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  1. Mannheim for Economics. No second thought. Frankfurt is nearby - plenty of internship / Werkstudent opportunities.
  2. "Very cold country" - Expats don't feel welcome in Germany

    Germany is largely Socialist (policy feature of Government), but has never been particularly Liberal (cultural feature of general society). Former aims equal outcome through State welfare spending, while the latter affects equal opportunity in free market, with the State playing secondary role only outlining the system through directives. Both aims to achieve social equity but they are fundamentally different: 1. Equal opportunity : Race relations laws, ranked universities, transparent university entrance examination, centralised merit based recruitment process (often obscuring ethnic or religious background), parity in Corporate, Media, Political representation to that of general population or at least higher education Institutions. 2. Equal Outcome : higher wealth redistribution through higher tax contribution i.e. robust social welfare net, generous unemployment benefits, maternity and paternity leaves, free government school (often including meals), heavily subsidised crèche etc. Different Nations may adopt different ways, criteria and combinations to implement aforementioned features. While they do not conflict each other, the real World examples show that Anglo-Saxon nations tend to be more equal opportunity, whereas Scandinavia and Germany tends to be equal outcome.