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  1. Old criminal matter

    Presumably he drove.    Sounds like you would be best off asking a lawyer. My guess would be that after 10 years they might wipe, but perhaps not after 8, but what do I know, I am no lawyer.
  2. I'll get it. I have no worries about the vaccine at all. When will I get it though?!   Those that don't want it can take that risk.    Personally, I'd like to start living a normal life again.    
  3. Relocating nearby to Munich

    You actually sound like someone who is trying to convince himself (and I have noticed you do this a lot). Did you miss out 10 years ago perhaps?
  4. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/bmx-navajo-von-stereobikes/1675654493-217-6619   Bought 3 years ago for a kid who thought he'd like BMXing (he didn't).   Pick up only in Hallbergmoos (nr Airport)
  5. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/sony-bravia-kdl-40x3000/1656812578-175-6619   Premium model bought in 2008 - Panel was replaced approx 2 years in.   This has served as a TV for occasional use only over the past 5 years (in downstairs (heated) room for kids to use when allowed  )   Pick up only in Hallbergmoos (nr Airport)
  6. Table and 4 chairs - 169€

    https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/esstisch-mit-4-stuhlen/1675658087-86-6619   The table can be extended to approx 2m in length.   Pick up only in Hallbergmoos (nr. Airport)
  7. Sofa Bed for sale - 139€

    https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/schlafsofa/1667991404-88-6619   Bought at Momax 3 years ago for 600€   Pick up only in Hallbergmoos (nr. Airport)
  8. A green Bavaria makes the Brits look bad

    The Wertsoffhöfer are great! A trip once or twice a week is the norm for me. Why wouldn't we all want to use one? A great idea that the UK could/should copy.
  9. Accident of auto in parking place

      I left it all to the insurance company. Usually the one with the damaged car will have an assessor calculate a repair cost estimate (their insurance company will sort this out) and this will be submitted to your insurance company - I had no view on that. I don't know how long my premium will take to come back down again, but assuming a cost of around 2k, I would imagine I'll be paying higher premiums for a couple of years at least. Not very scientific, sorry!
  10. Accident of auto in parking place

    I had a similar misfortune last summer.   My car rolled back onto an Audi because the electronic handbrake failed (read - was not correctly applied by the driver).   My premium had been approx 800 per year, I am now paying 1150 a year (for a car I barely use any more! Bloody Corona.)
  11. DHL customs charges for parcels from outside EU

    Is that not simply the cost of the box and postage? I would hazard a guess that that doesn't cover any customs duties.
  12. US Presidential Election Fallout

      He's as mad as Trump is.   Dangerous man.
  13. Expert advice regards to relocation to Germany

      Top end netto for the position he is looking for which according to the initial post is likely to be Senior Dev. So fits in nicely between your 4.5 for a senior dev and 5.5 for a "top dev".
  14. Pretty sure they have been banned, yes, but Aldi didn't revise their Werbung and sent us all their Wochenangebote flyers with 5 pages devoted to fireworks! That might be confusing some people!
  15. Expert advice regards to relocation to Germany

    Was the 5k figure the monthly salary offer (and if so, netto or brutto) or was it the relocation expense offer?   If the 5k was a netto salary offer, it's not bad at all - possibly top end.   I understood it to be a relocation expense offer though which I would also consider not bad actually.    Your husband would need to be quite unique in his skillset to prompt any company to offer what you are looking for imo. The question is what makes him so special and can those skills not be found here therefore justifying the relocation expense?