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  1. Painters took money and never did the work

    he doen't speak any german, but has tried calling
  2. Painters took money and never did the work

    Thanks for the help, I will file with the HWK, there is a contract my boss signed, and im not sure about the receipts, i will ask him!  
  3. Hello,    I contracted a painting company i found online that had only ok reviews, and got an email saying they would be able to paint an unfurnished apartment in two days: the timing was important which is why i hired that partiular company, the flat was then unfurnished and the move in date was a week away. so they came by and met my boss there, then dropped off two big containers of paint and a roll of paper, took the keys and the cash, and then have NEVER come back this saga has been going on now for three weeks, and now they are refusing to talk to me on the phone since the actual contract was with my boss   wat can i do to get the money back? i have emailed every day. where is the amt i can complain to? i dont care if it takes a really long time but i don't want to give up   any help much much appreciated!   thanks