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  1. DSL Speeds b/t competitors

    I tried to delete then edit - admins - please delete if possible!
  2. DSL Speeds b/t competitors

  3. Buying a car - Euro 6 Diesel or CNG based ones

    I think it would be useful to know how long you plan to drive your car for before anyone rules diesel out. I recently bought a small 7 seater and chose petrol, mainly because I won't drive more than 15k a year but also because I plan to drive it for 10 years and the diesel problem might in that case be detrimental.
  4. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

    So....possibly all change by the end of today:   https://www.merkur.de/leben/geld/gez-urteil-kippt-bundesverfassungsgericht-heute-rundfunkbeitrag-zr-10040063.html
  5. Wärmepumpe - too expensive, aren't they?

    I think you are talking about the pump type which draws water from 10m down right? If so, then these are the more expensive to install of these pumps. You could also look at an air water pump - these cost far less, but are less efficient. A good option these days though is to combine one of these with solar panels - increases your costs of course, but could make you almost free of costs after 10 -15 years or so.