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  1. FDP came out against it. And the CDU. Remember these parties when we do finally get to vote.  
  2. Employee rights after termination of job due to store closings

    My experience at a Arbeitsgericht was I stated what happened and they simple asked if I wanted to start a process(Klage).   I think your friend can go to the local Arbeitsgericht and explain the case there, likely in German only. You can BYOLawyer (see MMelga's advice)  but it is not required. The first appt (hopefully walk in) is to discuss the case with a case worker(?) or someone who is not a judge. They don't really give advice but can simply start a process.   You can 'push' things if you know that rules are being broken. They are not there to start an investigation though. They just write a letter to the ex employer saying an employee believes he or she was let go 'illegally'. (Not following the rules).   Regarding the 65%, no one gets more. That is the limit as far as I know. Kindergeld?   Best of luck to your friend.   RE: legal insurance, I was able to call in (that much was covered) and if they are answering, they can give some pointers as to how one might be able to make a case.        
  3. The CSU came out against it, naturally. What is important is if Merz/CDU come out against. Like the Burgergeld, they can influence things in the Bundesrat.   Munich Beamten will find a compromise, new rules, but much longer waiting times.   Also, they would have no problem telling applicants the rule is the one in effect the day you submit. Start over.
  4.   Draft proposal to make the changes.   .
  5. The War in Ukraine

        No moral person thinks jeba's beliefs are valid (infrastructure and his investments before people?). And your views of trolls are a bit outdated. Troll farms aren't there to make you angry, they are there to sow doubt and influence. They have been active in the US since before the Trump debacle. And they are active today. The EU parliment was hacked as they decided Russia was a terrorist state yesterday. Everytime jeba as a полезный идиот says 'but maybe they want to be Russian in eastern Ukraine' it is a page out of the Russian Internet Research Agency playbook. If he's not being paid, then he is a полезный идиот.    
  6. The War in Ukraine

    You forgot about trolls. You guys love this, that has to count for something.
  7. Questions on Arbeitslosengeld 1 (ALG)

    Y 2. You have to be looking and attend interviews, if offered. Randomly, they check. An interviewer once told me the AA wanted him to confirm my readiness to accept. More important and annoying, they will schedule appointments at the AA. You have to have an official reason to miss then.   1. Everything takes time in Germany. An offer in the near future will likely get them off your back. Couple weeks (6,?) should be okay. More, they might want you to keep looking.  
  8. Only in America

    New Jersey, land of freedom.  Small town police assume they are the law, 99% of the time it is not an issue. But sometimes they get a little stuck in trying to explain what they are doing and get very defensive and double down on dumb. 
  9. What does "frost frei garage" mean?

    frost frei garage = Kartoffelkeller (Schwäbisch)
  10. My natural gas rate doubled

    I will believe the bavarian  politicians are taking the current energy crisis seriously when they start making wind turbine installation easier (10H) and allow the new lines to deliver cheap wind energy from the north to BMW. If industry was concerned, those requiring electricity, and not gas would be pushing for that.
  11. Favorite books in German language

    Does giving books away count as wasting money? Usually those who benefit see the 'waste' as important. They are renovating the Munich central library in our neighborhood (with attached concert hall, etc) and the first estimates were 500mil. A lot of building price increases are due to the fact a lot of steel came from Mariupol. But back to books.
  12. The Heute Show from Friday 14.10 on ZDF has a hilarous piece on the bureaucracy needed to get a solar installation approved in Germany.
  13. My natural gas rate doubled

      There is no risk of Germany de-industrializing. Punkt.
  14. Favorite books in German language

    I have been reading Krimis in German because they are a bit easier to follow. Bannalec/Bretonisch krimis, kind of an escape.   Example: Bretonische Nächte: Kommissar Dupins elfter Fall   Never read any of detective books before I lived here but then I started finding great stuff on (in english, Raymond Chandler, Philip K Dick).   I am impressed with Buddenbooks. The classics will have to wait. I do have a well worn copy of Im Westen Nichts Neues which was a favorite of mine growing up.  
  15. How integrated are you?

    How integrated are you? More than I would like to admit. When relatives/friends come from the US, I am constantly after them to follow 'the rules'. Don't walk in the bike lane, don't put pfand flaschen in the recycling (Pfand gehört daneben!), don't try to order an IPA at the Augustiner. blah blah blah. Yesterday I measured the profile on my winter tires to see if I meet the required 1.6mm Deutsche requirement.