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  1. When did German TV decline?

    To be honest, I rarely watch German TV in our days since I moved back to Germany in 2011. When I was a child, back in the 1980s we used to have Swiss and Austrian TV in our area next to Switzerland and Austria. All the children in primary school used to watch the more interesting children´s programme on ORF1 or documentaries on ORF 2 and later, from the 1990s on, when RTL and SAT 1 were launched until the early 2000s with all the new trash TV channels many still preferred ORF as they used to show movies and sports events without the annoying ads. And the news, especially on SRF1, were more detailed concerning all parts of the world and showing also positive news from African and Asian , South and Central American countries...Finally, ORF and SRF had been removed from the cable network and replaced by useless Super RTL, RTL2, TELE5,Volksmusik TV,.. MTV from London and New York  ( Yo ! Rap, Unplugged, MTV news,..) had unfortunately to make place for a German version from Berlin on free TV.   First at all, German TV is lacking diversity and a less German centred worldview. While in German TV shows  "general knowledge" is defined about German success in sports, German actors and "schlager" singers, most other countries define it about someone´s knowledge in the fields of Geography, Science, Politics and World History.  In their news, German TV channels should also report about (also sometimes positive) events in other regions of the world apart from Germany, Western Europe, Russia and the US. Most of the private channels are quite trashy and some shows seem to be even some kind of sexist or supporting bullying fitting the "Ellbogengesellschaft". "World news" in their opinion are bull**** like: A certain singer claims himself "king of Mallorca" or another one married a 18 years old fan, Germany´s next top model X got a boob job,...the situations in Yemen or Ethiopia for example, are hardly mentioned.   A few German TV channels I find quite interesting are Arte, ZDF Neo, NTV but the majority on the private channels are really quite trashy about "reality stars", cheap dating or exposing the life of people depending on welfare or of some new "super" rich.  I am neither interested in the "Jungle Camp", nor DSDS, Tatort or any news about a certain D. Bohlen, Wendler or any people who became famous for having started a "career" in Majorca´s hospitality industry without having the slightest idea or training in the tourism sector or hotel business (mostly without any language skills apart from German and a very few basic words in Spanish) becoming "heroes" and playing the "big boss" whilst sending their children to a German private school and the average qualified and multilingual hospitality employee is considered "unskilled" or incompetent...   Game shows are mostly weak copies from their British or American original who are much more worth watching as they require a wider general knowledge for their participants (while their German versions are mostly focussing on German centred subjects defined as "Allgemeinbildung" ). Neither do I like these less trashy entertainment shows with "Joko & Klaas ? or Barbara Schöneberger and T. Gottschalk. I am a white, almost middle aged  and educated European female but I always feel annoyed to see this bunch of all tall, all blonde, wannabe stars and "Bildungsbürger" including Günther Jauch.  Additionally one issue I feel quite a lot ashamed of: It is still possible on German TV to show political discussions about racism in a group of white old men who insist on their "right" to use the N-word and people like a certain T. Sarrazin can spread their prejudiced worldviews even among the "middle of society".   We sometimes do watch French TV and my son is still in the age where KIKA ( Logo news, Wissen macht ah,..)can be quite interesting. If I watch TV it is mostly on the internet via "Hoola TV" (offering a large choice of TV channels from the UK as BBC, Channel 4, Food Network, Film 4,...)  The worst I´ve heard about must be  "BILD TV" (even at the current political situation in certain European countries I couldn´t imagine that they would invent such a thing as "SUN TV or Daily Mail TV" ) and RTV Germany "catering" to the ignorant, AfD supporting, racist, xenophobe mostly antivaccine ("Querdenker") part of the population...