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  1. Marital status update in Berlin

    Yes, that sounds the most sensible thing to do. Thanks for the recommendation :)
  2. Marital status update in Berlin

    Yes, I went through the proceedings at the Amstgericht, got the sentence, and over one month elapsed, so it's official now. The Standesbeamtin I contacted at the Standesamt told me that I would need to update my marital status with the Bürgeramt. Maybe because my marriage was done abroad?
  3. Hi all,   I recently (2 months ago) consumated a divorce here in Berlin. I was now told I need to update my marital status to divorced in a Bürgeramt. I went through the Dienstleistungen list and for the love of everything that is holy, I cannot find anything specific for a marital status update. Could someone point me to which type of appointment do I need to make?   Best regards