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  1. Recommended immigration lawyers in Hamburg

    Any updates on recommendation for immigration lawyers in Hamburg?
  2. Are flashing bicycle lights allowed in Germany?

    Well, after many years in Germany, I can say that flashing lights are illegal in Germany.  German shops are not allowed to sell flashing lights that are advertised as being used for bicycles.  If you buy any that do flash, they're probably from eBay or Amazon importers.  Also, bicycle lights in Germany must have a StVZO marking and certification number somewhere on it that identifies that it complies with German law about the minimum brightness and a light beam that focuses below the horizon so that it does not blind oncoming traffic.   I can say that StVZO lights are worthwhile, as I do get blinded by oncoming bicyclists who don't have compliant lights, while on those narrow bicycle paths in the night.  When blinded, I have to stop and look away while waiting for them to pass.   You must have a white front and red rear StVZO certified light (non flashing).   Also, bicycles in Germany are required to have front, rear, side, and pedal reflectors.  They all must have the wavy symbol with the certification number.  Also, the rear reflector needs to be a minimum size with a Z mark.  side reflectors on the wheels can be replaced with those tiny reflective plastic tubes that clip onto each individual spoke, but you have to have one on every spoke (which are very visible at night).  I believe but I could be wrong, that you can satisfy this requirement with tires that have reflective strips (but they get dirty vary fast and become dull).   I have additional non-StVZO lights mounted on my helmet and the seat tube, but I made sure to add a translucent sheet to diffuse the light so that they do not cause glare and are not blinding.  The purpose for the extra lights is not to light the road, but to be more visible.  Lights on helmets or clothing are supposedly a gray area, as they're not on the bicycle itself.  I also made sure that the lights on my helmet will snap off in case of a crash so that they don't catch on something and cause head injury.  I read that in some countries, attachments to helmets are illegal due to risk of injury.   I have seen people taking extremely bright spotlights and sticking it to their helmets, but this is a no-no, and is extremely blinding.
  3. What is the best way to clean off mold on styrofoam inside toilet cistern?   My apartment has a toilet tank / cistern lined inside with bare, soft white polystyrene (styrofoam), the type with lots of seams and pores, and breaks off into little puffs.  The surface is brown, I assume mold or some kind of living growth.  I've tried cleaning it with household cleaning spray and soap, and rubbing with a sponge, but it doesn't work well.  The stuff is stuck in the seams and pores.  I don't want to rub too hard and damage the foam.  The water shut off valve doesn't work so the foam is always submerged in water.  I've tried dropping in blue "cleaning" tablets for toilets for a few weeks but it doesn't reduce the brownness of the foam.  I haven't tried alcohol or the hydrogen peroxide that is in household schimmel spray, because I'm not sure if it will react to the styrofoam.   Would have been easier if the cistern was lined with closed cell foam, or if the foam was encased in some other harder material.   I've also read on other forums that some people simply leave it alone, but I'm not sure if that's good.    
  4. Are flashing bicycle lights allowed in Germany?

    I was told by a German that my flashing bicycle lights are not allowed in Germany. Is this true? It's the first time I've heard of such a rule in any country.   After reading wikipedia and other posts on this forum, I read that all bikes over 11kg must have dynamo lights, but I have a folding bicycle for touring and have front and rear racks with panniers carrying 30kg of gear. I don't think it's even possible to attach a dynamo to the bicycle when folded with all the protruding parts pressed together.   I bought extremely bright flashing lights to use while in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand touring on my bicycle so I wouldn't get hit by cars.