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  1. How to find a girlfriend in Munich 2017

  2. How to find a girlfriend in Munich 2017

    As a woman who has been working out in a gym for years , DO NOT, I repeat , DO NOT, approach a woman in the gym while she is working out. Unless you know each other from somewhere else, or she's done working out and is dressed and about to leave. Gyms are flirting safe spaces, that's why many gyms have a women's only area.    
  3. How to find a girlfriend in Munich 2017

    Ok, keeping an open-mind I cannot deny this is a cultural practice that works well for many people.  I wouldn't do online dating either. I'll either be single or go through trial an error via social outings.
  4. How to find a girlfriend in Munich 2017

    Go to a therapist...? It's borderline weird at 25, if guy still struggling with this for a few more years and is depressed because of it, should definitely seek help of a therapist.
  5. How to find a girlfriend in Munich 2017

     parents intervening in children's dating life... *shudders*  
  6. How to find a girlfriend in Munich 2017

      You were expecting that girls on this forum would send you private messages to meet up after posting this conversation?   You sound like you never went on a single date or had female interactions in your entire life yet you are 25 years old. I hope you understand that by now everyone on this forum imagines you as Raj from Big Bang Theory, possibly uglier and clearly premature ejaculator.    Ooooooooooooooooooooooo the burn Sorry I just couldn't handle the cluelessness anymore.  
  7. How to find a girlfriend in Munich 2017

    Before my blonde German husband I dated a Chinese guy for 2 years and further back a Vietnamese guy for 4 months. I aso went on 1 date with Indian guy (turned out we didn't have chemistry). He was very hot. I don't have a type, I like people with different backgrounds and a good sense of humor. And damn these asians cooked me some good fooooood.   Indian people I've met are usually very optimistic, easy going and funny. If German girls are cold to foreigners, there is a big enough expat community of students and skilled workers in Munich that wouldn't shut down dating people from various nationalities. 
  8. How to find a girlfriend in Munich 2017

    Are you working? If your company (or school for that matter) organizes BBQ or social activities, you have to attend them in order to build your new social network here.    I met my (German) boyfriend/husband at work when I was 26, he said hello to me in the elevator. In Canada, no one says hello in the elevator. I was like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this guys is coming onto me! Little did I know it means nothing special in Germany lol.   We got to know each other better via work functions and then I asked him out on a date. He was like WOOOOOOOO. Little did he know it's quite common in Canada for girls to ask guys out.   Be prepared to misunderstand signs and get a bit lost between communications if you date a German. 
  9. The "American Way of Lecker" at Netto this week

     LOL! I'm surprised most of these ingredients are sensible. I could never leave out the "yellow food coloring" though, the yellow is my favorite ingredient.
  10. The "American Way of Lecker" at Netto this week

    The only thing that would get me going is Eggo Waffles. I am really surprised that it can't be found anywhere, not even at the Airports or Karstadt/Kaufland, or anywhere.  Sigh...
  11. Turkey referendum predictions

    Erdogan has been putting university scholars, lawyers, high ranking military officers and scientists in jail as part of the "coup" repercussions.  You need balls of steel to vote No within Turkey. I'd be afraid to have a target on my back. Maybe the Turks abroad feel safer expressing their real views.
  12. Hairdresser open on a Sunday / bank holiday

    Actually I didn't know it carried that meaning. I heard it first from my mother from another grandmother Rupaul the Drag Queen. "Condragulations my queens, and remember, if you can't love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else, can I get an A-Men up in here?"
  13. Rupaul's Drag Race TV Show

    My husband took a picture of me without knowing while I was watching the latest episode this morning.  Face says it all. 
  14. Hairdresser open on a Sunday / bank holiday

      If you think these are decent hours and don't understand why others might want to get a haircut outside this time window, condragulations, you are well integrated.   I have been cutting my own hair, as a woman, for the last 3 years because I think hairsalons are open at shitty hours, charge way too much and usually leave me hating my head. I watched YouTube videos, took my kitchen scisors and figured if I hate my head at least I won't have paid for it. Turns out, I'm not that bad!
  15. Rupaul's Drag Race TV Show

    I hope he doesn't stop!! I don't think his mission is over yet. The world of drag has gotten such an exposure thanks to him, the artform is evolving very quickly right now and there's so much more to tell and so many more audiences to reach. It's already amazing that he got the show on VH1 a true mainstream network.  But I have to say, if he does get tired and wants to retire, he should also hang up the keys to the show and NOT appoint a new host. Tyra did this for America's next top model with Rita Ora and the show was aweful. Tyra made the show just like Rupaul makes DragRace.    and I luuuuuuuurve Valentina.