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  1. Post inaguration fall-out

    Are some of you at work or having night jobs? Debate is fine and heatlhy but some of you are posting links and articles and responses to each other all day long. Just wondering how you do it.  I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering. 
  2. President of Toytown

     it's never too old to do what you enjoy.
  3. President of Toytown

    In my Towtown world the government and all forms of authority would be held by computers/AI/Robots. All decidions about the economy, education, business, infrastructure, immigration, everything would be based on data turned into actionable knowledge. The human inhabitants, men and women, gay/hetero/ black whites browns,  would all live in a communist system and execute the tasks given to them based on personal skils, available resources, growth plans, etc.  Once in a while, the machines would kill at random some of the human inhabitants to maintaint healthy population quotas. People would be so thankful to be alive and have a purpose that they would get back to basics, no more talks about transgender bathrooms, religions, selfies, antidepressants. Shelter, food, safety, reward through hard work, survival. This is your place in this world, this is your purpose, be thankful for what you have, an unbiased greater power is taking logical decisions for the good of the overall community and the world. Everything is being taken care of, you can close your eyes and sleep at night. Be glad. The end.    
  4. Why do Immobilienmakler...?

    lol! I wonder if I could live with myself as a Makler. Man, I'd love to make that kind of money... but to know that you are hated by such a large percentage of the population? Actually that could be a high suicide rate profession. Debt collector, Anestesiologist, dentists, Maklers. would make sense. Sorry I digress. 
  5. Why do Immobilienmakler...?

    Do german people also hate Maklers or is this something only foreigners think?
  6. What made you laugh today?

    I think both are written by celibate mormon women. 
  7. What made you laugh today?

    LOL yes! the 50 Shades Darker movie is coming out tomorrow in Germany on VALENTINSTAG - you don't watch YouTube? Been seeing all these pre-video advertisements for it, also with the new soundtrack. http://www.kino.de/fsog2/news/fifty-shades-darker-kommt-zum-valentinstag/
  8. What made you laugh today?

    It isn't? I somehow associated Twilight with 50 Shades of gray - which is a Valentines day movie. Both movies sort of have the same premise of Girl wants to be with boy, boy is bad for her, long stares and close-ups of tormented boy, eventual makeout scene, mental orgasm.  
  9. What made you laugh today?

    I was talking with my mom about valentines day movies. We discussed the Twilight series and laughed about the premise of who was better between Edward (the Vampire) and Jake (the Werewolf). When I asked my mom who she would pick, she gave me the best possible answer that shuts down all further debate: "Well between a cold penis and a hot penis..."  Yes mom, yasss!
  10. Would you snitch on your niece?

    Beyond the stress issue, I still don't see how being up late online is anything to be snitched on. Catching her missing curfew, skipping school, being out drinking, smoking, yes ok to tell parents and "snitch",  If a relative told my dad I was up late on social media back when I was 15, he'd be like , yes and? She has good grades, she is a good kid, what's the matter? If it was a boy you'd probably think he's just watching porn.  
  11. Would you snitch on your niece?

    the fact that she is staying up late is irrelevant. All 15 years old stay up late at one point or another, it could be a phase that last weeks to months. Anyway that isn't the problem.  To you this is troubling and you did the right thing by opening a conversation. She opened a very private door inside her mind and shared her issues with stress and pressure. That's privileged insight.  This should be the point of focus now and the one thing to be discussed with the parents. And if the parents asked why or how you got this insight, just to mention that you noticed she was online late via facebook. That's nothing to be scolded for, it's a warning sign. The next step would be to discuss what stresses her, and then eventually suggest alternatives to being online to relax and prepare for sleep.   
  12. Would you snitch on your niece?

    I wouldn't worry about the late night social media habit, but rather this "not good enough" mentality. That's a dangerous path to be on and one that often leads teenagers to eating disorders or other self-destructive habits. Her weight and appearance is also something you (and her parents) should be paying attention to.  Case in poitn, at 14-15 I was staying up very late playing online video games, listening to music and having a good time. At 18 I was in bed early after going to university for 8 hours, working after school for 4 hours and having eaten 10 carrots the whole day to lose weight so a guy would maybe notice me.  It's nice of you to pay attention to her, I wish i had someone like this to catch me before I fell down the rabbit hole.   
  13. Starting A Fashion Business

    The clothes are bomb, I love the colors and bold shapes. I would wear 
  14. What made you smile today?

    @HEM thank you, this is exactly the type of information I was looking for and recommendation for specific tour company. I will check them out.   @sr5dnptylno why do you have to be the Debbie Downer? Lol, sheesh today I received 3 warnings. One from my dad about my AirBnB hosts that could turn up to be rapists, one from a colleague about theft and uselesness of police in Spain, and now you about death from drowning.   My dream trip turned into me getting robbed, than raped than drowning. Woohooo can't wait!   The only person excited for me is my husband, because now he's planning to have a LAN party at my place while I'm gone. 
  15. What made you smile today?

    Thanks for the tips! I am staying in Los Cristianos, close to the super touristy Playa Las Americas. I definitely want to check out Teide. I normally hike up mountains and rather hate cable cars (and the crowds that they generate) but let's see what the setup is like. I am on my own, no driver's license so I will be somewhat limited to public transit.  My plan is to do lots of beach and water activities, yoga (already found a studio), jogging/hiking around, get drunk.  Maybe boat tour, excursion to La Gomera. Ahhh I cannot waiiiit :D