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  1. We have a couple coming over tonight and I've decided to do a beef stew in the slow cooker. It'll be pretty heavy, using a good dose of dark beer in the sauce. However, there aren't any potatoes or serious vegetables in the stew itself, so it would be nice to serve something else with it. I was thinking of some flat noodles, fettucine-like, but I'm not commited to it. And I need a dessert. Any other good ideas from you creative cookers?
  2. Dreams about TT and its members

    I'm putting this up because despite it's highly embarrassing nature of showing I don't have enough of a life, it's pretty funny as well.   The past week, I haven't been sleeping well and have woken to remember that I had dreams about Toytowners. Nothing of the wet-dream nature, just extremely bizarre dreams. Sometimes about people I know well, other times Toytowners I don't know well, and one time about a Toytowner I haven't even met, which is just too freaky.   Anyways, the basic summary of the dreams I had:   - A couple about a Toytowner I know well, but more just reliving the day's events with them included in it.   - Running through the Perlacher forest with a Toytowner I haven't met. Can't remember if this was running away, running towards, or running for exercise.   - Finding out that one Toytowner is secretly the King of Finland. This also included another Toytowner thinking I was related to him somehow.   - Singing "I Saw 3 Ships" Christmas carol, (but singing about 5 ships) with a Toytowner who was tied up in ship's rigging.   No further comments on my part, but I'm sure you will all have some.