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  1. Air Berlin insolvency

    My husband's flight from Munich to Berlin was canceled 2 hours before take off last week. No chance to speak to anybody on phone , after hours the following day he received an email pointing him to the claims website. He missed an important meeting with a customer. The flight was literally green on time up until that 2 hour before checkin.  Good luck to any ticket holder out there, nothing to be taken for granted...
  2. The current weather in Munich

    such a depressing month of September so far...
  3. Sonic Booms

    I heard it loud and clear just now and also the one that took place recently. I thought it was a gunshot or a huge piece of equipment that fell to the ground. Thanks for clarifying
  4. Should we return to the US?

    When it's Friday night, and I go to a place with dim light, house music in the background and I decided to wear a low cut dress for my husband, I don't want to hear a baby crying behind me.  Usually, the parents also look like they don't want to be there either. Sometimes they get up within 5 minutes and leave, which I applaud mentally. Sometimes they ignore the crying and keep sitting. Those ones ... those ones... hfur6o6r43qeio
  5. Should we return to the US?

      On the topic of screaming children, now that is something that I have observed a lot in Germany. People my age bringing their damn babies and toddlers to the bar/restaurant on Friday night at 8:30 p.m. That I find is damn disrespectful to the other patrons and I don't recall seeing babies at the bar scene in Monreal when I left in 2012.
  6. Should we return to the US?

    Same, but now they are being produced on a mass scale with labels showing THC levels, ingredient lists, regulations, branding.  There is a pot Nestle/Coca Cola/McDonald waiting to happen
  7. Should we return to the US?

      Edibles are the next big thing, Joe Rogan talks about them constantly on his podcast, some people entirely consume via edibles. https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikemontgomery/2017/07/19/edibles-are-the-next-big-thing-for-pot-entrepreneurs/#501463b5576b
  8. Should we return to the US?

      I smelled it twice in 5 years, and each time my head turned on its axis like Exorcist because I am so not used to it anymore.
  9. Should we return to the US?

      That's the thing, nobody ever said anything! Once he asked me what music I was playing because he liked it. Sometimes they played their own music, and I never complained. Hey it's a nice day, why would I rain on someone's parade.
  10. Should we return to the US?

     I live in Munich and love going hiking and biking in the Voralpen, Italy, Austria. But say I don't want to do sports, here is something I would do back home in Canada al ot during summertime but can't imagine happening here. Say it's Sunday in June. I'd be waking up at X time, no plans for the day, none. After breakfast I decide to wash my car in the street, open all the windows, put Bob Marley pretty loud, let's say all the immediate neighbors could hear it. Wash my car. Call up a buddy, ask "What are you doing RIGHT NOW, how about you come to my place we have a BBQ". Person comes within 1 hour, wearing god knows what, maybe smoking pot - which is illegal in Canada but you still smell it everywhere without much reprehension. We go drive to the store and buys t-bone steaks. Put it on the PROPANE GAS BBQ. Grill the meat, use paper plates no need to wash dishes, music is still playing pretty loud, more people might have driven up to my place.    I am a >30 year old woman, I don't know if there are that many over 30 who could just show up on a dime in Germany, willing to relax, live in an apartment building that would allow me to own a proper BBQ grill, wash my car, play loud music, use paper plates because I damn feel like it, without being judged by an entire community.    I don't hate Germany and think it's the most boring place, in fact I discovered wonderful healthy outdoor hobbies here. But let's say I feel like my hands are tied, sometimes. So I get the point of some posters here...
  11. Should we return to the US?

    On the topic of real estate... My husband and I almost bought a waterfront condo in West Palm Beach , Florida, this January. It was part of a gated community with ALL the works. Was 100k USD. We fell on our behinds. We were there on vacation so it's not like we had spent weeks/months looking for the best real estate, it was just there.In the end we didn't take it because there was a problem between the condo insurance and the bank we chose and we dropped it because it needed more time investment that we had at that particular time. But for 100k we wouldn't even get a proper apartment in East Germany in the middle of nowhere. Was astonishing for us that property this good, on the ocean, could be that price.   But as I hinted at in earlier posts, I would go back to North America mainly because of the mentalities, the communities, and also for a sense of adventure. I wouldn't move back home to Montreal, not after having lived the excitement of an expat life. I would move maybe to the US or to the West Coast of Canada, but not back home, at least not yet. And also because I know my home is dead. Nobody from my past lives in the same house, all my memories associated to places are just that, memories. 
  12.   Gosh that is scary... - Which Amt did you go to? (I'll try to avoid it if I can) - and how long from 8:30 did you have to wait until you were processed? thank you!
  13. The current weather in Munich

    My husband thought it was funny to turn off all the lights exactly as the storm was above our heads and yell out that the clown from "It" is behind me.   Marriage <3
  14. Should we return to the US?

    When I was in Chicago last year I went to a Disney Store. I bought something and the cash lady, an ADULT WOMAN, told me (I am also an adult woman) "Thank you Ma'am, have a magical day!". That's America right there. I fucking teared up. I still like to imagine that animals meet in the forest at night to discuss amongst themselves god damn it. Germany won't take that away from me.
  15. Anybody had to register in Munich recently, like in the last couple of months?  Curious about the queues. This statement on the official website scared me... " Huge queues and long waits Our Residence Registration Offices (Bürgerbüros) are currently facing huge queues, ongoing IT-problems and staff shortages. Due to these circumstances our offices are often forced to close before the end of their opening hours. "   I love how they highlight their incompetence. "We have all these problems, we haven't put any solution in place to fix them, we actually reduce our hours making it even harder to hit the quotas, Welcome to Munich!"