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  1. Afaid drugs is a problem everywhere. But otherwise unless you are at a busy junction I think it's  a good area
  2. Schwabing live performance at pub

    Just saw on their website that  this Saturday the "Ten Dollar Jazz Band" will play "Dixieland und Jazz zum Mitsingen, Relaxen und … was einem sonst noch einfällt Man fühlt sich mitunter wie bei einer Fahrt auf einem Mississippi-Dampfer". Personally the  closest  I have been to a Mississippi steam boat was a trip with the Köln-Düsseldorfer Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt GmbH between Bonn and Koblenz. Piped music with Kaffee und Kuchen, so don't quote me  on the Dixieland...
  3. Schwabing live performance at pub

    It was a very nice evening with lovely music. I understand that very Friday and/or Saturday there will be some live performances. Watch this space!
  4. The  Gasthaus „Die Rheinpfalz“ is an endangered species with no thanks to Covid 19 and the measures to fight the virus. But Hans Karp, the owner, affectionately called "Hensel" by most of us, is fighting back by organising live jazz and other musical events. E.g. tomorrow night 10th July from around 8pm  "Blue in Green: a tribute to Chet Baker"  featuring Nina Michelle (vocals, Canada) Peter Tuscher (trumpet, Germany) John Paiva (guitar, Ex-Guitarist der four seasons, USA) Manolo Diaz (Contra-Bass, Espana) For more details check their website: Kurfürstenstr. 35 80801 München Tel.: 089/271 06 98