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  1. 6 hours ago, balticus said:

       In this case, there isn't one singular correct way to view life in Toronto, Canuckstan, but any deviation from an accepted narrative brings accusations of "troll" from the peanut gallery.   

    To his defense I think he actually believes what he says.  If there is one thing Toronto immigrants from various backgrounds have in common it's that guys like him are usually the butt of their many jokes.


    I've seen his type all the time:  a 12th generationer with a name like Jones, Robinson, or Barnes shows up with a smiley face at some "exotic" restaurant praising their delicacies and trying to impress them by mispronouncing please and thank you in their language and then telling them how he understands the struggles they are facing.  And then he thinks he has a deep understanding of that community.


  2. On 9/4/2020, 12:33:45, alderhill said:


    I doubt I'll give him much more attention. He is a moron and a troll, but since he is making blatant falsities about my hometown, I thought I better not let him malign it unfairly lest anyone actually believe him.



    I'm not the one who studied a degree that according to the Business Insider link produces low IQ drunks.  Keep it up with the fake news.


    On 9/4/2020, 12:33:45, alderhill said:

    I just say Canadian usually, even though I know my various ethnic roots going back many generations (8th gen Canadian) and we still have relatives we speak to in one European country. 




    And you claim to know all about immigrant communities.  Many immigrants would call you a "caker".  But go on living in your bubble.  You may convince half a dozen idiots.


  3. On 9/4/2020, 12:59:35, alderhill said:


    The Union of Kalmar. Scotland, Ireland. The Ottoman empire and its many malcontent subjects: Greeks, Albanians, Armenians, Arabs. Berbers in North Africa. Various kingdoms playing out on the subcontinent. Imperial China many times, especially along its southern borders. Tibet. The Manchus until they became the Emperor. Russian expansionism into Siberia and Central Asia did not go easily, either, with lots of resistance and rebellions. The Aztec empire was conquered by the Spaniards because of so many discontent non-Aztec subjects (to be fair, Aztec is a cultural/political term more than an ethnic one, but they subjugated may non-Nahuatl speakers too). Slave and indigenous uprisings in European colonial Americas. Haiti. The Maroons in Jamaica and elsewhere.  Endless colonial/imperial wars and rebellions in Africa, South America and in South East Asia. The Roman empire had ethnic rebellions, too. Destruction of the Temple?


    People understood the concept of "race" in its original sense, what we today call ethnicity. Political agitation for self-ruling homelands was often less common because there were too many less abstract things to worry about, not because it was glowing approval of the status quo.


    Again you're moving goalposts.  I was talking about France and Austria Hungary while you started talking about China and Turkey.  Funny thing that you mentioned the Ottoman Empire because career was open to talent regardless of ethnicity as long as you would convert to Islam.  In fact quite a few Grand Vizirs were born to Christian peasant families.  As for the Greek and Armenian uprisings a couple of things:


    1.  They occured after the French revolution and therefore the concept of nationalism was already spread.

    2.  What are the roots of those rebellions?  If you look deep they are a result of the native populations' reluctance to convert to Islam which placed them in a position of oppression.  However this is religion and not ethnicity.


    You also mention the Roman Empire which is a bit too far back if we're talking about revolutionary France and Austria Hungary.  However that conflict was more religious than ethnic.  How many non Italian Roman princeps were there after Octavian?  Hint: Many.  In fact according to Will Durant by the 2nd century A.D. Rome was already an "ethnically Oriental city".  Career was open to talent here regardless of ethnicity.


    So far you didn't give me a single example of an ethnic uprising within the French or Austrian political nation before nationalism was clearly defined.  The point is that most conflicts were religious or feudal.


    On 9/4/2020, 12:59:35, alderhill said:

    It's a false premise to begin with, because just as nationalism did not quite exist, neither did "multiculturalism", whether "old school" or not. You're applying modern concepts in an ahistorical fashion, to a time when such concepts did not exist.


    The term multiculturalism didn't exist but the term applied was used to prove my point in distinguishing between a political nation and ethnicity.  However keep bringing up that strawman.


