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  1. I have a UK Ltd. company but I am now based in Germany (again). I still have clients in the UK and my UK company is pretty active. I am thinking of employing someone one day/week to do some market research and I have heard of this minijob work contract. The said person is on the health insurance of her partner and does not want to disturb  that as apparently going above this 450 euros/month threshold  would mean she would be responsible for paying for her health insurance. From what I can tell, this seems to be true. I just  wanted to confirm this with the collective wisdom of this forum.   Is there some gotchas I need to be aware of while employing someone with this contract? Also, does anyone have any good template contract which I may be able to use?
  2. consumer protection in Berlin

      Thank you. That is a very useful link. So, a follow up question (perhaps I should start another thread), would anyone happen to know a lawyer (preferably who is sympathetic to English speakers) who may help with this?
  3. I recently brought a car on lease from a Peugeot dealership in Berlin (mod October) and the car has had problems from the first week and has been for repairs 5 times with the dealership (had to deal with some very rude "engineers" but anyway...) and since the last repair the problem still persists.   I called them for another appointment and I am being informed that I might now have to pay for the so called "repairs". In light of all this, I am really thinking I should just return this car but  would like to get some help with the contract and know my rights and obligations. I went to the verbrauchtzentrale website for Berlin but they do not seem to have a section regarding cars.   I wonder if someone can advise on which agency I can approach regarding this? I have really wasted a lot of time going back and forth with Peugeot and it seems to me that they are taking the piss here.