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  1. I've never been to an "Amtliches" wedding here in Germany, so I have no idea what the usual procedure is. I'm not asking about the paperwork you have to do before, rather what happens on the day. How long does it take? What do they actually do? Do you have to bring witnesses to sign or are those optional? Is it pretty much just paperwork being signed and that's it, or is there a bit of ceremony to the whole thing? I know there's an option of music, but when do they play it and is it worth having or doing?   Anyone who has done it themselves here, I'd like to read about your experience.
  2. In an effort to save a few minutes on our way to Italy tonight, I want to buy an Austrian vignette before we head off. Anyone know of somewhere that sells them in the center of town? I don't know if any gas stations around the center do or not, so I'm hoping someone else out there will have a clue.
  3. The Munich Hash House Harriers is a social club where the group activities are centered around runs in the countryside and drinking beer. The events happen every second Saturday throughout the year. In addition there are special events such as Oktoberfest and Christmas parties.   For a more detailed introduction see: Hash House Harriers - TT wiki page   For the group's own website see: Munich Hash House Harriers   The posts below are discussing current hash events. Every Sunday at midnight all posts more than two weeks old are automatically moved to the discussion archive of previous events.