    On 9/4/2020, 12:59:35, alderhill said:

    I'm not a journalist.


    Did you fail the Buzzfeed IQ test?


    On 9/4/2020, 12:59:35, alderhill said:

    The Soviets expelled among others and to varying degrees: Chechens, Ingush, Kalmyks, Tatars and a few other Turkic minority populations, Greeks, Germans, Finns and other Balts, Koreans... They 'permanently settled' many of their Siberian indigenous peoples too.


    The Soviets expelled pretty much anybody not in line with them.  Think of that next time your buddies preach socialism.


    On 9/4/2020, 12:59:35, alderhill said:

    You invoked the USSR as a shining example, not me. Modern Russia has existed only since 1991.

    Nope I invoked Russia.  You're trying to derail to argument towards your vague notion of morality which is ironic.


    On 9/4/2020, 12:59:35, alderhill said:

    Tell us how much you have, tovarish.


    More than you if I am to judge by your I'll informed replies.


    On 9/4/2020, 12:59:35, alderhill said:



    Maybe you can't, but Russians can and do. I've been to Russia as well.


    This is utter bullshit.  Now I know you know very little about Russia.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen an ethnic Russian assume his colleague was also the same until finding out years later he's a Tatar.  We're talking about regular Russians not skinheads.  Stop getting all your info from CNN.


    On 9/4/2020, 12:59:35, alderhill said:


    It really isn't. In any case, as I said, the question is really about your or (grand)parent's etc. background. No one (except racists) asking the question is inferring that the other person is actually a passport carrying rabid patriot of that country who doesn't view themselves as Canadian.


    Yes it is.  You are not an immigrant and neither are your parents so you have no idea what goes on in immigrant communities and how they view themselves.  I was an immigrant albeit I came at a small age.  Immigrants as well as their children will talk about their ethnicity.  What a shocker.


    Btw you're using the "if you ask what's my nationality you is a wacist" tactic.  Funny I never heard that kind of talk from immigrants.


    On 9/4/2020, 12:59:35, alderhill said:

    Was Canada even in the Euro 2004? Lemme check again to be sure, my memory is hazy, can't remember if we qualified for the Euro that year... 


    You're not playing with a full deck.  What is July 1st? And why would you expect to see Canadian flags on that day?  Think Eaglehill think.




  4. On 9/2/2020, 3:24:31, Acton said:

    This is the same for all teams who have enough money. Club football is dead for me. Now, Brentford. I supported them for many years at home in England. That's what support is all about! Division 4 at the time.

    Yeah that's the reason why I supported Barca.  They were different.  Guys like Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Busquets, Puyol, Valdes, Piqué all came from La Masia


  5. 23 hours ago, alderhill said:


    Not really, everyone was just too poor and dropping off from cholera, typhoid and a bad turnip harvest to do anything about it. Not to mention there were too many guys in metal plates with sharp pointy sticks and hand cannons surrounding the powers that be. The concept of nationalism had not yet been invented it is true, so that kind of language was not in use. But feelings for autonomy were there.


    What would those examples be?  You do realize that pre revolutionary France had about 50 languages but all their speakers were considered part of the French political nation?  The "feelings of autonomy" were religious (i.e. Huguenot revolt) or feudal but not ethnic.


    By the way you're moving goalposts by mentioning pestilence and crop failure.  I was talking about old school multiculturalism not the medicine or agriculture of that time.


    23 hours ago, alderhill said:

    Ah, the successor state to that other state that paid lip service to brotherhood of nations all striving for the same goal of a dictatorship of the proletariat. The one that also sent millions of minorities to either gulags or painted a brick wall or shallow ditch with their brains? The one that expelled entire ethnic groups from their homelands? The one that enforced Russification at the same time it gave bone-throwing tokens of ethnic autonomy? Hmmmm. Funny to use Russia as an example.


    You're moving goalposts again but what can I expect from somebody with a journalism degree? Check this article out. 


