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  1. Inheritance tax question

    I've had a look through the forums to find info on this topic. I've found some good info, but I'm pretty worried.   I've just inherited about 150,000EUR from my dad. It's happened in the last two months and from what I've read here, I need to tell the finanzamt.   My problem is, I have been in Germany for four years but have not filed a tax return, apart from the first year I was here, when I only joined the company halfway through the year. The finance guy at work who filled out the form (at the time I spoke no German) told me that I probably wouldn't have to do it again, as long as my income situation didn't change, because I don't have any deductions to claim. Maybe he was annoyed at having to help me.   But a friend tells me I am crazy and should have checked with an accountant and maybe I should have been filing a tax return every year all along. So first off, I'm freaking about that and any possible fines.   He also tells me I will have to pay tax on my inheritance. I did not tell him the amount.   Will I have a big tax bill?   I know you will all say go and see an accountant and I will, but this is worrying me a lot and I thought someone here might have some answers to calm me down before I go and see anybody.   Thank you   Thank you in advance.