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  1. Is it possible for me to learn german in one year?

    I come from an Advertising background. I have a Bachelor of Arts specialised in translation, with focus on creative adaptation and a Graduate diploma in Public Relations. I worked for advertising agencies in Canada. I could not find a job in germany in my field after I moved. Why? Because I didn't speak the language, and did not know the culture, the history, the social fibre.  Advertising is knowing how to speak to your audience, knowing what gets them moving, motivates, shakes them. I think a foreigner trying to be successful in advertising abroad is a challenge. I recycled in Business/IT and am fine now, but just FYI... Nothing is impossible, hell I never thought I could work in IT in a business role, but it happened. But I think it's good to be aware. 
  2. Decree absolute not enough

    Gosh... sounds complicated for UK folks. For Canadians there is no such thing as a proof of divorce or "celibate" status. The Canadian Embassy here knows that this is a required document in Germany. I simply had to write them a letter asking for them to say that Canada cannot provide such a document, in German and the Standesamt was fine.
  3. What food do you miss as a Canadian or American?

    TIM HORTONS???! The only thing to be missed about Tim Hortons is the opportunity to say the word Timbit in a conversation. Wait no, they do make a good Iced Cap. AHHhhhh Iced Cappuccinos... I miss those too!
  4. What food do you miss as a Canadian or American?

    In terms of food:  a standard fish counter at least in all Rewes - not just smoked fish or pink mayonnaise salmon cream. Oh, an Eggo Wafflessssssss!!!!!!! Affordable and fresh take-away sushi chain in the main public transit stations.   In terms of overall dining: A huge food court where you can sit anywhere you want, for as long as you want, whether or not you bought anything. Seriously where can people study and "hang" here???!! More coffee shops where you can just sit with your laptop without having to get up straight after consumption.   
  5. No!!! Come! Kiwi, as in from NZ? We can never have enough Kiwis!
  6. German residency permit renewal

    I was very relieved when I saw only A1. I have a certificate from the VHS-Frankfurt that I completed A1 level from 2014, back when I was still participating in the integration course.  I am hoping this will be sufficient because I looked up dates for A1 tests in Munich area and only 1 was available before 1 March and it was a lot of money, 3-4 hours long. Also, I don't know how long it takes to get the grade so I might not even get it in time for 1march.    I know my level is between A2 and B1 so not concerned about sounding below A1 during the interview.   I concur, the fact that the requirements are so different from province/city is crazy...  
  7. German residency permit renewal

    Did you get just a renewed Aufenthaltstitel or a Niederlassungerlaubnis? I don't even know what I'll be getting. 
  8. German residency permit renewal

    Ok, I have an official appointment on 1 March 2016 - visa expires 4 March, no stress. The good news is the official invitation letter says I need to provide: proof of  A1 German language skills, rentenversischerungsverlauf, 3-month payslips and a husband.    I ordered the Rentenversischerung-thingie online today. Does anybody know how long it takes to get it in the mail? there was no email confirmation or acknowledgement of receipt after I submitted my request online. 
  9. Laws on clearing snow and liability

    So he spent lots of money on his toy and probably resents you for taking it easy. Can't you pay him or offer another service in return for him also clearing your walkway?  BTW born and raised in Canada and never heard of such law. Actually in many suburbain neighborhoods there are no sidewalks in the commmunities.
  10. iPhone 5 16GB (silver)

    Hi, is it still available? In which area are you?
  11. North or South?

    Are you aware that many flats here do not have Kitchens installed? It's one thing to live without furniture, but getting a flat without a kitchen is a huge undertaking. Make sure to filter for appartments that come with Einbauküche or EBK.  In your situation I would go through a short-term rental company and take my time to look for apartments while you are here already.  Forget screening for neighborhoods or avoiding airport corridors at this point, just take ANYTHING. You can always move within the next 1-2 years.   
  12. German residency permit renewal

    Ok thanks guys for the encouragements. Knowing I won't get expelled immediately and can get this B1 exam within a year is really reassuring. 
  13. German residency permit renewal

    No such mention on the actual ID card, but I will look in my papers just in case. 3 years ago I clearly recall the clerk asking me if I wanted to sign up to the integration course. I thought why not purely because of the government subsidy, but in no way did the clerk make it sound as though this was a prerequisite to my visa extension. Sigh
  14. German residency permit renewal

    I have a concern regarding the renewal of my aufenthaltserlaubnis which is up on 3 March 2017. This was a 3 year permit which I obtained after getting married to my German husband. I am Canadian, still married and employed. I was offered an Integration Course after our wedding but did not complete it, I stopped at A2.1 level.  When I called the Auslanderamt to schedule the appointment (on 28 Feb), the lady asked me if I completed the integration course. It sounds like I need to show a B1 certificate in order to renew the visa. However this was never mentioned to me 3 years ago, I did not know the integration course and exams were MANDATORY. I told her there isn't enough time until March to get the B1 certificate. She said in this case she might be able to give me a 1 year Visa. And after this I need to show that I passed the B1 exam. What does MIGHT mean??? Do I risk being expelled from the country??! I am employed, still married, with a Bachelor's degree from a Canadian university. I am confident I am at least A2 level but don't think I could take a B1 exam now. My Auslanderamt is in Freising , in case this is relevant.   Thank you all for your help! Vanessa    
  15. Post your favourite PC video

    Esqualidus, that's an interesting comment  Canada did not become Muslim, Christianity is the main religion (60%+) of the population, 25% agnostic, 3% muslim. THen why all the publicity for Islam from the Canadian Prime Minister? Well he seems to have taken it upon himself to make Canada, with Germany, the final frontiers of liberal multiculturalism or PC, to put it bluntly. Canada needs immigration to sustain itself, so it looks like he's making an appeal to muslims even though most immigrants come from Asia. And no, there are no videos of him celebrating Buddhism , Hinduism, Judaism. He's certainly campaigning for Muslims, which is refreshing in today's world but still a bit strange.