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  1. What made you smile today?

    This pouty puss  
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    you got me going in circles    
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    I remember..  when I used to play shoot em up, bang bang baby          
  4. Random pointless comments

    dang, dyslexia.. 2023
  5. Random pointless comments

      Oops, should've emphasized Mexico. Next March?
  6. Random pointless comments

      Oh Gawd, Is Europe a country?
  7. Random pointless comments

    you need some mercy my friend.  hey, I'm gonna be in Scotland son, I'll look you up you old fecker.  Scotland, Ireland, England,  Denmark, France, Mexico... all the same    
  8. Random pointless comments

    boring.. hope you have a comfy couch
  9. Random pointless comments

      It was the 3rd of September, what was he good for?    
  10. Random pointless comments

      Be honest with your wife how that's impacting your sleep and other parts of your life.  My recommendation is move the fuck out and start dating some young babes.     and send me your wife's nbr..
  11. Random pointless comments

    Can't believe how much money I saved today by not buying anything on Black Friday..