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  1. Sorry but I'm straight.  However I know of a missus in Berlin with a deadbeat husband and that deadbeat husband is into Brazilian chads... (won't say anymore)      
  2. Politics Gen XYZ

    AOC is a white supremacist ...   at least according to the geniuses in this thread.  
  3. Describes your life at the moment huh?  So tell me what does not being a non-native speaker of Spanish have to do somebody being in Brazil and speaking Portuguese?  By the way why are you so obsessed about me living in Brazil?  If you really want to you you can visit me.  I'll introduce you to a nice hot looking girl from Porto Alegre.  You can buy her flowers, take her for dinner, give her a massage and then high five some Brazilian chad as he "takes it from there" and then sit in the corner of the room observing the action while ranting on Toytown.  That's how most of your dates go don't they?     
  4. Smart ass - I stand corrected.  It should have been cojones - not a native Spanish speaker.  Now let's see you not make a mistake while attempting a Slavic language...
  5. You mean like when they had millions of KKK members?  I wouldn't be surprised if you would have joined their ranks had you been born 50-100 years ago considering your love of anti-semites and your tendency of going whenever the wind blows.  
  6. This guy must have cajones the size of basketballs to do this kind of work.  Dealing with past gang members (some relapse) is dangerous business especially in El Salvador.
  7. That's what our group of meme posting "intellectuals" just don't get.  Quite frankly I'm surprised that an experienced politician like Pelosi is having such a hard time containing those four rabble rousers.  Nonetheless it's telling that Omar (another anti-semite defended by the same moron who claims to be Jewish) has only a 9 % approval rating among swing voter.
  8. Only in America...

        I am generally against the death penalty but whenever somebody like this or his El Paso counterpart guns down dozens of innocent people (especially if there are children being shot) I have trouble defending my position.    
  9. Edit that meme and say "She'll get bored in a few seconds" which kind of summarizes your dating career.  
  10. LOL at least I'm not addicted to cuck bait.
  11. Meh they are harmless.  Just a bunch of obese unemployed deadbeats addicted to Buzzfeed rage bait.  You can't find people like that in real life. 
  12. The wisdom of your 2028 presidential candidate:              
  13. hahahaha   278 pages of fat old American deadbeats getting triggered and raging against the Orange Man and still he stands.  Here are a few facts about your heros Ilhan Omar and AOC, the new face of the Democratic party:   Ilhan Omar Has Nine Percent Approval Rating Among Swing-State Voters   I disagree with Trump btw.  Please don't send Ilhan Omar back.  She and her buddy AOC are the greatest gift the Republican party could think of.  I think the GOP should pay them...        
  14. Still eating that nothing burger Alex boy?