run, again. This might put all the dominoes back up again. In an interview she said something about over 50% of Americans geting their news from Facebook, and she wants to go after Zuckerberg. The saddest part is that 50% of American do not understand that it is not news if it is on facebook, and also sad is the fact the Democrats really don't have a plan to try to raise the internet literacy of Americans (Republicans of course benefit if people are under educated/misled). and to J2, of course Kashoggi was a journalist, or at least wrote articles for a reputable paper. Go back to masturbating furiously to Trump's 'I killed a terrorist' speech.  
  13. Hello Fraufruit, you payin' attention? Surely you jest. Seriously, these guys cry when they are in the majority and squeal when another party has the temerity to win an election. (Which they manage to avoid by cheating on elections since Nixon (watergate), Reagan (October surprise), Bush jr (florida recount), Trump (russians, less votes then clinton... ) etc etc.) The current crop of republicans are not really that interested in participating.
  14. are we out of dominoes yet?  
  15. About the employment situation in the city

    nah ja, the wife, who is way more successful than me in finding employment (and is, through no fault of her own, German) never signs her CV.