    Most of those millions sent to the gulags were Russians but we're not talking about the crimes of the Soviet Union, something your journalist buddies wish they could forget when they preach socialism, we're talking about ethnicities vs political nations.  I doubt you have much contact with Russians but apart from Chechens most of the ethnicities within Russia are well integrated (i.e. Tatars).  In fact you're likely not to notice the difference.  So you're either being dishonest or ignorant.


    23 hours ago, alderhill said:

    Are you being disingenuous, or are you so old and out of touch that you really don't understand how it works? New immigrants often tend to stick a little closer to those who are more similar to them... can speak the same language, like the same foods, may have the same cultural-religious framework, laugh at the same jokes, scoff at the same stupid things that the locals do, know where to find the stuff from back, suggest jobs to them, etc. That's not surprising at all.


    But stick to their own ethnic communities to the exclusion of all else, I don't think that's true. It's certainly not been my experience living there the first 25 years of my life and where I still go 'home' to once every year or three. (And where I'll probably move back some day). Toronto is probably one of the most fluid and interactive multiethnic places in the world. Your narrative is multi culti bad! and I think you're seeing it wherever you want.


    Actually you're older than me and I think you live in your downtown superficial bubble.  Not only new but also older immigrants tend to stick to their own community.  Sure I had Polish friends, Indian friends, Chinese friends but they tend to have their own parties, social clubs, associations etc.  Yes I got invited to those but there is very little movement towards a Canadian culture which is true for several generations.


    23 hours ago, alderhill said:

    Very disingenuous. First of all, no one asks that. Being Canadian is just the given assumption. Toronto is so multiethnic, no one assumes nationality just by looking (unless you're a racist prick). A give away might be very poor English, but that alone is doesn't mean anything. The common question is what's your background, or ancestry, etc. When someone answers Polish, Indian, Chinese, etc. what they mean 99% of the time is ethnicity or ancestry (or parent's, grandparent's) and not nationality. We rarely say hyphenated Polish-Canadian or Chinese-Canadian in every day speech. It's just Polish, Italian, Jamaican, Vietnamese, etc. as the -Canadian part is inferred. You might see the hyphenated names in some official contexts or for politically correct clarity, and some people use it themselves, but it's not common IME. Some people might use Afro-Canadian or Black Canadian in certain contexts to distinguish themselves from more recent West Indian immigrants (Afro-Caribbean), i.e. as being descended from Canada's earlier (smaller) Black populations from anywhere over the last 400 years. Again, most people mean ethnicity or ancestry and also understand that as the meaning when they say a 'nationality'. 


    I was born and raised in 416, and you're talking bullshit.


    What a load of crap.  "What's your nationality?" is one of the most common questions I've heard outside Bay St.  And no the "Canadian" part is not assumed.  In fact often times you'll hear somebody emphasize that he's not a "caker".  I've almost heard every ethnicity I know use that word in a mocking tone.  Were you in Toronto on July 1st 2004 (Euro 2004)?  Did you notice how there were more Greek flags on cars than Canadian ones? Did you ever venture outside of Church St?


    By the way I've lived at Rexdale, Lakeshore, Dundas West, and Yonge & Eglinton and you're talking like a Toronto Carrie Bradshaw who came from a small town to Toronto at age 22, saw a whole bunch of restaurants (that pretty much cook the same meat but decorate it differently) and concluded "diversity is our strength" while wondering why she's paying so much for rent.


  6. The ignorance of certain MuRRRicans on this forum is astonishing.  Chechens aren't white Christians; they are white Muslims.  Nonetheless they are white and causing unrest so I hope certain people on here enjoy it.


    21 hours ago, HEM said:

    is this not what is called "multi-culti"?  Its here to stay!

    A multicultural society is a lot more difficult to maintain than a homogeneous one.  Simply put different cultures have different values and often contradictory.


