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  1. Munich U12 Soccer Clubs

    Here you can find the best U13 teams:   https://www.fupa.net/liga/d-junioren-bezirksoberliga   Under that age group they don't publish any league info, at least on that site.   Another you can look at is the Bavarian Football Association site:   http://www.bfv.de/cms/der-bfv/bezirke/informationen-neuigkeiten-oberbayern.html   All in German of course!
  2. Munich U12 Soccer Clubs

    There will be plenty to choose from, but it will probably come down to a team near where you end up living. Know where that might be yet?   Regards organisation, what exactly do you mean? 
  3. Germering Local Newspaper

    If you didn't already find it:   https://www.merkur.de/lokales/fuerstenfeldbruck/    
  4. Locksmith charged us 500€

    So, in my case, I was locked out - I had my phone only, not even a yellow pages, and googled for schlüssel dienst in my town. I phoned a local number.    Anyway, I owuld definitely be querying both Fallspezifischer Einsatzwert and Sonstiges as previously suggested - both seem vague to say the least. The rest seems fine.
  5. Locksmith charged us 500€

      Calling a local number doesn't guarantee you get someone from a business in your area - I called a local number and the call just got put out to whomever is in the area - it seems some of these locksmith simply drive around waiting for calls - the guy who came to us was from Baden Württemburg, but cruised around Munich area because the business was there.
  6. Locksmith charged us 500€

    Ok, so in my case he opened without a problem (literally within seconds - I always triple lock when I leave the house now). What did the guy actually do - what's listed on the invoice?
  7. Locksmith charged us 500€

    That seems incredibly steep. As a comparison, I once paid around 300 I think it was for a weekend emergency call out in Freising area. I thought that was steep.
  8. MLB All star game viewing?

    It'll be on DAZN, a streaming platform - so either via Laptop, Amazon Fire or PS4 unless your TV is a smart TV for which they have developed an App.   You should be able to sign up for a free month and see it. It works like Netflix does - 10€ a month, cancel anytime.   https://www.dazn.com