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  1. I meant to buy inkjet paper, but somehow now have laser paper. A quick online search tells me putting inkjet paper in laser printer is bad, but I don't know what the results are if I use laser paper in an inkjet printer. Anyone know? I mean, is it just not normally done but will be fine, will give me a poor print or is it likely to ruin the printer? I haven't done a test sheet, as I don't want to open the package in case I have to take it back.
  2. Anyone know how long it's necessary to keep German income tax records? I mean the copies of the already paid taxes and all the receipts and such from previous years.
  3. The Munich Hash House Harriers is a social club where the group activities are centered around runs in the countryside and drinking beer. The events happen every second Saturday throughout the year. In addition there are special events such as Oktoberfest and Christmas parties.   For a more detailed introduction see: Hash House Harriers - TT wiki page   For the group's own website see: Munich Hash House Harriers   The posts below are discussing current hash events. Every Sunday at midnight all posts more than two weeks old are automatically moved to the discussion archive of previous events.
  4. So, who knows more about this than me? I think it starts as the moon rises, it should be a big red moon. Then it "disappears" for a bit, then reappear as a red moon, then by midnight, be back to its normal colour. Sound about right? Astroboy should be able to confirm or deny the accuracy of this.