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  1. Best Christmas song?

    I love the Charlie Brown Christmas album, the entire thing. I started listening to it mid November already. I can listen to that thing alone with a glass of whine and in a bathtub. Great album , you wouldn’t think it I guess.   Otherwise on Christmas Day itself with family, I love me some Bing Crosby , Sinatra, Mariah Carey.
  2. Only in America...

    Matt Lauer fired for Sexual misconduct. is nothing sacred anymore - MATT LAUER!
  3. Can residents of an apartment prevent renting other units

    I would so pull out of this deal. What are you waiting for, that they find a Pet cemetery underneath foundations? Sounds like a nightmare 
  4. Crossroads in Life - Career vs Family

    Didn’t you have such thoughts BEFORE conceiving? Why are you thinking about this now as you contenplate your upcoming maternity leave 
  5. Pedestrians and Cyclists ignoring traffic rules

    There have been time in the past, when I was not very happy with my life, and sometimes I did wish I'd get hit by something while on my way to work.   Not in the same mind space anymore, but maybe there are other suicidal types out there...
  6. Pedestrians and Cyclists ignoring traffic rules

    I moved from Freising to Munich this September. I am shocked how many dog owners use the bikepath to stroll with their often UNLEASHED dogs. For this reason I often bike in the sidewalk where actual pedestrians should be to avoid potential collisions with the dogs or their owners not paying attention. It is unfortunate, but pedestrians are more predictable than unleashed dogs in my mind. In Freising there were barely any bikepaths, just streets and sidewalks for pedestrians only, this was never a problem then, as a cyclist I was always on the street and I cannot recall potential collisions with dogs.
  7. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

    Reading the last pages of this thread... feels like a bunch of moms discovered a new word they overheard their teenager used. 
  8. Will unemployment go down even further?

    We should also look at the type of employment. Many companies now only offer part time or limited contracts. Full time employees with unlimited contracts are worth their weight in gold these days
  9. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

      Was referencing the OP when she said gay friendly and 420 friendly, looking for like-minded people.
  10. Tips on getting an apartment?

    We’ve moved 3 times in the last 5 years in Germany. Each time we sealed a deal within the 5th visit and less than a month after starting the search. In Frankfurt I offered to pay the Makler commission on that day. In Freising I offered to pay 1k extra Makler commission. In both instances we got the place but I actually never was asked to fulfill my offer.  We moved again just now from Freising to munich. THis time I didn’t offer anything, I was just so in love with the place and very “”Canadian” in my expressions, i made the landlord laugh during the visit. He called me back later today and he said no other candidate seemed so in love with the place so he gave it to me! for all three times I was alone visiting the apartments, my German husband wasn’t with me , I had my A2 level germans and my paperwork ready.
  11. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

    Forgot to add, if not apparent from my text I am extremely non-judge mental of lifestyle. But I actually came to believe alternative lifestyle doesn’t exist in Germany? Or at least it’s buried deep in Munich
  12. NYC girl looking for a badass friend in Munich

    I am on a similar seemingly hopeless quest to find professional ladies with mind and pocketbook of their own , with no kids, for fun frivolity. My favorite show is rupauls drag race, real house wives of Atlanta and I listen to rupaul music while working out. I like to think of myself as a fierce waaaaman. I stopped trying to socialize when I realized I need to change my personality in order to appear “normal” to the common folk my age. I’m done, rather be lonely than fake. I just dive into my work , my husband , and my fitness routine, but I do miss having a circle of friends   
  13. Air Berlin insolvency

    My husband's flight from Munich to Berlin was canceled 2 hours before take off last week. No chance to speak to anybody on phone , after hours the following day he received an email pointing him to the claims website. He missed an important meeting with a customer. The flight was literally green on time up until that 2 hour before checkin.  Good luck to any ticket holder out there, nothing to be taken for granted...
  14. The current weather in Munich

    such a depressing month of September so far...
  15. Sonic Booms

    I heard it loud and clear just now and also the one that took place recently. I thought it was a gunshot or a huge piece of equipment that fell to the ground. Thanks for clarifying