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  1.   Agree. Republicans in US are the more conservative party and they are anti regulations, anti-nanny state, etc yet they would like to prevent women from having abortions but hey. 
  2. How to become a "shithole country"

    In my view, his comment was not about the shitholery of the country but about black/brown skin people. The nail in the coffin was when he said he would like more asian immigrants or people from Norway (the whitest country). If someone mentioned that India and Pakistan are technically  "Asian" he might have taken that comment back. "I meant just the ching chongs!!!" (I can almost hear him say that).   The comment also reveals he doesn't believe in refugee or asylum for people that are persecuted or facing hardships. With that attitude one would imagine if he had been president during WWII era , he would not have let those poor pennyless jews step foot in his country.
  3. Only in America...

    Let's not forget Oprah gave us Dr Oz and The Secret.  
  4. Dental implants

      Hi Fraufruit, how did you get a bone density test, does the dentist offer this?  I am considering a major work done and did not consider this aspect.
  5. Lots of multinational tech companies have offices in Munich

    For having worked at 3 of those right here in munich , I can tell you they all had offices in other German cities as well. In the case of Microsoft it happens that their HQ is in munich but they do have offices in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologn, etc. 
  6. I see extreme parenting opposites in Germany. On one side I notice very young children taking the S-Bahn to school alone or amongst a group of other children without an accompanying adult. On the other side sometimes I notice kids that are clearly older than 6 years old and could definitely walk on their own being pushed by their parent in a baby wagon. I don't recall such extremes in Canada. I feel like West Germany has more helicopter parents, and the East is more pro-autonomy. 
  7. Best Christmas song?

    I love the Charlie Brown Christmas album, the entire thing. I started listening to it mid November already. I can listen to that thing alone with a glass of whine and in a bathtub. Great album , you wouldn’t think it I guess.   Otherwise on Christmas Day itself with family, I love me some Bing Crosby , Sinatra, Mariah Carey.
  8. Only in America...

    Matt Lauer fired for Sexual misconduct. is nothing sacred anymore - MATT LAUER!
  9. Can residents of an apartment prevent renting other units

    I would so pull out of this deal. What are you waiting for, that they find a Pet cemetery underneath foundations? Sounds like a nightmare 
  10. Crossroads in Life - Career vs Family

    Didn’t you have such thoughts BEFORE conceiving? Why are you thinking about this now as you contenplate your upcoming maternity leave 
  11. Pedestrians and Cyclists ignoring traffic rules

    There have been time in the past, when I was not very happy with my life, and sometimes I did wish I'd get hit by something while on my way to work.   Not in the same mind space anymore, but maybe there are other suicidal types out there...
  12. Pedestrians and Cyclists ignoring traffic rules

    I moved from Freising to Munich this September. I am shocked how many dog owners use the bikepath to stroll with their often UNLEASHED dogs. For this reason I often bike in the sidewalk where actual pedestrians should be to avoid potential collisions with the dogs or their owners not paying attention. It is unfortunate, but pedestrians are more predictable than unleashed dogs in my mind. In Freising there were barely any bikepaths, just streets and sidewalks for pedestrians only, this was never a problem then, as a cyclist I was always on the street and I cannot recall potential collisions with dogs.
  13. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

    Reading the last pages of this thread... feels like a bunch of moms discovered a new word they overheard their teenager used. 
  14. Will unemployment go down even further?

    We should also look at the type of employment. Many companies now only offer part time or limited contracts. Full time employees with unlimited contracts are worth their weight in gold these days
  15. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

      Was referencing the OP when she said gay friendly and 420 friendly, looking for like-minded people.