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  1. Evening all,   we are currently discussing with our neighbours the installation of wooden garden dividers (for the terrace) and standard chain link fencing to separate the sides and ends of the garden. We are talking about a wooden divider a maximim of 2,50 wide and about 10m of chain link fencing, with a simple garden gate. As always the quotes given so far are ridiculous as far as I am concerned. The lowest quote for the material and work is a little over €2,000!   Maybe I am being unrealistic but I think this is a little on the steep side so wanted to ask if anyone else has had similar work done and could recommend a company or give an idea of what you paid?   Many thanks for any hints/tips.   I am willing to do the work myself but having a hard time to convince the wife. :)
  2. Been looking into buy a place again recently and during my searches have come across a number of places that are "Erbpacht". Sometimes it seems to refer to the building itself and other times just the Grundstück.   Can anyone give me a brief explanation of exactly what it means to buy somewhere that is Erbpacht ?   Cheers