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  1. Just for context, I do not get to see my son often. Currently, embroiled in an extremely bitter custody proceedings with my ex.   I will have my son for 4 days next weekend and I wanted to plan a holiday with him around Berlin. I was hopping something in nature where he can run around. I was also hoping to rent someplace nice with a pool and hoping to get him started on swimming.   I just moved here not too long ago, so do not know much about where to go. Any recommendations would be really appreciated.
  2. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    I realized that I havce the appointment for the vaccine now on the 16th :)
  3. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    @Feierabend Thanks for the reply. I will go to the Hausarzt and see if I can get the yellow pass.   I think the quote says make sure your vaccination history is up-to-date? The full quote is:    
  4. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    I have an appointment at the big center on Eichenstr. for Monday. I do not have access to my previous vaccination records as I had them done ages ago in India and just do not know where the documentation is. Do you think this is a problem? Do they ask for the whole history? The appointment says that   I am not sure how I would be able to be prove this.
  5. Does anyone have some good suggestions on what one can do relatively safely outdoors this Easter break with a 4 year old energetic kid?