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  1. Taxation on gifts from family

    Hello, I have read that you can gift your child tax free up to 400000 Euro. Does he have to be a resident of Germany?. My son is on 2 years visa in USA and Australian citizen. My husband and I bought an apartment for over 7 years and plan to leave Germany very soon. I prefer to transfer the title deed to that of my son. Would he have to pay gift tax if that is the case. Thank you in anticipation.
  2. Capital Gains Tax on the sale of German Homes

    Hello, My husband and I bought an apartment 7 years ago in Munich. Can I go to Notare and change my name to that of my son name. He is not living in Germany and not German. What would be the tax implication and do I need a real estate agent or lawyer to do all paper work. Thank you.