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  1. I had an experiment with SteuerGo for the previous year's return, and it does seem that the €952 limit is per item... Can anyone provide further confirmation?
  2.   Yes, I have a pretty legitimate case for that. Although honestly the business expenses of improving my set-up are really the thing I'm most interested in, since I don't want to go overboard on those if the benefits of upgrading at this time aren't as attractive as I'd thought
  3. Another article that makes the claims sound less attractive:
  4. Hi everyone,   Like many people here, I have been working 100% in Home Office since March, and expect to be doing so into 2021. Since my home has now become my one-and-only place of work, it's clear that I can plan to at least offset some expenses for necessary improvements to my workplace in next year's tax return. However, since I want to manage those expenses to maximise benefit, I'm slightly lacking clear guidance as to the limits.   Main source article:   How it _seems_ to me:   - I have an allowance of €1250 for the office space itself (basically, the rent), so it seems I can clearly claim that (no other workplace available) - Regarding items I want to purchase (new chair and desk), the limit is €952 per year, but I can continue to claim back on those up to the purchase price(s) in subsequent years whilst I use them. I assume this €952 allowance is in total, or is it per item?   I hope someone can clarify those a little since they affect my purchasing decisions   Many thanks
  5. Hi all,   Is anyone able to provide any update on this situation, particularly since "The C Word", and since some things have somewhat normalised?   My situation is that I would still somewhat like to try for citizenship (I have permanent residency, no burning NEED to get citizenship), before the Brexit transition period runs out. In theory I can have everything ready well before then, but the inability to actually get an appointment and enter the process seems to be the main blocker right now...   So has anyone successfully managed to enter the process in the past few months? Or is it really a lost cause that I should just forget about?