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  1. Dear TT,   I studied in a UK university between 2006 and 2010. I took out a student loan during this time (standard one from the Student Loans Company). In 2012 I moved to Germany, and have been paying back this student loan from 2013-2016. I have been working at the same time, in a field directly related to my degree (work in IT, degree was a BSc in Computer Science).   I went to the Munich Lohnsteuerhilfeverein (tax help) to file tax returns and was told there is a good chance I will get money back due to paying around €2500 each year for my student loan. I was also told that after I pay it all back there is little point in doing tax returns as I will get no money back.   Recently I got a reply from the Finanzamt regarding my tax return applications (forwarded to me from the Tax Help office), saying that since I wasn't paying tax during my studies, I am not eligible for any tax refunds. This makes little sense to me.   I am about to call the Tax Help guys to ask how this is relevant, but as my faith in them has waned since I received this reply I wanted to ask whether you know of any similar precedents or regulations that would impact this.   Thanks in advance! Steph