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  1. HiFi - Marantz Amplifier & CD player for Sale

    CD Player gone.  
  2. I have 4 Ikea Lattenrosten for sale - each for 30 eur. They are 200 by 80 and are adjustable i.e. head area can be raised.   I have two mattresses also 200 by 80 which cost 400 and 600 each for a bed that gave up the ghost shortly after purchase leading to a replacemet Boxspring bed rendering the mattresses surplus to requirements. I have the receipts for these, bought from Dänische Bettenlager. They are made of high quality foam and the outer material comes off and can be washed. One is fairly firm for people with bad backs, the other a little softer for people with better backs   I want 200 and 300 for them. Please PM for more info.
  3. Please PM me if the following items that I am selling are of interest:   Marantz HD AMP 1 for 600€ (paid 1199€ in Nov 2017) - this is a very well reviewed amplifier.   Marantz CD HD 1 for 300€ (paid 499€ in Sep 2018)   Original packing still available, both items in very good condition.    Selling as I want to upgrade as I need a little more power for new speakers.   As stated, if interested, please PM only.   I will accept payment by paypal.