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  1. Alcoholfrei Beer?

    When I lived in Berlin, the thought of anything free of alcohol would give me the shakes. I certainly took advantage of the cheaper booze on offer, compared to the UK anyway. Now after a few years in the UK and one (mild) fatty liver diagnosis later, I’ll be back in Berlin soon. You’d think this would be cause for celebration and a chance for a sneaky Berliner. However, I self-diagnosed myself as alcohol dependent and gave up for good. Any slip ups could see me back to bad ways.   I’ve got used to alcohol free beer, especially Heineken. How freely available is it in Berlin in places like bars and imbiss-type places?   Cheers
  2. Easy to open (preferably free) bank account

    Thanks all, very helpful 😀😀😀
  3. Easy to open (preferably free) bank account

    Not according to their website. I’m in the U.K. now and can register at my U.K. address. 
  4. Easy to open (preferably free) bank account

    Thanks Panda, Leon and Susie for the helpful replies. I also received a nice PM about another option called N26. I’m surprised there are any options for non-residents with all the increased checks in most countries, but I’m happy that it’s doable.   Still a top forum 😀  
  5. Easy to open (preferably free) bank account

    Oh wow, I never thought of that. Thanks.
  6. Hello all   I left Germany in 2012 and am now in my native UK. I kept a Postbank account open until last year.   I’m not planning to live in Germany again, but I am thinking about working there very temporarily as a teacher - part of a long-term semi-retirement plan - and would ideally need a German bank account.   My German’s OK so no worries about opening an account, but if I recall, banks require Anmeldungbestätung and such paperwork, which I obviously won’t have.   if I can’t open any sort of bank account in Germany, it won’t be a huge hindrance, but it would make life easier.   Sounds a bit dodgy reading the above, but do any banks offer an account for “temporary residents”?