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  1.   Gosh that is scary... - Which Amt did you go to? (I'll try to avoid it if I can) - and how long from 8:30 did you have to wait until you were processed? thank you!
  2. The current weather in Munich

    My husband thought it was funny to turn off all the lights exactly as the storm was above our heads and yell out that the clown from "It" is behind me.   Marriage <3
  3. Should we return to the US?

    When I was in Chicago last year I went to a Disney Store. I bought something and the cash lady, an ADULT WOMAN, told me (I am also an adult woman) "Thank you Ma'am, have a magical day!". That's America right there. I fucking teared up. I still like to imagine that animals meet in the forest at night to discuss amongst themselves god damn it. Germany won't take that away from me.
  4. Anybody had to register in Munich recently, like in the last couple of months?  Curious about the queues. This statement on the official website scared me... " Huge queues and long waits Our Residence Registration Offices (Bürgerbüros) are currently facing huge queues, ongoing IT-problems and staff shortages. Due to these circumstances our offices are often forced to close before the end of their opening hours. "   I love how they highlight their incompetence. "We have all these problems, we haven't put any solution in place to fix them, we actually reduce our hours making it even harder to hit the quotas, Welcome to Munich!"
  5. Should we return to the US?

    An important yet intangible pro of North America: - people still dream, out loud, even the adults. There is an unspoken enthusiasm, optimism and lightness of being that I have never found in Germany or even in Europe in general.   Dont know if the dreams come true but at least they still dream, regardless of their politics.
  6. Changing jobs on a blue card before it expires

    Agree with Uncle Nick.  About the reference letter, I also work in IT and they usually ask for contact details of previous colleagues/managers to call or email them directly if they want their opinion. A German zeugnis is not required. Many international companies have their recruitment staff out of UK / US and Eastern Europe, they probably wouldn't read the German Zeugnis anyhow.  It's a nice to have but not necessary. Having colleagues/mentors/managers willing to provide feedback to a recruiter is much more important.  
  7. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      well they aren't yet as of August. https://www.coinbase.com/global
  8.   dear God... Though I've said that many times before and nothing happened. 
  9. What's got you flummoxed today?

    HA! Prost
  10. What's got you flummoxed today?

      The milkman, lol, that is such a dad joke.
  11. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    What platform are you using to buy/trade/sell? My husband and I want to dabble in the bitcoin and ether territory. Many friends back home recommended Coinbase but it's not available for Germany. Been looking into Anycoin Direct and Bitcoin.de. Hard to find tangible reviews. Any advice would be much appreciated. 
  12. Hiking in the Bavarian Alps · Next one: TBD

    Goddamit I can't make it. Extra free spot if someone sees this on time.   Hörnle (12km, 850hm, 1515m)Hauptbahnhof Platform 28 at at 08.10am on Tuesday 15.Aug.2017.   01) CandyQuackenbush02) Lena03) Jatski04) Asadogg05) Matt T06) Avner07) Frederick 08) MrD09) Doria 10)--Max--  
  13. The Strange Death of Europe

    so besorgt = believing in conspiracy theories? that's quite a leap, I thought it just meant concerned.
  14. The Strange Death of Europe

    Why can't a liberal also be besorgt? To john. g's point. 
  15. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Did anybody sell when it was above the 4k?? I see it went down slightly today since Saturday.