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  1. Hi, Found a nice car, made a ADAC contract, payed an advance, but now, before sending the rest of the money, i realized the seller has no vollmact and is nowhere in the papers. So basically in teil I and II you have a name and this person sells the car for a friend that is not the owner in papers. Is it legit ?   So far everything looks trustworthy: - i have a copy of the ID of the seller(the 3rd person and he is selling the car to me, it"s his name in our contract; he receives the money), - but this 3rd person is nowhere in the car"s papers: he is selling the car for a friend that also is not in the papers; - the contract was signed in front of his apartment(he lives there, i checked); - he has the papers , the keys, the car (even winter tyres); - when he presented the car it had red plates: he said he borrowed them from a werkstatt; - we signed the contract with a small amount as pre-payment under the condition he does a new TUV; - he did the TUV and now is time for me to wire the whole amount.   Is it ok or .. is a scam ? From what i understood so far in Germany who has Teil I and II ( Zulassungsbescheinigung ) kind of has the car. With them he can register it etc.   Would be great if i can get a fast answer on this