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  1. German Resident & Compassionate Leave/Sickness while in UK

    Talk to and explain the situation to the boss, that is the only way.   If you explain it and if necessary follow LeonG's (doc's note) advice you should be okay (so long as you are out of probezeit). They might accept a doc's note from abroad (but will probably want the German paperwork, the pink slip).   The rule is vague which means you will have a problem getting a clear definition and the boss will likely interpret it differently and to his needs/advantage.   Also, I had a family member pass away shortly after my boss had a family member pass away. He was gone for an extended time. I flew home to the US to be with said family member beforehand but only after organizing things at work (got everything covered). My boss had no sympathy when I claimed some grievance time and also asked I provided a death certificate. Needless to say, I no longer work for him or at TUM anymore.
  2. Where to shoot firearms?

    Crowd source it, who wouldn't want a vacation in the tribal/border regions of pakistan? Keep us updated!
  3. Trump Campaign Sells 10 Plastic Straws for $15 “Liberal Paper Straws Don’t Work” What's the relationship between falling dominos and last straws? Because obviously the stupids have enough money for straws.
  4. Where to shoot firearms?

    Outside of Peshawar in Pakistan you used to be able to buy a clip and rent an AK47 for something really cheap. You could also get RPGs and a used cow for the truly sadistic. Probably cheaper than anything in Germany. Not sure about the club scene though.
  5. catjones, there is also the rule of law, not just pure winner take all capitalism. The social democracy that is Germany gives renters certain rights, as well as owners. Don't like it, move to Russia. I own and understand that there is a contract between me and the state where I agree to abide by the rules decided by the people of Germany. The people decided that renters have some (limited) protections. A democratic state has every right to control markets if they see it necessary, even if it offends you.
  6. Is Stephen Miller the king of incels?
  7. Notre Dame is on fire

    I blame yoga pants. There was a kerfluffle in the US about college students wearing yoga pants/leggings at Notre Dame.   Obviously god hates young women in yoga pants so he set fire to Notre Dame.   That Notre Dame is a university in Indiana was a fact most of the people who commented on the young women in yoga pants article missed. If god wanted them to understand it, s/he would have put it on Fox News or a Trump Tweet.
  8. Notre Dame is on fire

    But now someone will Google Notre Dame and fire and see what FF wrote. And it will be on Fox news as the godsown truth, heard it from a European.
  9. Notre Dame is on fire

    Fire during renovation... Almost certainly a sub sub sub contractor and lowest bidder f-ed up. Happens too often. I cry for our lady
  10. Where to buy Homebrew Equipment - Saarland

    You can get anything online at (although I think they are nl actually) or hopfen und mehr ( and others. Since that is where many folks go to get ingredients, you just add on to an order.   But as you have already discovered, they are not super cheap. You can get individual components online at specialists (buckets, silicon tubing) just by searching. Demijohns from italian wine producers are generally cheap on ebay, or ebay kleinanzeigen.  
  11. The worst neighborhood/district of Munich

      Weissenburgerplatz got a new enormous planter and while there are occasionally a few drinkers hanging out the area is getting ever more expensive. Just a block away, Bordeaux platz is one of the nicest areas around (granted, I live right around the corner and am somewhat biased). The only problem with Orleansplatz is the city of Munich. Lazy fuckers don't bother uncovering the rather nice fountain there on Orleansstr. as they believe any day the Sbahn tunnel construction is going to start. Problem is they never uncovered it after the Ubahn construction finished two years ago. The sound of the water might drown out the screechy voice lady (who thankfully keeps regular hours) and the nice man who calls everyone captain and asks for kleingeld. We consider them Ramersdorf refugees.   Overall, the neighborhoods in Munich are pretty tame and clean when compared to US cities. People and realtors prefer Ubahn to Sbahn, but that you have a choice is great.   And across the Ostbahnhof is the new Werksviertel with the giant Ferris wheel! Yeay!