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  1. To his defense I think he actually believes what he says.  If there is one thing Toronto immigrants from various backgrounds have in common it's that guys like him are usually the butt of their many jokes.   I've seen his type all the time:  a 12th generationer with a name like Jones, Robinson, or Barnes shows up with a smiley face at some "exotic" restaurant praising their delicacies and trying to impress them by mispronouncing please and thank you in their language and then telling them how he understands the struggles they are facing.  And then he thinks he has a deep understanding of that community.
  2. And you claim to know all about immigrant communities.  Many immigrants would call you a "caker".  But go on living in your bubble.  You may convince half a dozen idiots.
  3. You're not playing with a full deck.  What is July 1st? And why would you expect to see Canadian flags on that day?  Think Eaglehill think.    
  4. Messi wants a transfer from Barcelona!

    Yeah that's the reason why I supported Barca.  They were different.  Guys like Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Busquets, Puyol, Valdes, Piqué all came from La Masia
  5. Why would anybody want to shake your hand?
  6. What a load of crap.  "What's your nationality?" is one of the most common questions I've heard outside Bay St.  And no the "Canadian" part is not assumed.  In fact often times you'll hear somebody emphasize that he's not a "caker".  I've almost heard every ethnicity I know use that word in a mocking tone.  Were you in Toronto on July 1st 2004 (Euro 2004)?  Did you notice how there were more Greek flags on cars than Canadian ones? Did you ever venture outside of Church St?   By the way I've lived at Rexdale, Lakeshore, Dundas West, and Yonge & Eglinton and you're talking like a Toronto Carrie Bradshaw who came from a small town to Toronto at age 22, saw a whole bunch of restaurants (that pretty much cook the same meat but decorate it differently) and concluded "diversity is our strength" while wondering why she's paying so much for rent.
  7. One has to wonder about their school system when a couple of MuRRRicans see everything as an "epic battle between the good guys and bad guys".  In reality what these two don't understand is that the world including Chechenya and their history is a lot more complicated for your average MuRRRican TT-er to understand.
  8. The ignorance of certain MuRRRicans on this forum is astonishing.  Chechens aren't white Christians; they are white Muslims.  Nonetheless they are white and causing unrest so I hope certain people on here enjoy it.   LOL.  When it comes to brawls and street fights I would say Chechens are the toughest.  I still remember two forum members on here who were complaining about the treatment of homosexuals in Chechnya and that "we should do something about it".  I was laughing for days at their ignorance;  if you were a Chechen tough guy would you be intimidated by some dude from the Internet who panics at the thought of assembling an IKEA night table? 
  9. What happened in Dijon was a 16 year old Chechen boy was allegedly assaulted by drug dealers presumably of North African origin.  The French police as usual reacted weakly most likely for fear of being called racist and then the Chechens took matters into their own hands.   And they wonder why Eastern Europeans don't want open borders...
  10. Apparently All Lives Matter not as a Trump supporter was executed in Portland and BLM activists celebrated.  Now both the perpetrator and the victim were white but the former is a self described BLM activist and was arrested in July for possession of a loaded weapon but the charges were dropped.  Oh but it's Trump supporters who cause the violence.   I hope to see the day that mayor Ted Wheeler is brought to justice for dereliction of duty.  May he spend the rest of his life behind bars.  
  11. Still think Trump goes out at night stealing your mailboxes?  Given your username that must have been some weed.
  12. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=igEAPV_tQ6Q   This is from from June but why am I not surprised that this was not covered by more media outlets?  Or is this just business as usual in the French banlieus?
  13. If this doesn't get crushed in the U.S. it's virtually guaranteed to come to Germany.  This what I see happening:   Scenario 1: Republicans win Senate, House and Presidency - All the power of the DOJ, FBI gets unleashed and Antifa and BLM are charged while the DOJ investigates corrupt local mayors or D.As like Ted Wheeler and Kim Gardiner for dereliction of duty.  Silicon Valley answers for their bias.  Jack Dorsey yells I didn't do it and Tim Cook gets nutured.  This is what should happen but may not due to cowardice of neo Cons such as Romney, Graham and McConnell.  I still remember how Tucker grilled that Indiana Republican Senator who ended up implying he supports BLM because he's afraid of Chuck Schumer's reaction.   Scenario 2:  Neither party wins all 3.  Rioting continues.  Each party blames the other.  Don Lemonhead and Fredo from CNN blame Trump for everything as does the rest of the media.  People are told they should believe the media more than their own eyes.  Anger grows, militias form to restore order.  Civil war starts.   Scenario 3: Democrats win all 3.  President Kamala tolerates the riots for a couple of months and then unleashes law enforcement to its full extent and has more BLM and Antifa arrested and convicted than Trump dreamed possible.  Corrupt mayors and D.As all of a sudden start enforcing the law while President in name only Biden, out of his basement, says "C'mon man.  You ain't black if you're rioting" and then goes on to talk about that time he went on a hunting trip with F.D.R.  The thing is Kamala is a tough on crime hardliner as her record indicates she asked for tough penalties even for minor offenses.
  14. From 2018:  Rap Sheet: ***639*** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters