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  1. I like American and Canadian craft brews. I've tried a good number of different styles but one thing bothers me: their insistence to serve the beers chilled to about 2°c in glasses frosted in the freezer. If they served the beers at a proper temperature for the flavour there wouldn't be any need to enter this arms race for over-hopping the beers that seems to be the trend there these days.



    OG That wasn't the point. The principle would be to not take wives to countries where woman are badly discriminated against (yes we're looking at you Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia etc) as some kind of statement that such an attitude is unacceptable.


    A mis-guided policy because the job of an ambassador or foreign minister is to represent his countries interests, not improve the world.



    and you are missing the point that Westerwelle is not doing this to make some sort of statement so the analogy is totally wrong.



    I wonder what would happen if foreign ministers refused to take their wives to countries where women are oppressed?



    I'm not aware of any countries where it is illegal to have a wife. Now, if the minister were unmarried and wanted to take his partner to a country where un-married sex was illegal, then that would be a comparable situation.


    His decision is not that he wants to make a stand against anti-gay societies but quite the opposite, that he doesn't want to cause any unnecessary problems during official visits.


  4. doesn't this really belong in the "vent" thread? There's not a lot you can do about being fired in a probezeit as long as they have stuck to any contractual agreements on notice.


  5. I think the answer is simply that Autoglass and Carglass were originally two separate companies. Autoglass was formed in the 70's and bought by Belron in the '82. Carglass was bought by Belron in 1987. Having already built up there brands in their respective markets, I guess Belron just decided to stick with them.


  6. when did your wife pass her driving test? I have a full moped licence because I passed my driving test before the new laws on CBTs took effect. I recently recieved a booklet explaining all this from the DVLA when I updated my licence so I'll have a look tonight when I get home from work and post the info if no-one else comes up with the answer by then.


  7. i believe there is no automatism to the limits. If you have a massive red total then the mods will start taking a notice to check if you are trolling or being a dick, then they decide whether posting limits or bans are appropriate. That's my understanding anyway.


  8. I won't be going to curry night but just wanted to let people know about a new restaurant in town. Namaste has opened up in what used to be the New Hong Kong restaurant on Rosenkavalierplatz, 100m or so from the U-bahn station Arabellapark. The manager will be well known to those who frequent Sitar in Lehel, though the other staff were new faces for me. I was there on Friday with some work colleagues and had a really fantastic meal. I had the Lamb Bhunna and was really impressed with the flavour. Definitely worth a TT visit at some point.



    the bread..is the best? I just got here and I havent met anyone who likes the bread...



    the bread is excellent for what it is. It's all a matter of taste, though. I'm not into sour dough bread so much and am also not keen on really dense breads, so I don't really get all that orgasmic about it.