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  1. I work for SAP Hybris one of the main Cloud line of Business at SAP. I'm involved with Channel sales and therefore know other partner companies that need Cloud consulting expertise. Send me some details in private and CV and I will see what is open internally. SAP Hybris is based in Munich. 
  2.   Really? I don't think most people in Europe think that. I think many woman want to keep their career, many couples can't afford being single income, and many women don't want children at all which we know is a problem in countries like Germany and Netherlands with low birth rate.  So no, most women in western world don't think their most important duty is at home.
  3. I've worked in the financial industry in Frankfurt and IT sector in Munich since coming to Germany in 2012. On my 40h contracts so far I experienced the same level of unpaid overtime as back home working for US/Canadian companies. However the lunch breaks feel more like real breaks than back home. But I think the overtime situation is quite standard when working for large international companies. Deadlines are deadline, quarter ends are quarter ends.  
  4. Too much policing here, get a life

      I want to be your friend.    The neighbor stories remind me of when our landlady would ring my doorbell and tell me she could hear my cat meow when the windows are open during summer time, which surely meant my cat was miserable and shouldn't be alone. My cat meows especially when I talk to it and for million other reasons but surely not because he's lonely and needs a second cat (the animal rescue where we adopted him told us he needs to be a single cat). Anyway my cat is like my child and this c*nt telling me off about mistreating my child...  the idiot woman does nothing to take care of the building but she has time to criticize my cat parenting.  
  5. Reviving this thread amidst the media storm of Trump vs Comey.    FBI chief sacking: Trump warns Comey over leaks to media http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39899542   He tweeted that Mr Comey had "better hope there are no 'tapes' of our conversations", suggesting such tapes, if they existed, might contradict him. Mr Comey, who had been leading an inquiry into possible collusion between Trump election campaign officials and Russia, was fired on Tuesday.  
  6. All you can eat Chinese buffets

    A meal advertised on TV would say something like 10$ + Tax. And in small print on the screen "only for a limited time, only in provinces So and So, local discretion applied. Tip not included". But if it did happen that a meal was overcharged, the restaurant normally offers compensation like free drink or something.    In my post I was referring to purchasing an open/unscrewed bottle of water because that might as well be a used bottle filled with tap water. In fact the company bottling the water could probably sue them too. 
  7. All you can eat Chinese buffets

    I feel that the law regarding pricing advertisements in small businesses is very loosely observed here.  At the Munich HBF there is a Thai place that serves cheap noodles in menu combos. I asked for noodles and a bottle of water which I knew would jack the price. The bottle of water had an unscrewed cap on it. I paid 1,50 Euro for an unscrewed 500ml bottle of tap water. I felt "screwed" but just walked off. People would get a lawsuit where I am from if this happened. 
  8. Too much policing here, get a life

    Germans pick the laws they care about. Jaywalking is near and dear to their heart and they won't hesitate to insult and call you on it.   however I've seen plenty of drunk disorderly conduct that goes absolutely without notice. I have been in situations where a clearly drunk person throws an empty bottle on the floor getting glass shards flying up inside a HBF and no one says a word. Or someone refusing to show their ticket and ID in a train and threatens the DB Train Controller and no one says anything.    But if I cross the street on a red light, I'm the scum. Ya, bye.    My German husband and I are 100% the same on this subject, though he flips up his finger if someone shouts at him. I just keep walking. And that is why, it's a match folks.   
  9. Too much policing here, get a life

    If there is no car around and the light takes forever, I walk. Whether I'm alone, or surrounded by others , fully knowingly Jesus is watching, I walk.  It's not about the thrill of breaking the law, it's me maximizing my time and telling that the road is clear from having looked all sides.    Yes there are fines in Canada for jaywalking but the people around you will not judge you if you do it. In fact I recall when police camp out corners in the city and give out tickets, when people walk in the office saying I got a ticket for Jaywalking the usual reaction is "god damn these ass holes don't they have better things to do!" And "poor bastard, how much!!?".   I have never heard anyone say Damn right you broke the law, you deserve this.   the reaction on this thread gives so much validity to the subject of the thread.   if there is a war and the order is to kill an ethnic group, will you obey blindly, you won't maybe use your judgement?      
  10. Too much policing here, get a life

    GirlonFire, I FEEL you. I am from Canada and have been living in Germany for almost 5 years. My move is permanent unless I or my husband gets a job overseas.  I have not, and WILL NOT adhere to many German customs especially the ones related to traffic, public transportation etiquette, baking my own birthday cake, list goes on.   I have been called out loud Bitch and Arschloch by parents holding their children's hands as I crossed during a red light, because verbal aggression is such a good example for children. I have been yelled at, cursed, pushed on so many occasions.   In Canada we respect personal space,  we are very polite (as you probably know the stereotype), apologize for no reason, etc. After coming here I was in shock. Or should I say, I was SHOOK.   I have since developped my own shell. Though I kept my Canadian way of crossing the street, I now too yell at people, I don't apologize if I bump into people, sometimes I even shove (yes SHOVE) all without apology.    My inner prick came out. Yours too will eventually if you want to survive.   
  11.   This was also my presumption Medical factors aside, I hope your husband doesn't rely exclusively on his penis during sex time. A penis is a very blunt tool  for the job of getting a woman off. Fingers, mouths and small vibrators in combination with penis create a more rounded sexual experience for the woman. And I am sure, for the husband seeing his woman really get off during sex will also create a more joyful experience for him.
  12. Hans im Glück which is a burger chain has 3 fabulous vegan burgers and you can even ask "No Bread" so it comes with more lettuce. It's a good place to go if your crowd is a mix of meat eaters / vegan / vegetarians.
  13. Lachs vs. wildlachs

    A bit off topic, but anybody else read about the state of the fish industry and aquaculture. Apparently farmed salmon is one of the most toxic and modified foods out there.  Fish don't get the same level of coverage as farm animals do in the media to promote ethical treatment. Fish are all cramped together and share diseases. Their own feed contain contaminated fish. Anybody else concerned about this? I reduced my fish and seafood intake already after the deepwater horizon crisis in the gulf of mexico because I read that most Canadian shrimps in the grocery store came from the Gulf. I also knew about Mercury level but this sounds even worse.
  14. Lachs vs. wildlachs

    I thought Seelachs was salmon, I thought anything with word Lachs was actually salmon.
  15. Lachs vs. wildlachs

      Mind blown. I did not know this, feel like I've been lied to, though it's my own fault for not doing research.   what do they serve in average sushi restaurant!!??