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  1.   2. The destroyer was hit midships, so the tanker's broadside would have been visible for some time before the collision   3. ...but booze isn't allowed on US navy ships   Perhaps they can blame Trump, after all he is the Commander in Chief  
  2. Getting an orthopaedic consultation

    I'm a British pensioner so my health care is paid for by the NHS, AOK just manage it.
  3. Getting an orthopaedic consultation

    I guess I should ask AOK...  
  4. Getting an orthopaedic consultation

    My health care is covered by the UK NHS through AOK
  5. How do I go about getting an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon? Do I need to go through a GP, like in the UK?   I believe I'm in need of having my other hip joint replaced, I'm getting the same pains as I did with the first one.