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  1. March 18th.  
  2. Any casual chess players?

    Hello. After an absence of a number of years, I'll be in Munich in mid-March. I'd love to meet up for some chess if anyone's interested? I'm not a master, but neither a beginner either - my ELO rating is about 1650. I'm happy to play anyone though. Give me a shout if anyone fancies it. Best wishes, Dave
  3. Change of tax class online

    I need to change my tax class from IV to III and after visiting the KVR last week discovered they no longer do this and it's now done through the Finanzamt.   I was given a paper with the following web address to change my tax class online: (servicezentrum) and can't seem to find any online links there to change my tax class.   Does anyone know how to do this without physically going to the Finanzamt? I was there once before to get a tax number while freelancing and it was an absolute nightmare, so if I could avoid it, I'd like to.   Many thanks in advance!