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  1. Brexit: The fallout

  2. My suggestion: sue the Lohnsteuerhilferverein.   Good luck.   Close thread.
  3. Youth football comparison US to Germany?

    Kids don't play for schools here - they all play for clubs. There are no tryouts generally, you just turn up and can usually train once or twice before you have to join the club if you want to carry on.   I sent you a private message on the subject.
  4. Munich U12 Soccer Clubs

    Here you can find the best U13 teams:   https://www.fupa.net/liga/d-junioren-bezirksoberliga   Under that age group they don't publish any league info, at least on that site.   Another you can look at is the Bavarian Football Association site:   http://www.bfv.de/cms/der-bfv/bezirke/informationen-neuigkeiten-oberbayern.html   All in German of course!
  5. Munich U12 Soccer Clubs

    There will be plenty to choose from, but it will probably come down to a team near where you end up living. Know where that might be yet?   Regards organisation, what exactly do you mean? 
  6. Germering Local Newspaper

    If you didn't already find it:   https://www.merkur.de/lokales/fuerstenfeldbruck/    
  7. Locksmith charged us 500€

    So, in my case, I was locked out - I had my phone only, not even a yellow pages, and googled for schlüssel dienst in my town. I phoned a local number.    Anyway, I owuld definitely be querying both Fallspezifischer Einsatzwert and Sonstiges as previously suggested - both seem vague to say the least. The rest seems fine.
  8. Locksmith charged us 500€

      Calling a local number doesn't guarantee you get someone from a business in your area - I called a local number and the call just got put out to whomever is in the area - it seems some of these locksmith simply drive around waiting for calls - the guy who came to us was from Baden Württemburg, but cruised around Munich area because the business was there.
  9. Locksmith charged us 500€

    Ok, so in my case he opened without a problem (literally within seconds - I always triple lock when I leave the house now). What did the guy actually do - what's listed on the invoice?
  10. Locksmith charged us 500€

    That seems incredibly steep. As a comparison, I once paid around 300 I think it was for a weekend emergency call out in Freising area. I thought that was steep.