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  1. I heard once that the floor of an apartment, when someone lives below, is technically part of the house and not part of your apartment. This might be splitting hairs (or floor boards if you like) but someone sued an upstairs neighbor after a bathroom renovation made the noise worse in the downstairs apartment...  Hope your insurance covers the damage.  But who installs a bidet in a rental apartment? Marie Antoilette?
  2.   Correct, but this is a tricky one. Even some Germans assume that if you get laid off /leave in the second half, you automatically get all your annual vacation. Maybe it comes from time when more Germans had a Betriebsrat looking out for them?
  3. You can get your SocSec online now. They will send you a letter to register, probably, for your first time. And then they will have your address and may send you the statements but what you want to know is there (or didn't want to know). Deutsche Rentenversicherung? I think it might also be online. Check the other threads.  
  4. Where can I purchase LMU PhD robes?

    interplanetjanet - the robes do exist (so I am contradicting you and myself here) but they are never used. And if your husband is not LMU faculty, then he can't, according to tradition, don them (great pun! bonus points). Doing a Phd at a German uni is just the sheepskin, only faculty gets the robe. The rest of us, Rottkäppchen.
  5. hey  cybil, you can go online and see what the US has for you in terms of social security. I think it is based on your contribution. They used to send a statement every year, not sure if I have seen mine in a few years. Also the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, which you probably pay into, has people who will sit down and talk to you about your german and US pension. You just have to find the right people there, and bring all possible documentation. And book months in advance.  
  6. Only in America...

    Man assaults boy for ‘disrespecting’ US national anthem by keeping hat on Teenager suffered temporal skull fractures after being pushed to the ground, mother says   Maybe he thought by causing the young lad brain damage he would make him republican?  
  7. Only in America...

    false equivalence, thy name is john g
  8. Where can I purchase LMU PhD robes?

    Rottkäpchen, skip drunk, go straight to hangover. It was in Stuttgart/Schwabs. I guess there are robes for professors in Germany, at least according to wiki, but I didn't get invited to those kind of parties. (not Rottkäppchen). Search for Talar.  
  9. Looking for Irish priest in Munich

    Irish pub?
  10. Where can I purchase LMU PhD robes?

    Not sure that custom is the same here. When I finished it was a defense, round of cake and champagne (okay, Rotkappchen), and back to work. The colleagues did make me a funny hat...
  11. What keith2011 said, make sure they are using Euro norm addressing. Scan one or two for a test. My family never quite got it, luckily the internet intervened.
  12. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

    It all depends on your situation. If you are sure you could find a new job shortly then you could quit but things take a lot longer in Germany than one expects. A german would know that a 'nice' talk means the manager did not (yet) have grounds to fire you and would not likely willingly leave. If is sucks to be there, bargain. A couple months 'garden leave' where you are in home office and concentrating on looking for work is a possibility. Zwischenzeugnis: you get that if you have a new manager/boss (and are worried about the future) or something significant changes in your work enviroment. But don't accept the 'nice' offer from the manager. He is taking advantage of you since you don't know how things work here. If you stick around and they give you a few Abmahnung, then you know they are serious (best avoided) but they will always bargain to avoid any legal issues (Betriebsrat, local Arbeitsgericht - free by the way). And they can not legally give you a negative AribeisZeugnis that makes it difficult for you to find a new job (now the 'are there secret messages in the AZeugnis?' debate can start). And if you accept any offer from the manager, you will definitely NOT get ALG1 for the first 3 months. Start looking (busy and for work).
  13. GEZ - the TV licence fees agency   Interesting review in The Atlantic over an article focused on the effects of having access to non state sponsored news in Italy. The longer access the italians had to non government channels (re: Berlusconi) the dumber they became. True fact. (They became increasingly unable to intellectually qualify for the Italian army with more exposure to berlusconi channels).   The powers that be do want to avoid Germany being taken over by a bunch of populist hacks because, well, it didn't work out so well last time. Providing quality news is one way to do that.
  14. German Resident & Compassionate Leave/Sickness while in UK

    Talk to and explain the situation to the boss, that is the only way.   If you explain it and if necessary follow LeonG's (doc's note) advice you should be okay (so long as you are out of probezeit). They might accept a doc's note from abroad (but will probably want the German paperwork, the pink slip).   The rule is vague which means you will have a problem getting a clear definition and the boss will likely interpret it differently and to his needs/advantage.   Also, I had a family member pass away shortly after my boss had a family member pass away. He was gone for an extended time. I flew home to the US to be with said family member beforehand but only after organizing things at work (got everything covered). My boss had no sympathy when I claimed some grievance time and also asked I provided a death certificate. Needless to say, I no longer work for him or at TUM anymore.
  15. Where to shoot firearms?

    Crowd source it, who wouldn't want a vacation in the tribal/border regions of pakistan? Keep us updated!