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  1.   So now I'm wrong for using British spelling?  That's your argument?  Except you're wrong here as well because the official spelling is Labour Party (British spelling):   Labour Party (UK)
  2. President Donald J. Trump

    Globalization has affected lower income people the most and not in a positive way.  Easy access for foreign investors and uncontrolled immigration has pushed many of the native born working class out of the housing market and at the same time cheap labour overseas has cost them their jobs.  This is not me however.  I'm not working class; I own two houses that I'm renting out so from a financial perspective I've benefited but I can't stand to see those people go through this.  Would you prefer a sweet talking Hillary who offshores your job, makes it impossible for you to buy a house but is presentable at a cocktail party or would you prefer a boorish Trump who swears and yells but wants your job to stay?  Yeah I know you trust neither Trump nor Hillary but if you had to make a choice just don't shoot yourself in the foot.
  3. President Donald J. Trump

    Prove to me you've never been to Mongolia.  Unless you account for every hour of your whereabouts for your entire life you can't.  See where this is going?  Could anybody prove that Trump continued to be buddies with Epstein after their alleged falling out?  The burden of proof lies with them.  
  4. Diet Culture Rant

    1500?    That's my Sunday morning breakfast.  Don't push yourself that hard.
  5. President Donald J. Trump

    Umm no.  Hillary is a warmonger and God knows how far she would have gone with Russia given her position on Iran.  She's also a globalist and globalization wasn't too kind to people like you (sorry to hear about your financial situation and I hope it gets better).
  6. Diet Culture Rant

    Good luck with your recovery.  I had a back injury last year while squatting.       
  7.   By the way weren't you the same guy who said there was no such thing as left wing antisemitism? (cough)Corbyn(cough)Labour(cough)  
  8. Diet Culture Rant

    The key to boosting your metabolism is lifting heavy weights.  That way you can benefit from the "After Burn Effect".  Also you can eat what you want but you have to make sure that your protein:fat:carb ratio is correct.
  9. Here's another article.   Well at least they've admitted that catering to people who don't pay your bills is not the best business move.   We will continue to represent men at their best’: Gillette’s backflip after ‘toxic masculinity’ backlash    
  10. Don't bother with Jeffo.  He thinks some third rate online tabloid, that publishes rants against whitey, is more factual than the WSJ.
  11.   hahaahahah did you just use MediaFactBiasCheck?  You do realize that they consider the Root, which gives a platform to black supremacists, as being more factual than the Wall Street Journal?   Go ahead and get angry again.   The Root - "High" Factual Reporting   Wall Street Journal - "Mostly" Factual Reporting                
  12. President Donald J. Trump

      You actually have dress shirts?  They require those at Burger King now?        
  13. President Donald J. Trump

    One thing you have to realize is that for the leftists it's not about human rights or "compassion".  It's all about power by any means necessary.  i.e. a wolf in sheep's clothing, the devil does masquerade as an angel of light  Unfortunately for you Anglos, you're just beginning to realize what we, Slavs, have been saying for a while now.
  14. For men standing while peeing is more natural.  We generally want to get it over with and get back to what we were doing ASAP.  No hate to Sitzpinkler but one can argue that if you follow somebody to the toilet to make sure that he pees correctly it can border with sexual harassment.  
  15. Well when I was living in Germany feminists insisted that their men sit while taking a leak.  The men attempted to wimpishly fight back but to no avail.  It was quite funny actually.  
  16. President Donald J. Trump

      LOL this is coming from somebody who refuses to meet with anybody on TT and has gone to a great deal of trouble to hide her anonymity which I can respect.  However I'm actually quite open with my political views but then again South Americans are more tolerant and easy going than Germans.  Also don't forget who Brazil elected.   But you're somewhat right.  Just like the Marxists across Eastern Europe forced people into silence, woke culture is making some people hide their political views in the West.  Awesome role models you've got.      
  17. President Donald J. Trump

    I've actually studied his works and although I'm allergic to Marxists, I must admit this man was a diabolical genius.  When he visited Russia right after the revolution he saw that the Bolsheviks were enforcing their truth through a gun and that the people actually hated them.  I know Alex hates her Italian heritage because of their "whiteness" but man would she ever love this guy.
  18. President Donald J. Trump

      Au contraire both my parents and I were immigrants who came legally and worked for our money.  In fact I've seen something neither you nor any American born "oppressed minorities" have seen as children...  WAR... Be very thankful for that.          
  19. President Donald J. Trump

    The USA was never meant to be a full fledged democracy but a republic with checks and balances.  Adams and Jefferson were all too familiar with the tyranny of the majority and went to great lengths to prevent it.  A little known fact was that the founding fathers were huge fans of the Roman Republic and studied Cicero religiously who agreed with Aristotle when he said that all three forms of government monarchy, which degenerates into a dictatorship, aristocracy, which generates into oligarchy and democracy, which degenerates into mob rule, were bad if left unchecked.  The ideal government was to have a perfect balance of all three systems.   The founding fathers modeled their government on what they thought was a system with the same principles in mind but designed to escape the fate of Rome by giving democracy an edge over the other two systems but with checks and balances.  Are all political systems doomed to failure?   Note:  By democracy I mean direct democracy.  Elected official every four years to make decisions for you may sell but it's not exactly pure democracy.  
  20. President Donald J. Trump

    Didn't you say how all Trump supporters need to be doxxed and have an angry mob chase them with torches and pitchforks until they pay up?  Does this include your parents or are you smart enough not to blow your inheritance?
  21. Canada’s pin-up PM Justin Trudeau ‘was accused of groping a woman at a music festival two decades ago’   This is gold:     So in other words if she hadn't been a reporter, he wouldn't have apologized? 
  22. Buying a used car

    Could anybody give me a few pointers as to what to look for when purchasing a used car in Germany?  I don't mean pointers regarding bureaucratic crap and paper clutter.  I'm planning on going to a used car dealer (not a private person but a dealer) so I was wondering what questions to ask regarding defects and how to get a guarantee whether the car is defect free or what defects are there?  I realize there is a TUV inspection but my concern is that this might have been done 2 years ago before the car accumulated additional defects.  Also any pointers while trying to negotiate the price?   Any suggestions?
  23. Sorry but I'm straight.  However I know of a missus in Berlin with a deadbeat husband and that deadbeat husband is into Brazilian chads... (won't say anymore)      
  24. Politics Gen XYZ

    AOC is a white supremacist ...   at least according to the geniuses in this thread.