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  1. The problem with 4oD seems to be limited to specific shows only. I can watch IT Crowd but not Big Bang Theory for which I get the "the service is not currently available in your area" message. If I am not on the VPN (myExpat)I cannot watch anything so it seems there are different levels of area verification applicable to different shows. Probably dependent on the licensing terms. Anyone else has this same experience?


  2. Although there are quite a few issues reported about dodgy speaker phone functionality, I have been using the cordless Skype Dualphone 3088 for more than 2 years now and I am pretty happy with it. Only had to replace the rechargeable batteries once so far...

    More details of the phone are available on the Skype shop.

    You can also find several of these sets on eBay for less than €100.


    EDIT: I just saw you are specifically looking for a USB phone. The 3088 I mentioned can actually be used without a PC as long as you have a decent internet connection. The base station plugs directly into your router.

    For USB Skype phones, also check out the Skype shop. They have a Philips corded USB phone available for £ 18.00 but I am sure you can find something similar on eBay for less than that.


  3. I can highly recommend a place I have visited several times over the past 10 years whenever I was in need to impress someone. The Seehof Lütjensee with its absolutely beautiful lake-side surroundings. Although they specialise in game and fish dishes they also serve probably the best Chateaubriand in the region. Come to think of it, the Glacehouse in Bad Oldesloe also used to offer an excellent Chateaubriand... Then of course there is still my absolute favourite, the Block House!!



    I cannot understand why people would take their summer holiday on an island in the North Sea. I unfortunately have no advice for you, but I'd be interested to know what people could possibly find appealing about a cold sea, wind and likely bad weather?

    I cannot agree more... what on earth are all those brits thinking... living there let alone vacationing there... cold sea, wind and likely bad weather? B)


  5. Hi Charl, Jess and other fellow Africans :P

    I will probably up my visits to Finnegan's over the next few weeks to catch the RWC so let me know if any of you will be there.

    I promise that tomorrow I will support SA in their battle against Samoa if you promise to support Namibia... be warned - it may get rough (brave or stupid) supporting Nam against IRE in an Irish pub...


    Oh, and SA06, the Namibian guy Adi was referring to earlier in this thread is me! It took me over a year to see this thread



    ...besides the problems they face once these guys get their hands on booze.

    Am I missing something or what stops these underage kids from going up to the bar and getting their hands on booze?

    The opposite goes for the underage-looking guys - Since they had to leave their ID at the door, how are they supposed to prove their age to the barman? (If asked)


  7. I've also had the garbage rejection experience when I first moved to Germany because I did not separate the recyclable trash from the rest. Now I am an expert...

    I also witnessed a very funny and somewhat worrying situation at the local train station early one Saturday morning. On the adjoining platform, there were 2 elderly gentlemen busy cleaning the platform. One was sweeping all the trash together in a pile next to one of these bins with separate compartments for the various types of trash. He then proceeded to carefully pick up each piece of trash and dropped it into the respective compartment. As soon as he had finished, the other guy came along with a trolley with a big mounted bin on top and opened each of the 3 compartments of the trash can... yes you guessed it. He emptied it all into the same big bin on his trolley.

    For a second I thought I am going to witness a murder as the two men started arguing but unfortunately my train arrived. I did not see any blood when I returned so I assume all went well... :huh:


  8. Hi everybody. I am sad to say that I have been living in the Hamburg area (Ahrensburg) for close to 8 years and I have never even heard of this forum before. To be honest, I have also not really made any big effort to find this or similar forums.

    I have browsed around a bit on this forum and checked out a few profiles... me likes! I am a semi-regular at Finnegan's Wake and even though I knew about it, I have never bothered to join the pub quiz before. I will certainly try to join at some point...