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  1. A chance to complain about the post truth world or just get plain drunk.


    Rare outing of the Munich Skeptics. Hopefully next year we can get more events together. 


    This is an English language meeting. 


    Should anybody be interested in joining us for the first time feel free to PM me so we can exchange contact details to make it easier to find where we're sitting. 


    Yes. They are laughing at you. 




  2. Next Meeting: 19th Jan.


    The opening topic is...


    Regarding the terrible events in Paris and the xenophobic demonstrations taking place all over Germany, we'd like to talk about cultural differences, migration, tolerance and acceptance. How do we deal with intolerance and hate either from or against religions, people and practices? Is there a skeptic way to fight hate?


    As always, Stammbar takes no reservations, so early birds will help us secure enough places.


    PM me if you have any questions.


  3. The opening question for this session is 'When is it OK to deceive'. This is inspired by the James Randi program which showed at the center of his life his gay partner took on the identity of somebody he thought was dead so he could stay in the USA as gays are persecuted in Venezuela.


    Slight change to the usual schedule. This session will be for Nov and Dec as it's unlikely too many are around later in the month.


    Please feel free to PM me with any questions.


  4. People get inspiration from various sources, oftentimes from religious, esoteric or other spiritual origins. What inspires (you as) a skeptic or non-believer? Who are our role models and do we even need them? Do skeptics want skeptic leaders and what would make them fit for this role? Let us hear your thoughts and determine who we'd be prepared to follow (or not).


    This time, we have no reservation since Stammbar doesn't take any. So be on time or even a tad bit early. And please, RSVP if you can.


  5. Next meeting coming up on Monday. As ever anybody welcome.


    We've been working on plans for a series of events so this meeting would be a really good one to attend if you had ideas about talks or events we could put on. Or if you just like beer and a chat.


    Things we've been bouncing around are:


    Science of attraction.

    German Myths. Why Germans die if there is a slight draught/draft.

    Gender bullshit. 'Of course women talk more than men' and other commonly held beliefs with no basis in science.

    Blind taste test. Can you really tell the Munich beers apart?


    Other ideas more than welcome.


  6. So I called the Munich consulate on Tuesday to see what I need to do currently. I was advised it's all new to them and they needed a little time to work out the system so only call if it's really urgent for the next three weeks.


    What I did find out is that to travel to the USA on an extended passport I'd need a visa. You can't use the visa waiver program.


    As I understand it the system has changed. You no longer renew your passport through Dusseldorf.


    In the end I've used the online application and sent the required documentation to Liverpool. As I travel a lot I've sent them a photocopy of my current passport.


    Seems a bit of a mess.


  7. I'm looking for a bar or restaurant where we can hold meetings for up to about 20 people. The key is we need to be able to run a TV screen from a PC. Of course free is preferable but we might be able to afford a small fee.


    Any suggestions for a place? Preferable separate from the rest of any clientele.


  8. Wasn't there talk of raising the weight limit next season? I understand why they didn't this year. Teams had already invested in drivers and the rules suddenly changing could have meant they lost out. There's no reason not to raise it a few KG next year though.