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  1. Police brutality in the USA

    For those who still think this is about justice and not power:   White NC Cops & Civilians Wash Black Protesters', Faith Leaders' Feet ... Ask for Forgiveness   Watch the video.     Just wondering how many subs on here like this idea.
  2. It works like this:   Ali Antifa:  Remember that conservative woman, who thinks gyms should be allowed to reopen?  Well this one time at bandcamp she told me she dated a black guy for 4 months back in 2008. Hahaha what do think of that Trump supporters? 700 Conservatives in the crowd: Who cares? 3 Neo Nazis in the corner: Race Traitor! Ali Antifa: hahaha you see! Conservatives are all racist!  Ban them all!
  3. Police brutality in the USA

    More great "journalism".  Some Karen at the Bezos Post thinks we should stop showing police movies and TV shows.   https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/06/04/shut-down-all-police-movies-tv-shows-now/?arc404=true   Hmmm I guess she has Twitter to complain to if some construction worker winks at her...
  4. ^LOL who cares what kind of cocks Ivanka fantasizes about?  However considering that leftist men are typically weaker and have less testosterone...   and also considering how soyish Peretti looks like I wouldn't be surprised if it was him who was asking Ivanka those questions and projecting his cuckish fantasies onto her.  He clearly can't do the job himself so he wants to see her with some other dude...
  5. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    Jeffo is just annoyed Candace Owens is out of his league.  The guy really has some bizarre vendetta against beautiful women.  Like Tulsi methinks she makes him feel inadequate.
  6. You're starting to remind me of Marcy from Married with Children.
  7. You do realize I'm not American and never took the pledge of allegiance.  Doesn't it bother you how foreigners are constantly meddling in the internal affairs of your country?
  8. Police brutality in the USA

    That's my view as well.  I was surprised how the old man hit his head after that (must have been an awkward fall) but I think the problem was when the cops just left him there as opposed to helping him ASAP.  Surely they could have spared a couple of people.
  9. LOL aren't you from Georgia?  What do you think of the Shermanator?  I would have thought you secretly had a rebel flag back in the day.
  10. Police brutality in the USA

    So we're back to the "those were not her EXACT words" argument yet again.  Well Fat Tony technically never told his thugs to kill Frankie.  He just told them to beat his head with a baseball bat until he's no longer moving.
  11. Police brutality in the USA

    If you read my post you would know that via my state police vs people's militia comment I had this sentence from the article in my mind:   "I am one of many on the Council, including the Council President and the Chair of Public Safety, who are publicly supporting the call to disband our police department and start fresh with a community-oriented, non-violent public safety and outreach capacity. "   As I said there is no such thing as no police; somebody will always do the policing.  However Omar and that clown, whose name is not worth remembering, want to make sure their boys are the ones in charge.  They are not fooling anybody with a half brain.
  12. Yes exactly my point.  Of course men grope women more than vice versa but it happens more than certain people want to admit.   For those who still think that women don't harass or sexually assault straight men:   Katy Perry: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/katy-perrys-teenage-dream-costar-accuses-her-of-sexual-misconduct-164440795.html   Asia Argento: https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-asia-argento-me-too-20180821-story.html   Now we have some gay guys allegedly groping Terry Crews: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/oct/11/actor-terry-crews-sexually-assaulted-by-hollywood-executive
  13. Police brutality in the USA

    "It's time to disband them"?   So we're back to the "well those weren't her EXACT words" argument?  You're so desperate it's cute.
  14. Police brutality in the USA

    DefundthePolice just got another endorsement from Ilhan Omar:   https://mobile.twitter.com/IlhanMN/status/1268945330139209729   Funny how she escaped a lawless country only to try and turn the USA into one.   Remember SoyTown; there is no such thing as "no police".  The communists replaced the state police by a "people's militia" which was even worse. This is about putting their people in positions of power.
  15. Police brutality in the USA

    Actually all of us are hellfire as El Genius once theorized.