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  1. I am living in Heidelberg and I need to file a complaint against a psychologist. Long story short, I have joint custody of my son and I had explicitly vetoed this psychologist and even communicated it to her that I do not want her treating my kid as she has very clear biases on the equal custody model and it was clear my ex had chosen her to continue her fight to minimize the access to our kid.   Any case, long story short she did have a session and wrote a nasty report regarding his behavior problems (Found out from his Kita that my ex asked the teachers to write something similar and they refused as they did not notice any such behavior) with the idea of blaming it on shared custody.   I feel that this was quite unethical behavior on the doctor's part and I would like to file a complaint. Does one need to write directly to them? I was hoping to find an online beschwerdeformular but seemed nothing like this existed for Heidelberg and BW in general.
  2. @fraufruit @snowingagain   So, my ex has been trying to get sole custody for ages. I have never objected to our son getting the help of a psychologist. Ultimately, she chose one who does not believe in the Wechsellmodelle and basically I rejected her as an option as I wanted someone who could work within this framework. I suggested alternative psychologists but she did not get back to me on those.   Now suddenly there is this court case where she is basically claiming I am refusing treatment. Actually, the communication she has submitted proves to the contrary.   I am just aghast by the lack of professionalism of this psychologist and want to make sure that a complaint against her is filed.
  3. Thanks for the responses.   I will file the complaint in any case. At the end of the day, all I care about is my ex does not succeed with her dirty tricks and my child's rights to his father are protected.