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  1. For sale - only self-pick-up in Stuttgart-Ost and only all items together: kitchen furniture set from Ikea in Häggeby white, consisting of one high cabinet and three wall cabinets, as follows: - high cabinet for oven/micro, 220x60x60 cm (HxWxD), stainless steel legs and door handles, - wall cabinet 60x40x35 cm, one door, one shelf, - wall cabinet 60x80x35 cm, two doors, two compartments, one shelf / door, - wall cabinet 60x80x38 cm, two doors, two shelves across the entire width. All wall cabinets have turquoise plastic door handles. All items sold empty, of course: no other objects from the photos are included in this sale, except for the ones mentioned above. Normal traces of use, all hinges fully functional. All wall cabinets will be umounted from the wall for pick-up. Any other disassembly work should be done by the buyer. Collection from the apartment for all objects! Unfortunately, I can’t help with the transport in any way.  
  2. advice for lost a apartment key

    Hi 2B_orNot2B, OH MY GOD! The anecdote/story you told at the end was funny because it’s true 😊 I presume the fact that our owners inherited a building with 16 flats without having to properly work a day in their lives has made them oblivious of the realities of our world, insensitive and manic about money. When we moved here we heard a lot of clichés about the people in this region, and I must admit even though you have good people and bad people everywhere I got to say in this region statistically people are simply…strange. Besides the passive aggressive attitude, they have towards their tenants in general I presume they simply don’t like us a bit more for reasons unknown. I also remember when the neighbors upstairs flooded the bathroom we called the owners to send a plumber to check what happened and according to them a pouring rain that came down 2 days earlier destroyed the structure of the roof and the water was just dripping inside our bathroom corner. Nevertheless, they decided to fix the issue that became 2 separate problems: the water and the roof. So, the plumber decided to improvise a pipe like a rain gutter to collect the water in a bucket placed in the corner of our bathroom. Next, was the company trying to fix the roof, but they were only available in about 5 weeks’ time. So, we spent about a month during winter time with a hole in our bathroom ceiling looking at the sky while taking a s**t freezing cold. After days of bickering they reluctantly decreased our rent for 1 month. I know this is a bit off topic and I apologize but I want others to know the tenants have a lot of rights but the law applies subjectively. We went today to the Tenants Association and they will reply to the owners. The key is lost and irretrievable and it cannot be used to unlock a door that was changed. I will reply when I have the written confirmation. Cheers!
  3. advice for lost a apartment key

    Hi 2B_orNot2B, Many thanks for your reply! I must state some additional information regarding this topic: 1.     We left the 3rd key in the basement as we kept it as a spare key, but we looked for it last autumn and we simply forgot where we put it. So here, intuitively, we must search for it again, but I am pretty sure it’s somewhere in the cellar, so I fully agree with ‘Either the last place you'd have expected to find them or the last place you look.’ 😊 I am going to keep looking for it. 2.     Since the beginning the owners of the building have been only interested in money. They were not even keen on repairing the small things around the apartment that were broken. They completely ignored us, we had to beg for them to send someone every time [and we had problems with the bathroom tap, with the radiator in the living room and with the parking space in front of the building – just to mention a few] and wanted to charge us almost every time despite that these were their task contractually => therefore when I say they are greedy, believe me, they are. Every time we went to them with a problem they pushed us away and did nothing. 3.     The key itself is a simple metallic key that has no fancy chip. It was only used for the front door. It can be easily copied at the store down the corner. I can bend the key with my bare hands. When they changed the door entirely 2 months ago they took out the old door because the lock was broken completely and could not be used anymore. If I remember correctly the glass from the door [as it was a see-through door] was a bit cracked as well from the violent push & pull of the door of all the tenants in the building. 4.     I am 100% sure they will not be using that door, but I do agree with you that the key must be returned to them as per the agreement. Nevertheless, I am also considering the possibility that the next step will be for them to bully us into paying the costs because this happened in the past as well. 5.     I was saying that it is illogical for me to return a lost key for a damaged door that was changed 2 months ago. Still I understand that sometimes what may seem logical for me is not necessarily logical for other or a reason for this hassle. I also understand the legal aspect is very different from the logical / moral aspect. 6.     What will happen If I cannot find the key and return it per agreement? Like I said currently there isn’t anybody in my building using the old key as the door was changed and everybody has new keys. Even if I were to find my key I currently cannot use it anymore at all so there is no danger that somebody might penetrate the building using the old key.   Cheers!
  4. advice for lost a apartment key

    Hi guys,   I have a quick question regarding this topic. About a year ago we seemed to have lost 1 key of the 3 we had for our building‘s front door. Initially we assumed we misplaced it somewhere in the house but we cannot find it.   2 months ago the owners of the building changed the front door entirely and we gave the old keys back but only 2 of them and we got new keys for the new building door.   Today we got a letter from the greedy owners telling us we must return the 3rd key we lost for a door that isn’t used anymore at it was entirely replaced 2 months ago.   Is that legally possible? I know it’s simply illogical.   Many thanks!