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  1. Among the jobs currently on offer at Airbus in Munich (Ottobrunn) there are a couple of posts within the team I work for - Airbus Digital Trust Solutions.   The open positions are: Digital Trust Solutions Technology Specialist (   Digital Trust IT Operations Specialist (   The Airbus Digital Trust Solutions team is the function in charge of providing PKI Digital Certificate Services & Digital Signature Services to internal and external customers in Airbus.   If you are interested in applying and have any questions, just send me a PM.   All the best    
  2. Kids bed (variable height)

    Still available if anyone is interested. Go on...make an offer.
  3. My oh my....18 years and the search is over.   THE BEST curry I have had in (near) Munich was tonight at a new restaurant, open only 6 weeks, in Lohhof (Unterschleissheim). The place is called Sahaj ( and is a 2 minute walk from the Lohhof S-Bahn (S1). If Curry Night is willing to go to Ismaning you really should take a leap of faith and give this place a go.   From the outside I will concede it is not the most exotic looking of locations but the food... my oh my. Finally an Indian restaurant that actually produces flavour, nuance, texture, depth and not from one mediocre base sauce that is pimped to try and insinuate a jalfrezi or a dopiaza or a korma or a vindaloo and finally somewhere that does not try to pass off deep fried onion rings as onion bahji!!!   It was a revelation and no I am not an investor in the place, just an incredibly grateful curry lover that has discovered the best indian restaurant in the last 18 years of searching, just happens to now be on his doorstep.   Please try. You will not regret it.
  4. Kids bed for sale. Used by my daughter and there are some pink butterfly stickers on the bed posts, which can be removed. Can be modified and extended to provide storage/play space under the bed. Ladder can be place either to the left or the right. Made by Suwem. I believe it is this model ( The bed has been dismantled but the dimensions given on the website match closely to the ones we measured.   In good condition. Normal signs of wear and tear but nothing that affects the stability of the bed itself.   For collection from Unterschleissheim   Price: €80 or best offer. Please send me a message if interested.      
  5. Songs that make you cry

    Scanning through my music files i came across My Immortal by Evanescence, maybe its the heat or too much wine but that song gets me every time.   Whats your lyrical kryptonite ?