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    Are you aware that chimney sweeping is not an open market? You can't just choose another one, you have one assigned and you have to use that one.





    Can a felon be a Policeman after he/she is released from jail?




    Well, yeah, or would you, for example, send your child to a school where one of the teachers was a convicted child sex offender?


    No, I guess not. In those cases where there's any relevance e.g. sex offenders in school, I guess there should be limitations if there is a risk that the perpetrator repeats his crime.

    The tricky part is to set the limitations.

    I think the court is too general when they say it's doubtful Battke could be relied upon to observe the German legal system and support the constitution it's open up the doors a bit too much for analogies.


  2. I think Mr Battke has disgusting political views, and if I could freely choose whether he or someone else should sweep my chimney, I would probably choose someone else. That said, I don't think it's right to sack him because of his political views alone. If he can't work because people refuse to have him in their houses and thus can't fulfil his duties I guess he should be sacked, if it's not possible to reassign him to other duties where he don't meet customers.


    If it becomes a custom to sack people because of their extreme political views we will probably start to slide down a slippery slope and who knows where we will end? First extreme political views, than political views in general, maybe religion, gender, colour of the skin? Who knows where it will end?


    The court says that it's doubtful Battke could be relied upon to observe the German legal system and support the constitution.

    Does this mean that people that have committed a crime and served their sentence shouldn't be allowed to do certain kind of jobs?

    Does this also mean that e.g. Muslims extremists who supports horrific punishments like stoning for adultery should be sacked as well?


    I don't like right wing extremists nor religion (but I don't have anything against religious people in general). But I don't think your believes alone, weather political or religious, should be reason enough to sack some one, as long as the person is doing his or her job and don't harass their co workers or clients.



    [adminmerge][/adminmerge]I heard of this store called Metro. The question is can anyone shop there? Someone wrote something about needing a special card.


    Since you apparently found this thread, reading it is a always a good start. You will be surprised how much information you will find!



    The Girl Who Fixed the Umlaut, for you Stieg Larsson fans:

    Salander opened the door a crack and spent several paragraphs trying to decide whether to let Blomkvist in. Many italic thoughts flew through her mind. Go away. Perhaps. So what. Etc.


    “Please,” he said. “I must see you. The umlaut on my computer isn’t working.”


    He was cradling an iBook in his arms. She looked at him. He looked at her. She looked at him. He looked at her. And then she did what she usually did when she had run out of italic thoughts: she shook her head.


    “I can’t really go on without an umlaut,” he said. “We’re in Sweden.”


    “I need my umlaut,” Blomkvist said. “What if I want to go to Svavelsjö? Or Strängnäs? Or Södertälje? What if I want to write to Wadensjö? Or Ekström or Nyström?


    I feel the need to point out that åäö in Swedish is not a and o with a umlaut. They are letters.



    In addition to the basic twenty-six letters, ⟨a⟩-⟨z⟩, the Swedish alphabet includes three additional letters in the final positions: ⟨å⟩, ⟨ä⟩ and ⟨ö⟩. These are considered distinct letters in Swedish and are sorted after ⟨z⟩ as shown above. Since they do not mark grammatical variation, as the umlaut does in the German alphabet, or separate syllables, as does the diaeresis, it is not correct to call them umlauts, despite the lack of a better term in English. The umlauted ⟨ü⟩ is recognised, but is only used in names of German origin. It is otherwise treated as a variant of ⟨y⟩ and is called a "German Y". In Swedish, ⟨y⟩ is a vowel, and is pronounced as a consonant only in certain loanwords as a variant of ⟨j⟩.




    While playing either Monopoly or Clue, my oldest son jokingly called me a son of a bitch. Should I tell my mother what he thinks of her, or not?


    My mum once called my brother son of a bitch. Needles to say we still taunt her.


  6. I do have a monthly ticket for ring 1 and 2, but sometimes I have to go further than that. It always happens when I for some reason have left my stripe tickets at home resulting in more half-used stripe tickets. Right now I have 2 x 2, 2 x 1 and an 1 x 3 stripes left on five different tickets.


  7. It's an old thread, but since Americanguyinulm and Erika N. already been posting today, I might as well do it too...


    The cheapest option to get to Termini train station from Fiumicino Airport is by bus with Terravision. Return tickets are 8 € which saves you 20 € per person (enough for a decent meal and a bottle of wine). Just don't take the bus to the airport if you have to go at peak travel times (or allow some extra time).



    For the sake of me, in the last few years that I have been a regular in coffee shops all over the country I have never seen anyone use a straw unless it was a frappuccino. Where did you see these people?


    I see them every day here in Munich. First, on my way to the tram I usually see someone with a straw (and coffee) exiting my local ARAL station. I then go to Ostbanhof, same thing there: coffee and straw (usually bought on Burger king). Afternoon coffee at Starbucks, guess what? Coffee+straw!


    My girlfriend asked one of her German friends (who drinks coffee with a straw) why she/they do it but no good answer was given. Her only comment was "That's how I drink it".


  9. Every day I see a lot of people drinking coffee through straws? I still get surprised every time since I really can't understand why? Mostly it's people drinking from a take away cups that uses straws, but sometime I see people at Coffee fellows drinking black coffee with one.

    Is it to cool the coffee, is it to save their teeth from that lovely coffee colour or is it just some strange thing they do for no logical reason?

    (or maybe it's me only noticing those using a straw?)