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  1. Munich babysitters available

    Hi everyone,  I am a nanny with 13 years of experience looking for a new family. My current one is all grown up.  I am certified in CPR and first-aid, have worked with newborns all the way up to teenagers. I am originally from N.Y. and have lived all over the states. English is my native language and I am still working on my German. I was a lifeguard for many years, so I can teach water safety as well as swim lessons.   I love reading and playing with my two dogs. If you need more information or would like ,y resume, please email me at halfpint513@hotmail.com
  2. I have been here for almost 6 years. My German is horrible. I suffer from PTSD, depression,  and severe anxiety.  My husband is severely verbally abusive and an addict.  I have no friends here. I'm so lonely. I survived a home invasion 2 months before I moved here from the states. Then I spent 1 whole year in my house. I was a complete mess? Can anyone help me? Or maybe want to talk to me? Both would be greatly appreciated.