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  1. Scam calls, Ausweis/Residence Permit problems

    I was thinking maybe pressing 1, and then playing a loop of a fax or dial up internet tone, so that the person will think it's an unusable number and hopefully they blacklist it from trying again. Maybe raise the volume to blow out their ears.
  2. Scam calls, Ausweis/Residence Permit problems

    I've been getting these calls several times per day. I was wondering if responding that the caller has reached the police would help stop them from calling back, but I don't know if there is some law against police impersonation even if you're doing it to deter scammers.   I'd be hesitant to speak with a real voice, because they could record the call and synthesize your voice to impersonate you.
  3. Freiberufler assigned as Gewerbe, how to change?

      Did you find a solution?   A long time ago, I filled the tax registration questionnaire as a freelancer, but the first Steuerbescheid came with a letter saying the Gewerbesteuererklärung was missing. I went to the tax office and spoke to someone in English. He filled out a new questionnaire and I signed it, telling me that I don't need to do the Gewerbe filings.   But in a later year, I started selling physical products in addition to services. The Handelskammer told me I had to register for a Gewerbechein and I did, but the Finanzamt didn't say anything.  Then I filed both Anlage S and G, 2 different EÜR, Umsatzsteuererklärung, and Gewerbesteuererklärung but with the same tax ID. The Finanzamt sent me a letter with a second tax ID, which confused me. I asked by letter what it was for, and the response was that the first tax ID was for income tax return, VAT, and freelance, and the second tax ID was for the EÜR for Gewerbe and Gewerbesteuererklärung.   It made things confusing for VAT, because a single VAT ID is used for both freelance and Gewerbe, and one generated a negative VAT balance (refund), while the other was a positive VAT balance (payment). The Finanzamt always got confused with why the 2 different EÜRs showed different VAT refund/payments, so they said to simply divide the total VAT balance by 50% and assign half to S and half to G, which is technically not the right way to do it, but I did what they instructed.   Gewerbesteuer can be partially/fully credited on your Anlage G, depending on the GwSt rate of your place of establishment. Some cities charge more than the maximum credit allowed resulting in partial credit, other cities charge less resulting in full credit.
  4. I haven't imported a shipment for business since the new IOSS rules, if someone could help me understand what happens.   When importing shipments B2C, you normally pay VAT to the seller for shipments below 150 Euro in value, and it clears customs without additional fees (supposedly). They issue a VAT invoice with their IOSS number. If the purchase was actually B2B, is their VAT invoice suitable for claiming a VAT refund on your USt-VA?   On the other hand, if you give the seller your VAT ID and they don't collect VAT from you, does the shipment have to go through slower customs clearance with additional fees? Do you still get charged import VAT by customs if you declared your VAT ID to the seller and they wrote it on the shipping documents, or does the sales count as reverse-charge with no VAT charge by customs?   If there is additional clearance fees and delays this way, wouldn't it be better to pay the VAT to the seller and simply claim it back on the USt-VA?
  5. Seller requests personal ID when trying to make B2B purchase by reverse-charge?

      If Germany gives addresses and names to Austria, why don't they give it to VIES too, or why doesn't VIES publish it?
  6. Owing self-employment tax to the U.S.

    In the past I was able to request the certificate for previous years that somehow went missing, and I wanted a copy just in case. I simply wrote it in my letter. I wonder if it's possible to request multiple years in the same certificate if you wrote for example January 01, 2020 to December 31, 2021.   I don't know if it's possible to refund self employment tax, but I would guess that you may try a 1040-x. You should ask a professional for an actual answer.
  7. Owing self-employment tax to the U.S.

    I received the form now from the Lübeck branch although it says "Nord", after 3 months of sending the fax, or 1.5 months after sending the letter by post, both to the Hamburg branch.
  8. Seller requests personal ID when trying to make B2B purchase by reverse-charge?

      I did send the latest scan of a VAT letter which was an address change, when the seller first asked for "ID" because I didn't know what they meant. They asked for "ID" again so I'm assuming a personal ID.   The only additional information that a personal ID contains is biometric data and unique personal numbers, which starts to seriously enter the realm of GDPR. If a typical buyer bought from their webshop, they wouldn't be asking for ID. Biometric data isn't necessary for validating VAT ID or business purpose, so asking for it doesn't conform to the data minimization principle. If asking for it, email isn't compliant because attachments are decrypted on each mail server it passes through, unless you encrypt the attachment before sending.   The only reasons I can think of is that perhaps they typically don't get reverse charge requests and aren't familiar with it, or they have suspicions as they are located in a German speaking country to the south and I'm asking to ship to Germany while writing in English. But whichever language I write in doesn't affect whether or not I have a valid VAT ID or a business. They're better off asking for a Gewerbeschein but that also doesn't prove a valid VAT ID. A VAT ID itself is issued to businesses and already shows a business purpose. (or maybe they're unable to validate the VAT address)
  9. I wanted to make a B2B purchase from a seller located in a neighboring EU country using my German VAT ID by reverse-charge. Their webshop does not have this functionality, so when I made an email request, they asked me to send them my personal ID. I have never been asked this before when making a B2B purchase.   Is it normal to do so?   I can't imagine a personal ID being necessary for checking whether or not a buyer is qualified for reverse-charge, even for a self employed person. It may even be excessive personal data collection, and sending it by a simple email attachment may not be secure enough for GDPR. If a B2B order was made by a GmbH, you wouldn't ask the employee for their personal ID.   Also, why is it that VIES does not show German addresses / names with their VAT ID? What website would you direct sellers to look at when validating your vat ID?       
  10. Owing self-employment tax to the U.S.

    This year I still haven't gotten the certificate after 2 months of my first request by fax.  Normally I would get it in 2 weeks. I sent a letter 4 weeks ago in case the fax didn't work, to the Hamburg office.   In the past years, I started sending letters to berlin and the certificate was signed by berlin. But later years they were signed by Hamburg, so I then started faxing the request to Hamburg.   I wonder if the process has changed, or if I should now send another letter to berlin.