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  1. 3G in Restaurants?

    Has anyone found a model that sought to calculate the results in terms of deaths and hospitalizations, plus related stress on health services and care homes, plus the effects on education system under the scenario that no vaccine had been produced at all? The antivaxxers should be interested.    
  2. Windows 11

    It's worth pointing out (if it has not been already) that Windows 11 will be made available as a free upgrade for devices licensed for Windows 10 already, assuming the device meets certain technical requirements. I would guess that machines bought in the past 2 years will meet these requirements.   As Windows 11 is a free upgrade, I can see that some retailers will sell machines as having Windows 11 pre installed, even if in fact it's Windows 10 that is currently installed (although I presume this might start to change now that the official release date has been and gone). They retailers should really have been more transparent and stated that a device sold with Win 10 installed will be eligible for a free upgrade when 11 becomes available.
  3. Bundestagswahl 26th of September 2021

      This is life!   See also the UK, where a massive approx 0.9% of all voters who voted made the difference when that Brexit thing was decided!