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  1. We had such a fun time on Saturday, so thanks to all of you that made it out (Stephi, Marlon, Bridget, Andi, Kimberly, Randy, Uschi, Karen, Pascal, Sebastian and the 6 little munchkins). The kids also enjoyed running around the playground like mad, so I think that perhaps we'll do this spot again next time. :*) At least while we have such gorgeous weather! (And if the folks at Maxlrain will allow us to come back - as we were quite boisterous!) ;*)


    Please feel free to view the few pics we took on Saturday - they are on the event page for Saturday's meet-up on Facebook. You'll need to register on facebook to view them - and we're under the group name of "Americans in Rosenheim Area".


    I think we should organize our next meet-up on for Saturday, July 26th - so everyone can mark it in their calendars. Same time - 3pm. Hope to see everyone there!


  2. People, people... I can't help you with the other British yummies - seasonal buys that they are - but for excellent cheddar just head right on over to the Viktralienmarkt! There's two cheese shops together, one is an actual enclosed building with glass doors and the other is an outside stand. The outside one has DELICIOUS white sharp cheddar from Scotland at a reasonable price, and it's always there!


    I've got a hunk I'm been chewing on for days... think I'll go make a grilled cheese sandwich right now... ;*)


  3. Hi there!

    I'm an American living in Bad Aibling - married to a Bavarian boy - and I came across this thread.


    I'm mostly active on Facebook and even started a group for Americans in the area (and all English speakers really). We've organized a little meet-up at the Maxlrain Biergarten (www.maxlrain.de) for Saturday, June 28th at 3pm. I'm extending the invite out to everyone on this thread, since the more the merrier! :*) We'll have an American flag at our table so you can spot us. :*)


    If you're on facebook, just do a search for "Americans in Rosenheim Area" and you'll find our little group.


    Hope you can join us!


    p.s. I've PM'd everyone on this thread, but just in case there's a technical error... I'm copying it here as well!


  4. Could be non-applicable... but I had a package go AWOL about 2 years ago, and what I finally found out what happened was that they had supposedly left me a notice - in my mailbox - that it was to be picked up at the customs office, but I never really did get that notice. No second notice was sent when I didn't show up for the box (wouldn't have that been helpful!) and instead they just sent the darn thing back to the States. So basically, the box took a three month tour of the finer shipping and customs offices abroad, before landing back at my Mom's. So I have no idea how you would go about finding out if a package is sitting in customs waiting for you if you didn't get this little piece of paper saying it's there (I actually had to go to pick up another box and asked if they had any more for me since I was expecting one for quite awhile... to which they said no, they could not find it in that big room without a filing number). So the system seems to run by number, not by name... so virtually untraceable unless you've got the notice. No idea if this helps, but perhaps it gives some closure to anyone wondering what happend to my box with the Tylonel in it. :)


  5. Hey UA, nope... the hand-jabber-dancer was some freak in a brown suede jacket with his hair in shoulder-length dreadlocks. He required about 6 times the 'normal' amount of dance space just to pull off his crazy moves. Later I saw him hanging with a buddy who was doing a kind of 'bent-over, hands-orbiting-his-head, religious euphoria in a downward spiral' thing that was actually fun to watch. That's what I miss about not living in San Francisco... there just aren't enough freaks here to enjoy on a regular basis!


    Funny that the same group of girls were bugging, you two! They probably migrated over by me after your delft handbaggin'... gotta learn me that maneuver... :)


  6. The show was awesome! Yeah... Ladytron didn't live up to what I expected (even my favorite song 'destroy everything' kinda sounded monotone and darkly boring) but I felt that they were a good opening for NIN just cause they cast a dark atmosphere over the crowd. I think they were truly trying to play dark, leaving any pep out of their set, to create this atmosphere - so I won't hold it against them! BUT then came NIN and the rest is a blur of dancing and screaming. Great show... good till the last drop. My only complaint, which I'm having more and more as I grow older on the subject of live shows, is some of the people in the crowd. Germans have such a weird concept of personal space and queuing (as we all know and love) so picture the stage being the head of the line where everyone wants to be. I'm cool with that. It rocks to be in the front! But at some point - after about 2 songs - it would be nice to have everyone be settled, not pushing past you (spilling beer and burning you with cigs) and just enjoy being where they are. I was stage left, by the tall metal pole and couldn't see much but the occasional Trent glimpse (short little thing that he is... they should have put him up higher! ;) ) but I was happy there. If people moved away that were right in front of me, I scooched up. Somewhere around halfway through, when we're all good and sweaty from dancing, these 4 short little German girls (okay... they were between 23-26 years old from the looks of it) arrive right next to us, and one plastered herself right up against me. No one else in our immediate area is having this much space issue, everyone can still dance and move... but me, I've got at least one of them leaning on me at all times. Totally bizarre. And there were a few freaks (bless their hearts) that were having the most expressive dancing experience, that threw the occasional hand in your face or head butted you accidentally. So basically everyone had a good time as far as I could see. :D


  7. Ah man do I love this store! The card we got through my hubby's work, but we each got one which allows us to take a guest (great for when my Mom visits!). The place is fab and I always score a good deal or two when I go (Dornach location). Spending the minimum per year is never a concern... :)


  8. Freaky email.


    I have a food review (having eaten there two nights ago): salads and slaw were excellent, don't get the teriyaki burger (bad flashback of school lunchroom patties), pulled pork sandwich tasted good but bread got way to soggy and there was hunks of disgusting fat chunks in it, and the coconut shrimp were NASTY. Food was cheap, I'll give them that... but stick with the salads. Didn't try the funky noni juice... but next time I'll try a wrap. :)


  9. Yeah... it was a bit weird to be rockin' out at 7pm... but what a great show! Maybe they were choosing a time that was good for their *cough* older fans... cuz personally, some of those people didn't look like they might be awake for the 10pm show (bless their little hearts!). Older or not, the crowd was amazing and shaking their butts to the heavy, heavy sound... and really had a good time.


  10. I had my mom ship mine here using regular post, put a reduced amount on it (500) and wrapped real good. It made it fine without me having to pay any customs, but I may have just got lucky.. as about every 3rd package she sends gets opened by customs and I have to pay the import fee of 23%. It helps if it looks used, and not in the original packing. Good luck!


  11. Agreed, squirrels are not good pets (but I do love them!). I second (or third) the motion to get a DEGU as they are simply the most marvelous pet in the rodent family! However, they are a lot of work as they have many special requirements... so I would check out www.degutopia.co.uk FIRST to see if your daughter can give them all the things they need (very large cage, lots of attention, fresh hay daily, etc). I have two lovely little guys (you need to have 2 or more as they are very socialized animals) and absolutely adore them! If degus are a bit too much high maintenance (and they do live 5-9 years which does not make them a disposable pet at all!), then rats are very nice pets. I've had one really good one before and one not so exciting one... but they are tame and very smart. Their pee does stink a bit, though... All depends on how old your girl is, as if she's really young.. maybe you should just go with a nice cuddly hamster!


  12. Has anyone had leather engraved (burning, stamping or embroidery... any will do!) and can suggest a place to do this? I've tried my local shoe cobbler and he had no idea. I have this kick-ass toolbelt for my father-in-law's retirement gift, and want to put his name on it for pure kitsch. Thanks! :)