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  1. for those who dont follow ice hockey, EHC München was dead in the water after one of the directores said he wasnt willing to take the losses every years. After 4 weeks of will there / wont there be ice hockey in munich next year - Its been announced on the club website that EHC München will have redbull as their main sponsor next year. The inital contract is for one season - but after looking at their other sporting teams, theres hope its a long term solution.


    Source : Eishockey bleibt in München EHC spielt weiter DEL - Red Bull wird Hauptsponsor


  2. sorry, been pretty poor following this thread recently.


    Tickets are normally available on the door. The last game was an exception, it was a specifically targetted action to sell out the Olympiahalle for a local derby against the Ausburg Panthers.


    EHC München managed to sell out hte olympia halle, and sent the augsburg pussy cats home with their tail chopped! (ehc won 5-0)


    If you want meet up at a game, drop me a note.




  3. I work in european IT, I would offer an opinion if I knew all the acronyms you were quoting in your original post.


    Getting into Germany IT security is hard without the real experience of the german environment. If you appeared infront of me, I would be strugglig to see what benefit you would bring for the money you ask.


  4. So, 1st game of the preplays was a long one. Game got decided in the third period of OT - over 110mins of game play. EHC lost to Koln.


    EHC were 3-2 up until around the 58th minute, when the EHC stupid **** of a goalie decided to knock the net off giving Koln a penalty shot 3-3


    Sky DE Game Report


    EHC have to win tonight in Koln to force game #3 back in munich on Sunday. If they lose, then its playoffs over and everyone can get to the golf course.


    Fingers crossed for tonight




  5. EHC München lost last night, and ended up 8th in the table at the end of their first season in the DEL.


    No other freshly promoted team has ever done so well in their inaugural season. EHC München deserve a massive round of applause. There was even free beer last night after the game to celebrate!


    The bad news is they have to now go into the pre-playoffs against Koln before entering the final eight.


    Faceoff for game #1 is Wednesday night at 19:30. I guess it being a wednesday night, should be a bit easier to get tickets than a normal sunday - if you want to come see a game, nows the perfect time.




  6. If you dont want sport, how about a cookery class - did a really good one with a place near Tal.


    We cooked as a group, everyone taking turns, Ate what we cooked (and drank a fair bit of wine)


    One of the other non sporty ones recently was for beer brewing - http://www.biervonmir.de


  7. Next home game is tonight at 19:30


    Its the final run into the playoffs. Theres a pre-qualification round for the playoffs for the teams who finish 7, 8, 9 & 10


    EHC München need to finish 6th in the league to avoid the pre-qualification (we're not talking about anything worse right now)


    Table currently looks like this


    Pl. Team Sp. Pkt.

    1. Wolfsburg 44 86

    2. Berlin 45 80

    3. Krefeld 45 75

    4. Düsseldorf 42 71

    5. München 45 67

    6. Nürnberg 44 66

    7. Ingolstadt 43 64

    8. Mannheim 44 64

    9. Straubing 45 61

    10. Hannover 43 61

    11. Iserlohn 45 60

    12. Hamburg 44 57

    13. Augsburg 43 56

    14. Köln 44 56


  8. ok. Got to say the 3 and a half hours at höffner last night was a little excessive. Cost came out roughly the same as segmüller/Küchenland before house discounts. You have to be really carefull of their offers


    my interpretation...


    Segmueller is offering €2000 when you spend €10000 in store.

    Höffner is offering €4000 off when you spend more than €10000 on your kitchen cupboards etc.


    Any idea how hard it is to spend more than €10000 on kitchen cupboards (unless you want 10 apoteke shranks!!!)


    Today its off to Asmo after work.