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  1. Anyone have another VPN that allows you to watch USA Netflix  I have tried a few and only found expressvpn to work https://www.expressrefer.com/refer-friend?referrer_id=17786027&utm_campaign=referrals&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=referral_dashboard If you have one please post a link, every one streaming these days SHOULD use a VPN! Have a good day! E
  2. GEZ - the TV licence fees agency

    Yes I didn’t want the installments might as well get it over with..but to this day they have not taken money from my account..I’ve just written to them again asking them what they are doing 🤷‍♀️ I just want them to get on and do it if that’s what they are going to do...I just don’t want to be fined again 
  3. GEZ - the TV licence fees agency

    This is the mail I got from them doesn't it say they will deduct it from my account, my german is not that good, it has been way over 3 weeks more like2 months now Tx
  4. Anyone using Kodi should use a VPN I have used it for years..I use expressvpn this also let me what USA netflix which you can't with a lot of the other VPNs
  5. Firestick the way to go I have been paying for filmon for yrs as I didn't know you could accurately watch it for free using Kodi No dish needed   Buy a firestick and download kodi on it here how https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7t_rX78Cug&list=PLzmmB6KkeqXHUwCr8OdTVCo3emlMyZY1n&index=2&t=58s Once this is done you download an add on I use 2  (Numbers and Deceit) one for film and movies and one for UK TV and sky news etc Deceit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vq0L2tSVsWE&list=PLzmmB6KkeqXHUwCr8OdTVCo3emlMyZY1n&index=8&t=28s Numbers  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA4sl7D8qT8&t=65s So worth it enjoy  
  6. GEZ - the TV licence fees agency

    Oh they never said that in their letters, I gave them permission to Direct debit..they also asked how I would like to pay it  What a strange system, baffled  
  7. GEZ - the TV licence fees agency

    I had a letter months ago saying I have to pay as I never registered anyway they said I owe them around €600 I gave them my bank details and I have never heard from them again.. Is this normal, will they finally take the money from my account?
  8. Australian to German driver's licence conversion

    This is very strange as I have all the same number on mine, where it says 70AUS but mine has a date in number 10  I would go back to them and also ask why the date is on there or is that the date up top when you got the lic? tell them you can't rent a car because of this... I reapplied for my Oz lic so I suggest you fo the same it shouldn't take that long I told them the Germans took my lic when I applied..Say you need your Oz DL for when you return.. Good luck