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  1. Chilli Shot analysis


    - Victom No.1 - not a chiili person, drank half of hit then required bread not milk

    - Victim No.2 - a partial chilli person who enjoys a currys felt a sensation in the stomach, was politely cursing me

    - Victim No.3 - first to knock it down, cheated by licking her fingers to taste it, face went as red as a cherry

    - Victom No.4 - waited for me to have one - not a pleasant experience, he felt burning sensation at the back of the troat but very cautious

    - Victom No.5 - could not speak for 30 minutes - still in a stake of shock, eyeballs all over the place - and I though he was hardcore

    - Victim No.6 - Me, no comment

    - Victom No 7 - Ask if it was a Chiili shot, I said erm no, struggled with it so much that she drank two glasses of milk where I was called a B*******, she was ok

    - Victim No.8. - ??? - keydeck pic says it all, no pain no gain


    I did not get a thank you once...:), I wonder why...


    Any further comments, speak to my lawyer


  2. I thought the dance scene was crap, both adult actors cannot act, camera and editing and sound made the film work better. Another povety film that has been produced hundreds/thousands of times in various indian languages already.


    It does expose the truth globally, but nothing will be done by the goverment. The slums will still stay and the children will still be abused. Thats a fact.


  3. Quite surprised they have lowered the standards a bit. The group was not that big.


    This is one of my fav place at the moment. I have not experimented with the menu. I tend to order Lamb Jalfrezi Indian Style. Not sure if there is a difference with Indian and British style. It could be a different cook.


    Always handy to note who cooked your meal.


  4. Hi All,


    I have not acquired the required numbers yet including those who did not want to be on the list.. If by Monday we do not have the sufficient number then I will reasses the circumstances with management to see what they can do for us.


    The other alternative is to turn up and take a table nearby and hope the initial reserved area has not been taken.


    This way can matain our relationship with them. :)


  5. post-1939-1227621369.jpg


    It’s been a while but another After work party is due at Lembach which has the longest serving bar in Munich


    I have made another booking at Munich's main after work party venue where we have the best reservation area again with our own dedicated bar staff. We get complimentary snacks, too.


    It’s been a while but another After work party is due. This is the last after work party for 2008 that I am organizing.


    Where: Lembach, Ottostrasse 6, Munich http://www.lenbach.de/html/navi_en.php?top=4&sub=2


    When: 3rd December


    How to get there : http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&output...chen&zoom=1


    How much: 6 euros


    What do you get:

    • View the longest serving bar in Munich and the Music is great with enough variety to shake your body.

    • Complimentary Buffet from 6.30 to 7ish, if your lucky there are sometimes Sushi too

    • A Complementary drink

    • Best reserved(3 leather sofas and a table) area next to the dance floor

    • Dedicated Barman so you don’t have to wait for your drinks


    The reservation area with be under the name of 'Chill' located at the far end.


    - Go through reception and turn left until you reach the end and look for some sofas.

    - We are next to the dance area.


    Please your name to the list so I can give management an idea how many will turn up.


    Looking forward to seeing you all


    I am hoping to bring Lucky dip Christmas presents - complimentary B)


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