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  1. Websites for online trading of stocks and shares

    @joe-k THank you for the tip. I will check them out as well. 
  2. Websites for online trading of stocks and shares

    Looking for an online brokerage that trades stocks on DAX and international + with low transaction fees. Based on this vergleich website, Degiro seems like a great option.  Anybody has feedback on this? Or even on the vergleich website itself i.e are those things trustworthy? I did a search for Degiro and found several threads out of the UK seemingly approving of it...  http://www.brokervergleich.net/aktien   I'm a customer with Deutsche Bank (which I hate) , I have an employee stock with Computershare, but I need a private broker to sell/trade my shares. 
  3. its beer o'clock!

    If one can't make a Bros before Hoes joke on a Friday Beer thread... Then it's probably not the beer meetup for me. Or the right forum for that matter.   
  4. its beer o'clock!

    Have your sense of humor disappeared sometime during the integration process? Seriously this forum is turning into pure shit.
  5. its beer o'clock!

    Is it only for Bros or can there be Hoes? I sent a request to join the group but looks like there's no Ho in the member list. Everyone needs a Ho.  
  6. Bavaria on edge

      No. But this has forced me to acknowledge my gender bias towards Pandas as animals. I subconsciously think of them as a masculine specie.
  7. Proof of Language Proficiency Exception

    I just went through this myself.... I am Canadian, married to German citizen. We married in Germany. I have a Bachelors degree. After marriage I received an Aufenthaltstitel valid for 3 years with unrestricted work permi. I was invited to complete an integration course. I completed A1 to A2.1. My visa expired on 4 March 2017, I took an appointment with Auslanderamt first week of January and earliest date I got was 1 March - no stress. I was asked to provide a letter from my employer, payslips of last 3 months, rental contract, contribution to renteversicherung of last 3 years, bring my spouse and B1 language proficiency.  I of course did not have time to finish my integration course by the time I had the appointment and thought I would be F*****************. I thought the invitation to do an integration course was encouraged but not mandatory to extending my permit. I have been continuously employed since last 4.5 years.   On the day of the appointment I brought all my papers including my certificate of completion of level A2.1 from the VHS.   I was told if I had completed a B1 exam, I would have gotten a Niederlassung. Because I did not have the B1, I received a new 3 year Aufenthaltstitel. I was told I could renew the Auf. again 3 years from now if I still didn't have B1.   
  8. Bavaria on edge

    O-m-g sine 2012 I thought Pandamunich was a man. le gasp.    
  9. Best decade to grow up - 70s, 80s, 90s?

      I wanted to marry Raine Maida. God I loved their psychedelic 90's music video. WHY-I-A-I-A-I Supppperman's deadddd  Thank you for reminding me of that!   I just spend the last hour listening to other canadian classics ... How had I forgotten this song...  
  10.   This is also what I miss the most, my individual freedom to just be without having someone's eyes on me, judging, and randomly joyful people. I miss standing at a magazine stall without having someone telling me after 1 min I need to buy it or leave. I miss food courts where you can buy food, sit anywhere and stay there for hours. Driving my jeep wrangler with my leg out the window. Crossing the street wherever, regardless of the light, and having no one yell at me. Shop attendants that offer help or animatedly talk to each other.  Random people on the street commenting openly about the weather or something happening outside.    I went on a bike ride with husband this Sunday. Gorgeous weather, 12 degree, blue sky, winter is over. Someone tries to take us over on the bike and yells at my husband in German angry tone: "You should really oil your chain, the sound is horrible!!!!"    It was barily a nuisance and most important WTF. It's a nice day, mind your own business and don't spread negativity. Come on.
  11. Best decade to grow up - 70s, 80s, 90s?

    I felt pretty old until I read this thread. You all are ancient! 
  12. Best decade to grow up - 70s, 80s, 90s?

    I'd relive my years 0-13 in a loop for eternity. I wouldn't change a thing. Hell even my abusive mother. Somehow the memories are faded but the overall sentiment of that stretch 0-13 is happiness. I am thankful for my father for that.
  13. Best decade to grow up - 70s, 80s, 90s?

    I was born in 1984, the year Madonna released Like a Virgin, need I say more.  Growing up in 80's and 90's we had Nintendo, Home Alone, Ducktales, Sunny Delight, Blue's Clue's, The Lion King, Golden Eye 007, Beetlejuice, Dragonball Z, Rugrats, Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles, Zelda Ocarina of Time,  NAPSTER AND ICQ , parents with maxed out credit cards and shoulder pads.  God those were blissful years. Chef Boyardee ravioli, Mcdonald Happy Meals, Purple Ketchup, sitting 10 inches from the TV, Tamagotchis.   My husband is my Disney Prince and our cat sings along with me in the morning, folding my clothes with the help of birds and rats.    https://www.buzzfeed.com/briangalindo/100-memes-thatll-have-90s-kids-saying-please-take-me-back?utm_term=.vgK4GvRmX#.mx84Jjgy3  
  14. Germans infertile?

      Just because she has all these things going on doesn't mean she's good at all of them. Anyway it would be unrealistic to dream it, much less expect it. 
  15. Erdogan calls Dutch as well as Germans 'Nazis'

    Yes Erdogan is giving free ammunition to all the nationalist parties right now. He's playing a carefully planned game of chess. He will win his référendum using the last days events to show the need for a strong turkey against the islamiphob nazis in the West. He will win.