    The old school multiculturalism, for example what you saw in pre revolutionary France, Austria Hungary etc, was natural and worked well until the concept of ethnostates took over. A good modern day example would be Russia which is naturally multicultural as the landmass has 200 ethnicities that are native to the land but almost all of them consider themselves Russian even though they are ethnically distinct from ethnic/Slavic Russians.  I.e. Putin is both ethnically Russian and belongs to the Russian political nation while Iryna Shayk would answer yes if you asked if she was Russian but she's ethnically a Tatar and also speaks the language.


    Artificially induced multiculturalism (i.e. what we have in America and Western Europe) is turning out very badly.  It flunked royally in Yugoslavia and is failing with flying colours in America.  The problem is that if you have essentially open borders the immigration level gets too high and the immigrants don't have time to integrate.  The Greater Toronto Area takes in almost 100,000 immigrants yearly and the result is that most people stick to their own ethnic communities.  If you ask a Torontonian "What's your nationality?" He'll likely say Polish, Italian, Chinese, Indian before Canadian.


    21 hours ago, MikeMelga said:

    Nah, no problem with multi culti, the problem are those religions who profess "peace".

    I have been the one to criticize political Islamism quite a bit but it's important to distinguish between Islamic violence and violence caused by perpetrators who simply happen to be Muslim.


    The Chechens, although Muslim, are more driven by ethnic pride than Islam.  They are an extremely tough and resilient people and have somewhat of a warrior culture.  In fact they converted to Islam (a process that took centuries) because it was seen as resisting Russia.


    When that boy was beaten by drug dealers the Chechens saw it as insult and upon realizing how impotent the French police were they decided to administer their own brand of justice.


    2 hours ago, balticus said:


    Sounds mostly peaceful.   


    Messing around with Chechens seems like a promising way to get a Darwin Award nomination.  

    LOL.  When it comes to brawls and street fights I would say Chechens are the toughest.  I still remember two forum members on here who were complaining about the treatment of homosexuals in Chechnya and that "we should do something about it".  I was laughing for days at their ignorance;  if you were a Chechen tough guy would you be intimidated by some dude from the Internet who panics at the thought of assembling an IKEA night table? 


  7. Apparently All Lives Matter not as a Trump supporter was executed in Portland and BLM activists celebrated.  Now both the perpetrator and the victim were white but the former is a self described BLM activist and was arrested in July for possession of a loaded weapon but the charges were dropped.  Oh but it's Trump supporters who cause the violence.


    I hope to see the day that mayor Ted Wheeler is brought to justice for dereliction of duty.  May he spend the rest of his life behind bars.



  8. 8 hours ago, Space Cowboy said:


    I have a good friend who is a Supervisor at the Postal Sorting Facility in Nashville, Tennessee.   I spoke with him a couple of hours ago.  The Trump appointee ordered that five of their sorting machines be removed.  These machines process approx 20,000 pieces of mail per hour, and run 24/7.  Calculate that out.


    This was deliberate sabotage.

    Still think Trump goes out at night stealing your mailboxes?  Given your username that must have been some weed. ;)


  9. 10 hours ago, john g. said:

    When I was about 22 and being a hippy type in Buenos Aires ( ie broke ), I remember being really envious at diners in a restaurant and shouting at them! “ Bourgeois bastards/ hijos de puta”).

    What would have happened to you if you had shouted that at a mafioso? :D


    11 hours ago, balticus said:


    It will come to Germany so you will be involved whether you choose to be or not.  🥵

    If this doesn't get crushed in the U.S. it's virtually guaranteed to come to Germany.  This what I see happening:


    Scenario 1: Republicans win Senate, House and Presidency - All the power of the DOJ, FBI gets unleashed and Antifa and BLM are charged while the DOJ investigates corrupt local mayors or D.As like Ted Wheeler and Kim Gardiner for dereliction of duty.  Silicon Valley answers for their bias.  Jack Dorsey yells I didn't do it and Tim Cook gets nutured.  This is what should happen but may not due to cowardice of neo Cons such as Romney, Graham and McConnell.  I still remember how Tucker grilled that Indiana Republican Senator who ended up implying he supports BLM because he's afraid of Chuck Schumer's reaction.


