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  1. I'm running into this problem again, as a business customer has a main office in one city in France where the VAT ID is registered and orders zero VAT reverse charge, but has a branch office in a second city also in France, that they want me to ship the package to.   I have always told customers that I would only send to the same address registered to the VAT ID.  But this particular customers needs it sent to the second office.  Is it acceptable to send it to the second address? And if so, do I  need any other documentation other than what I usually do when sending to the matching VAT ID  main address?   I asked 2 accountants in the past about it, but for some reason they never answered my question.  They always went around it, and simply said "verify VAT ID and registered address". Never saying directly yes or no for shipping to a secondary address.   Does anyone know what is acceptable in this situation?  I thought about shipping a paper invoice to the main address with tracking/Einschreiben as proof that the actual VAT registered business had made the order and intend to use the products, and then shipping the package with the actual products to the second address.   Or perhaps I ask them to send me a signed letter stating that the second address is the location of a branch of the main office, operating under the same business and accounting.  And that products delivered to the second address are intended for use in their own business.
  2. I was wondering if it was acceptable to ship to a different shipping address than the registered VAT address given for VAT ID verification, for intra-community trade and zero VAT.   For example, the invoice will have 2 addresses listed for the customer, a billing and a shipping address. Normally the billing and shipping addresses are identical, and the address matches the verified address for the VAT ID. I check the VAT address and ID on the German finanzamt website, and click the button to request a confirmation by post, which takes 2 days to get. I don't keep a screenshot of the webpage showing the results ( or is it needed?).   However, occasionally, a customer will ask for a different shipping address in another part of the city, or a completely different city in their country.  I tell them I can only ship to the same address as their registered address with the VAT ID.   Or is it possible to ship to a different address and have zero VAT?   Handelskammer websites only state that the VAT ID has to be verified, shipping must be out of Germany, and sold items must be used for business purposes. I have been told conflicting answers by Germans, and I have asked a steuerberater and he repeats what the HK websites say and doesn't comment about the shipping address.   Also regarding Gelangensbestätigung, I believe the rules were changed in October 2013 that a delivery confirmation from the shipping company is satisfactory instead of getting a signed Gelangensbestätigung statement from the customer.  This is correct?   For Deutschepost International Einschrieben, there is no delivery confirmation, so I keep the receipt from the cashier, and a printout of the destination country's postal service tracking.  FedEx, offers a PDF delivery signature confirmation.  But UPS and DPD do not, so I only have a printout of the online tracking. All tracking sites do not show the delivered address, only the state or city (or local depot) of destination.    
  3. I was told by a German that my flashing bicycle lights are not allowed in Germany. Is this true? It's the first time I've heard of such a rule in any country.   After reading wikipedia and other posts on this forum, I read that all bikes over 11kg must have dynamo lights, but I have a folding bicycle for touring and have front and rear racks with panniers carrying 30kg of gear. I don't think it's even possible to attach a dynamo to the bicycle when folded with all the protruding parts pressed together.   I bought extremely bright flashing lights to use while in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand touring on my bicycle so I wouldn't get hit by cars.