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About Me

I'm Kathleen Parker - a German-English interpreter based in Berlin. I founded Red Tape Translation in summer 2012, to help English speakers get settled in Berlin for prices that won't break the bank. My most popular service is accompanying people to their appointments at the Ausländerbehörde (immigration office), the Arbeitsagentur (job agency), real estate agencies and banks.

Telephone Time is a cheap way to get your German phone calls done - you buy a block of my time and use it to make your German phone calls, whenever you want. It's much cheaper than a translation hotline, and useful for calling your landlord, organizing repairs, talking to the Arbeitsagentur, or doing business with German companies.

Being a paid advertiser here, I like to keep my work and personal stuff separate, which is why I also have a personal username with a good reputation on Toytown going back to 2009.

Visit to find out more about German - English interpreting in Berlin.