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  1. Random pointless comments

  2. Noblesse oblige wha whoosie?  whatchatalkinboutwillis?
  3. sorry mate,  this is what happens when hoops and I interact.  We're like a couple of school boys
  4. John d.,  oder johnny drizzly?   sorry, couldn't hold it in..I pissed myself laughing 
  5. Random pointless comments

    Sometimes I like to pretend that my mother is a podcast or radio anchor where people can call in for her daily topics, and I dial in...   ring, ring, ring..   Mom answers   "Mom:  Hi, for today, we're discussing the recent issue concerning the Jan 6 insurrection and newly formed investigative committee.  Who am I speaking to?"   "Me:  Hi Mommy, thank you for having me..."   kinky eh?
  6. thank goodness there wasn't a hare in your soup
  7. What is your favourite cover song?

      This one takes me back to a bad place, as much as I like it.  Lets just say I was up to no good.  Like an old wound in your young years that comes back to haunt you in your older years.
  8. What is your favourite cover song?

    and this oldie done by so many, but I dig this one the best    
  9.   She better hurry up, she ain't no spring chicken..  
  10. What is your favourite cover song?

    @hooperski, seems I missed this thread my friend.   me likes this Bowie cover     And this song, originally done by the Temptations, but I love all the covers   (I Know) I'm Losing You" 1966 by the Temptations   1970 version by Rare Earth Ecology album.  Rod Stewart 1971 Every Picture Tells A Story  The Undisputed Truth, 1975 album Cosmic Truth.   I have a special place in my liver for the Rod Stewart version.  
  11. I take back my comment that they need to be culled.  There is no ‘need’, as they are in the process of culling themselves by their sheer ignorance, conspiracy buy-ins,  and sheep mentality.  But If they choose to not get vaccinated for pure political (not health related) reasons and directly infect someone else who dies, they need to be prosecuted. 
  12. Why are you unhappy today?

    I find fish very 'meaty' and tasty.     How do you suppose they get processed into our food queue worldwide?   Do fish have feelings?  Do they suffer pain when caught on a hook or in a net?     Something to ponder eh?   something fishy about pescatarians
  13. Random pointless comments

      Oh my,  boomer issues playing out before our eyes.  Gee John, let us know how this ends up
  14. What are you listening to right now?

    Lost Prophets ft. Mike Melinoe, Justking
  15. Worst jokes ever

    Twenty years ago, we had Johnny Cash, Steve Jobs, and Bob Hope. Now we have no cash, no jobs, and no hope. It will be a very sad day when Kevin Bacon dies.