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  1. Punography - Favourite Puns

    One of my favorite pun songs:   pun hurts pun scars pun wounds and marks Any heart not tough or strong enough To take a lot of pain, take a lot of pain pun is like a cloud, it holds a lot of rain pun hurrrrtts Oooooooohhh pun hurts  
  2. I've just posted a silly photo

  3. Random pointless comments

    This year i'm going to send X-mas cards to my family with a pic of me, and a random child and lady nobody knows.  That should get the family talking again.
  4. Random pointless comments

    Was at a restaurant the other day and overheard two vegans arguing, having a beef.  Apparently one had a bone to pick.
  5. What made you laugh today?

    After spending 8 Days a Week, and a Hard Day's Night searching, and getting Nowhere Man, I was gonna Let It Be, but then I saw this Yesterday..    
  6. What are you listening to right now?

  7. What made you laugh today?

    ezpz, as I'm a time traveler. I'll see you last week!
  8. The forum moved to a new server this week

    oder feckit?
  9. I've just posted a silly photo

    I beg to differ!  I am a happy medium. Been losing weight, used to be a sad large.   Dang hoops, you blue my bubble. I thought I was experiencing a deja poo
  10. The forum moved to a new server this week

      And where is your disaster recovery site located?      hacking minds want to know..
  11. I've just posted a silly photo

    I'm a telepathetic.
  12. I've just posted a silly photo

    peek a poo
  13. Untrue (Alternative) facts

    Websters dictionary defines bipolar disorder as "sweet and spicy people".
  14. What made you laugh today?

    But they still have irritable vowel syndrome to deal with..