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  1. Lawyer threatening with a lawsuit for an online review

    I am in a very similar situation now, and would have liked to know how that ended. A lawyer provided me with a draft document, which my tax adviser said would lead to fines from financial office if used. I contacted the lawyer for clarification, but she never responded. She, however, filed a lawsuit right away demanding that I pay her fee of 600 EUR. I called her and emailed her many times, just saying that I will pay right away as she explains to me how much of this document is actually under her jurisdiction. But she just proceeded with a lawsuit.   So I left her a negative review. So now she added a defamation clause to the lawsuit and demanding 5000 EUR in damages. She also proposed a settlement, where I pay her original 600, and remove the negative review, and never ever post again about her, under my name or no name, on german of foreign website.    I wonder how much of her thread is legit. She specifically seems to mention the phrase "the document she prepared could not be used legally" - particularly the word "legally", as she is a certified lawyer and therefore this is a false statement.