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  1. Thank you for all your replies...Yes I did register...I know I also talked about it back in 2015, then I completely forgot about it, if I don't write things down I forget ;( Anyway I send of the filled in form and sent it off yesterday What gets me is if you call them you  have to pay 20c min or 60c from a mobile they also don't have an email.. as soon as I get my new pension details in Feb I will send them a copy, actually this was one of the reasons I didn't have to pay, when I did my Anmeldung I had to show proof of income..Oh well, it is what it is and what will happen will happen...  
  2. GM, Help needed, I just received a notice to pay the TV lic, I get an English pension here at approx 100GBP PW does anyone know if I would be exempt or a reduced price and if so would i have to send my pension letter to them for proof..I have been here for 4 yrs and this is the 1st time i had this letter, now I hear that I should have registered one I 1st came here...  one has to be a mind reader to know this...