    Scenario 2:  Neither party wins all 3.  Rioting continues.  Each party blames the other.  Don Lemonhead and Fredo from CNN blame Trump for everything as does the rest of the media.  People are told they should believe the media more than their own eyes.  Anger grows, militias form to restore order.  Civil war starts.


    Scenario 3: Democrats win all 3.  President Kamala tolerates the riots for a couple of months and then unleashes law enforcement to its full extent and has more BLM and Antifa arrested and convicted than Trump dreamed possible.  Corrupt mayors and D.As all of a sudden start enforcing the law while President in name only Biden, out of his basement, says "C'mon man.  You ain't black if you're rioting" and then goes on to talk about that time he went on a hunting trip with F.D.R.  The thing is Kamala is a tough on crime hardliner as her record indicates she asked for tough penalties even for minor offenses.


  10. Just now, fraufruit said:

    Neither Paul or his wife were touched or injured. They were, however, harassed and mobbed.

    That still classifies as assault not battery because the cops took a few blows for them.


    1 minute ago, fraufruit said:

    Why in the hell did they walk into a mob? Nobody has figured that out yet. Full security was available to them when leaving the RNC.

    The mob was waiting for them
     and the police presence was not adequate
    thanks to the Democrat D.C. mayor.  Are you blaming the victim?


  11. Just now, fraufruit said:

    That particular group of white kids bothering that woman were Trumpers. It has been all over the news. coming from the rig

    What the hell are you talking about? Did you watch the Sky News video? They were BLM even confirmed by Sky.  The raised fist is not used by Trump supporters.


    2 minutes ago, fraufruit said:

     The vast majority of the violence is coming from the right wingers.



    Right wingers?



    Are right wingers attacking Rand Paul?





  12. Just now, john g. said:

    More and more I get the impression it is not African-Americans who are “ the problem “ but middle-class white liberal kids.

    Yes.  There are horrible people from every race but narcasstic left wing white kids who have never been to a socialist country top the list.


    2 minutes ago, john g. said:

    Black people want justice - and rightly so - but is their just cause being hijacked? 

    Yes.  Good looking intelligent women like Candace Owens are being called degenerates for having a different point of view while those who sell debauchery for a living like Cardi B are being glorified by the media.


  13. 2 hours ago, Keleth said:

    So let me get this straight.

    If no vaccine found or cure or herd immunity (such as after Spanish flu)then you expect things to return to normal.1000s of people crowded together again at sports etc,travel all over the world on full planes etc etc ?

    It did not go back to normal as they knew it after the Spanish Flu ,it became a new normal.Before the Spanish flu spitting (such a minor thing) was considered something that people do and was socially accepted,however when  it was discovered it helped spread the flu it became socially unacceptable and was even worse thought of when TB became rife.

    Forgive my ignorance but where did you read that people stopped spitting due to the Spanish flu?  As a kid I recall tobacco chewing baseball players spitting on the field.  Also  football players spit water constantly.


    You've completely missed my point (perhaps intentionally):  the Spanish flu had a much higher mortality rate than Corona but people still didn't socially distance after it was over.


    2 hours ago, Keleth said:

    Weren`t you one of those "it`s no worse than the flu" people before.Now you`re comparing it to diseases with a much higher mortality rate.

    If you read my post before it was deleted I mentioned that the mortality rate is higher than the flu but that as the city of Toronto tweeted: "a person who dies with Covid but not of Covid is registered as a Covid death" thereby inflating the numbers.


    Also aren't you still under the impression this is airborne Ebola?


    2 hours ago, Keleth said:

    Oh so now it took a century or 2 to get back to normal.



    Learn to read:  I said it took a century or two for the demographics and economics to catch up with its pre 1348 levels in some regions.  People behaved as they did before after the plague subsided.  Why? Because it kept on coming back and it was simply a fact of life.


    2 hours ago, Keleth said:

    Do you think maybe medical and hygiene advances helped with this ?

    Which groundbreaking 14th century medical advances are you talking about?