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  1. I was doing them a favour by letting them show it at such short notice, I would have been within my rights to say no to an appointment two hours later on the same day right?   Its not messy, thats my point, the flat is clean, the bed was made usw, it wasnt like theres stuff strewn all over the place and people would be put off, it looks like a clean, tidy apartment that someone is moving out of in the near future.  literally the only thing that could be counted as unordentlich is the four boxes where i'd started to put my stuff.  I dont want extra stress for me or for them, until now we've had no problems and i'm happy to let them in as much as they need to show other people, but I cant be expected not to show signs of living and moving out.  I literally have one wardrobe where my clothes are, a tv cupboard which I put my shoes in to hide them and its a boxspring bed so no place to hide things there. 
  2. I've been renting an apartment for two years with no problems, friendly landlords, came every six months to renew the contact, had no complaints about the apartment etc, everything okay.   I told them that I was looking to move in with my other half and they agreed to extend the contract, but had no problem if I would terminate it early, as long as they had three or four weeks notice.    I was then back home due to unfortunate family circumstances, and my other half called to say that we had got the new apartment, I called my landlords and told them that I would be moving out at the end of the month.  They were fine with it, and asked when I would be back so they could arrange viewings.  I told them that I'd be back in a week.  Then two days before I was due to come home they texted to ask if they could show my apartment.  I said no, as I had left in a rush, it was a chaotic day and I wasnt sure how the apartment was.  They said it didnt matter, but it was important that they got entry.  I said again no, as I wasnt sure if I had my personal things left around and obviously I dont want strangers going into the apartment when my stuffs lying about.    We agreed a time to visit a few days after I was back, I had flown back one day and was straight into work the next, and due to the long shifts, I only had a few hours in the evening to sort things.  I then got a message a day before the viewing saying that the potential tenant was in town today and could they go into my apartment.  I said okay, because I thought I was being nice and doing them a favour, letting them show it, but told them it wasnt perfect as I wasnt expecting them until tomorrow and I was already in work.  About an hour after the visit they sent me a shitty text message to say that they werent happy that the apartment was chaotic and they hope that it wont be like that for the termin the day after!   First off, I had told them that it wasnt perfect as I wasnt expecting them to visit until the day after, and I cant just walk out of work at the drop of a hat.  But also. if they think four boxes of my stuff to the side is chaotic, I dont know how they are going to take it when all my stuff is packed up.  Its only a one room apartment so its not like I have anywhere I can hide stuff.  Is it not obvious to potential tenants that the person living there is in the middle of moving, its obviously not going to look like that when they move in? Am I able to suggest that they wait until I am moved out before showing anyone else around if they want to show it as it will be without my stuff? I dont want to leave with bad blood, but I find it a bit unreasonable that they expect me to have all of my stuff out of there.  I only have one day off work until the day I have to be out, so its gonna have to be done over time.