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  1. Low IQ?  You're beginning to sound like Trump.   Doug Ford was a result of 15 years of failures by McGuinty and Wynne which turned Ontario into a "have not" province.  In this case I would have picked Ford any day.  Wynne may be "intelligent" on paper but if everything she touched turned into crap then she's of little use.   I guess you voted for Smitherman in the 2010 Mayoral Election?  The urbane intelligentsia liked him but I just couldn't get past his poor performance as Ontario Health Minister (i.e. eHealth failure).
  2. Conspiracy theorists upset at you for promoting a conspiracy theory haha.
  3. Divisive such as calling half of your country Russian trolls and basing it all on a conspiracy theory that after two years ended up being a NOTHING burger?  Must have been a rough week for you.
  4.     You gotta love America.  If you're rich, famous and have the correct political views, you're above the law.  Go ahead hipsters!!!  Bring on the temper tantrums and whataboutist Trump arguments..        
  5.   Meh I would rather watch Tucker Carlson than have little squeaky voiced Brian Stelter crying on live air how he and Don Lemonhead were yelled at in public by some random passerby.  It's funny how certain forum members are now saying "both sides are bad" while just about a year ago one side was evil and the other side was "striving for excellence" and you were a fascist for disagreeing.   Also Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and co. said they were dedicated to stopping the spreading of conspiracy theories.  They even banned Alex Jones for some of his wacky comments.  Hmmm I wonder whether they will suspend CNN's account or that of Rachel Maddow for Russiagate.
  6. You have to admit that the TFSA was a great idea.  It's too bad for you guys living in Germany that there's nothing similar to that or the RRSP there.  Anyways, who would you vote for in the Federal Election?
  7. Politics Gen XYZ

    Pretty much describes this forum.
  8.         So many people based their lives and careers over this.  Funny how Mueller goes from being a real American hero G.I. Joe style into a KGB collaborator within 2 minutes.  Now the Democrats want to use their subpoena power because the baby didn't get his lollipop.   Dems warn of subpoena if Mueller report and evidence not turned over to Congress       No wonder nearly 2/3 of Americans don't trust the media.
  9.   Wasn't this the same incompetent "male feminist" lawyer who lost Sloppy Daniels' case and then got arrested for beating his wife?  Hmmm I wonder what's new with him.   Stormy Daniels' ex-lawyer Michael Avenatti arrested for alleged $20 million extortion scheme against Nike, embezzling client's money, defrauding bank   You don't have to like the guy but you have to admit, he's definitely a colourful character.        
  10. Apartment problems/Landlord

    Don't talk to it jeremy!  Don't encourage it!
  11. Just curious silty, have you or would you have voted for Justin?  Something tells me you have a photo of Harper at home that you throw darts at.
  12. Asking for a little ketchup huh?  If I was a nice guy I would give it you but since I'M NOT how do those two buns with nothing between them taste?
  13. Game of Thrones (TV series)

    Ignoring the word "legally" offshore VPN is the way to go dude.  Just make sure you connect to some African country, that's not on best terms with the EU at the moment, like Zimbabwe.      Btw I'm really hoping the Night King takes it!
  14. Well I've said this before: Margaret Trudeau was a promiscuous woman who cheated on Pierre Elliott Trudeau left, right and centre.  Her lovers included Ted Kennedy, Mick Jagger and according to some accounts El Presidente himself so I wouldn't be surprised if it were true.  But why is Justin upset at this?  If you're a virtue signalling leftist wouldn't you rather have a latino alpha type revolutionary rebel as your father as opposed to some boring establishment cuck?  Fidel, Che, Mao and Joe Stalin is as good as it gets...
  15. hahahahaha - WHAT A NOTHING BURGER!!! So many of you spent the last 2+ years placing all your bets on a far fetched conspiracy theory!!   Jeffo my man!  I can't tell you how happy I am to see that you're alive and well despite the devastating news!  You're a valuable member of this forum, which I can't visit too often now that I'm overseas.  Unfortunately I can't say the same for your alts:  Stinkkaese and somebodyssockpuppet just aren't as funny as the original account.