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  1. That will be the case with all providers if you don't do things exactly by the(ir) book.   I had that problem with Telekom. Will never do anything with them again. Had MNet last time around - happy enough, now with Vodafone - so far no problems.
  2. Yes, they still do as far as I know - just depends from where of course, that's what I meant.
  3. Living in Unterschleissheim

    Yep Microsoft is now in Schwabing. That doesn't necessarily mean all those expat MS folks moved into Munich too though!
  4. Ok, so I missed the close to city transits requirement - that rules out Kirchdorf, Kranzberg, Haimhausen and Allershausen in my book.
  5. You should probably look at places like Haimhausen (BIS is there), Freising, perhaps even Dachau although the latter two have over 15k inhabitants. If it's expats you want probably Neufahrn or Hallbergmoos, but neither are picturesque. Ismaning might be an option too. Otherwise, a bit more out in the sticks but with few expats somewhere like Kranzberg might be worth looking at. Allershausen is also ok, but right on the motorway. Kirchdorf an der Amper perhaps even Markt Indersdorf might be worth a look. In the end it will probably come down to transport possibilites to and from BIS i.e. is there a bus or not.    The south of Munich is definitely more beautiful than the north of Munich. 
  6. Brexit: The fallout

  7. My suggestion: sue the Lohnsteuerhilferverein.   Good luck.   Close thread.
  8. Youth football comparison US to Germany?

    Kids don't play for schools here - they all play for clubs. There are no tryouts generally, you just turn up and can usually train once or twice before you have to join the club if you want to carry on.   I sent you a private message on the subject.
  9. Munich U12 Soccer Clubs

    Here you can find the best U13 teams:   https://www.fupa.net/liga/d-junioren-bezirksoberliga   Under that age group they don't publish any league info, at least on that site.   Another you can look at is the Bavarian Football Association site:   http://www.bfv.de/cms/der-bfv/bezirke/informationen-neuigkeiten-oberbayern.html   All in German of course!
  10. Munich U12 Soccer Clubs

    There will be plenty to choose from, but it will probably come down to a team near where you end up living. Know where that might be yet?   Regards organisation, what exactly do you mean? 
  11. Germering Local Newspaper

    If you didn't already find it:   https://www.merkur.de/lokales/fuerstenfeldbruck/