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  1. Change of tax class online

    I need to change my tax class from IV to III and after visiting the KVR last week discovered they no longer do this and it's now done through the Finanzamt.   I was given a paper with the following web address to change my tax class online: (servicezentrum) and can't seem to find any online links there to change my tax class.   Does anyone know how to do this without physically going to the Finanzamt? I was there once before to get a tax number while freelancing and it was an absolute nightmare, so if I could avoid it, I'd like to.   Many thanks in advance!
  2. Hi,   I mentioned on a thread once that I wrote these instructions, but never posted it up. So here it is. Hopefully, if you are negotiating this type of thing with bad German skills for the first time (like I was) then you will not have quite the same headache I had.   These instructions are for the Elstar on-line system. First of all, you need to create a profile on there and give details of your Steuernummer etc. Once you have done that, then just follow these instructions:   Formulare > Umsatzsteuer > Umsatzsteuer-Voranmeldung   1. Tick Steuernummer aus Profil verwenden   2. In Voranmeldungszeitraum select the Zeitraum period   3. Tick the box marked keine Mitwirkung to say that you have had no help with making the tax submission and then click Nächste Seite.   4. Click Nächste Seite again to skip past page 3.   5. On page 4, enter the net amount of earnings (your income) without tax in the field marked zum Steuersatz von 19% (and/or the zum Steuersatz von 7% field).   In the box below you should see a calculated figure for the MwSt you owe appear. Check it is correct with your records. Click on Nächste Seite   6. Skip to page 9 by clicking Nächste Seite each time.   7. Fill in the total MwSt that you paid (your outgoings) in field 66 and click Nächste Seite.   8. Page 10 then provides a summary calculation of what you owe. Check this with your own calculations. It is possible to make amendments here manually, but if your maths is correct then just keep Automatische Berechnung ticked and click on Nächste Seite.   9. Now click on Auswahlseite to go back to the main page.   10. To submit the return, click on Fertigstellen and then enter your PIN when prompted.   That's it.   One thing to remember though is in your first year of registration you will be required to do this each month (you have until the 10th of the following month to complete a return). However, after the first year, the Finanzamt will probably write to you and tell you that from then on you just need to do this quarterly.   Oh, remember to keep the receipts that are e-mailed to you after you complete a return (download the PDF and keep it safe), because your Steuerarbeiter will ask for this when you complete your tax return for that year.   Good luck. Dave