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  1. Have German businesses become lazy?

    I now order my groceries on Amazon (joined Amazon fresh) because I am so done with German grocery stores. I rather go in person and pick my own produce, but how many times did I rush out of work to get to the store before it closed to find empty shelves, green bananas, or 1 flavour of Activia, not the Felix food that my cat likes and then queue for 15min to pay for crap.  With Amazon I actually get yellow bananas, exactly the Activia flavour that I like, exactly the Felix food that my cat enjoys, etc. etc. and I get it  I ldelivered to my doorstep on Monday up to 22h.  
  2. Unresponsive ex-Landlord - Kaution problem

    The Kaution was about 3000 EUR, the outstanding Nebenkosten is between 500-600 EUR. So perhaps it is worth it.
  3. Why Don't Germans Answer Their Emails?

      Same, I have received lab results by email AND by WhatsApp. Thankfully each time the results were negative but it got me thinking, would they tell me by email if they saw Cancer or a serious disease?
  4. Hi All, We moved from Freising to Munich in September 2017 (more than 6 months ago). When we handed over the keys the landlord did not ask us to fix or pay for any repair in the apartment so we did not expect any issues with getting the Kaution back. WRONG ASSUMPTION. After several emails and phone calls, we haven't heard from the landlord since that handover back in September. We are missing the Kaution and the Nebenkosten (round 500-600 EUR). I did not join the Mietverein in Freising nor the Mietverein in Munich. Could the Mietverein in Munich help us even if the problem is in Freising?  What should we do to get this sorted? What type of lawyer can help with these issues, we do not have any lawyer. Thanks for your advice  Vanessa
  5. Why Don't Germans Answer Their Emails?

    That is insane. I wonder how they pay their employees, they probably chip on gold bars with a hammer and nail and put the dust in a pillow. LOL Fucking Germany man, this place tugs at my heart.
  6. Why Don't Germans Answer Their Emails?

    It could also be a language issue. True Germans are not fully embracing the "digital transformation" and they also dread communicating in English when they don't feel confident in their abilities. They prefer the phone and they will be much more helpful if you try to speak broken German for a bit and then switch to English when you really get stuck.   BTW to give you an idea about email and digital world in Germany, many businesses don't have a website or even a dot on Google Maps. I couldn't even use credit card at Ikea 6 years ago, was debit or cash. Forget Apple Wallet and stuff here, boy...
  7. Have German businesses become lazy?

    I am under the impression that German business owners rather make less money and have more free time and shop at Aldi with the money they make than work longer, earn more and spend more. Just look at the operating hours, during the week many stores/services open at 8:00-9:00, close during lunch break, not to mention that all shops are closed on Sunday and shut down at 20:00 in Bayern. And there is a looooooot of people with money walking around in this country, shops could make lots of sales on Sunday and after 20:00. Working for an international company really clashes with the background of German everyday life. 
  8. The current weather in Munich

    I have never seen so much snow in 3 years of living here in Munich (and 3 earlier years in Frankfurt). I can live with cold but not this constant snow/ice mix.
  9. The current weather in Munich

    I am so done. DONE. BEGONE SNOW. It is warmer in Montreal, Canada than here in Munich. I had to pour hot water in my bike lock to get it moving and almost killed myself twice in 1 km distance because the roads are still full of ice. I cannot withstand such winters with just a bike if this is a new trend... 
  10.   Agree. Republicans in US are the more conservative party and they are anti regulations, anti-nanny state, etc yet they would like to prevent women from having abortions but hey. 
  11. How to become a "shithole country"

    In my view, his comment was not about the shitholery of the country but about black/brown skin people. The nail in the coffin was when he said he would like more asian immigrants or people from Norway (the whitest country). If someone mentioned that India and Pakistan are technically  "Asian" he might have taken that comment back. "I meant just the ching chongs!!!" (I can almost hear him say that).   The comment also reveals he doesn't believe in refugee or asylum for people that are persecuted or facing hardships. With that attitude one would imagine if he had been president during WWII era , he would not have let those poor pennyless jews step foot in his country.
  12. Only in America...

    Let's not forget Oprah gave us Dr Oz and The Secret.  
  13. Dental implants

      Hi Fraufruit, how did you get a bone density test, does the dentist offer this?  I am considering a major work done and did not consider this aspect.
  14. Lots of multinational tech companies have offices in Munich

    For having worked at 3 of those right here in munich , I can tell you they all had offices in other German cities as well. In the case of Microsoft it happens that their HQ is in munich but they do have offices in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologn, etc. 
  15. Stay tuned... I'm at the Mumich HBF right now and no one seems to be nervous.