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  1. I lost my wallet (licence included). Prior to this I was involved in a minor road accident which resulted in a 1 month ban. I had not yet served the ban and so had no licence to hand over to the police.

    I applied for a German licence (impossible to get a UK licence now) at the Landratsamt and  handed my copy of the new licence application form in to the police in lieu of an actual licence. I would have been allowed to drive if I were not serving a ban. I chose this time frame to serve the ban as I was leaving the country for 3 weeks

    The police were fine with this.

    Went back 1 month later to pick up my letter and drove with this.

    Went to the Landratsamt and picked up my new German licence which had been waiting for a couple of weeks.

    Total cost €26.

    German bureaucracy, I love it. Never fails to impress. 

    And no one asked about my address.


  2. Google tells us the code means  Turbocharger (TC) inlet valve - valve stuck open. And this is 

    Generic (Common for all car manufacturers):

    Car was "sold as seen", even if it was on fire when he bought it, he bought it as seen.

    Tell him to take a hike. 


  3. We are not talking about kids establishing a pecking order here, this is boys bulling a disabled girl.

    speak to the girls parents, tell them what you saw, tell them you will go with them to address the situation with the school.

    It is more than likely the parents know nothing of what is going on.


    On another note, FL kid is 5 and is going to Aikido ( start easy)

    By the time she starts school she will also be enrolled in Karate or some other striking form. 

    If she is going to deal with any bullies she needs to speak a language they understand.



  4. This is not an "existing case" until the other person lawyers up. Get legal insurance and just stop paying him.

    Let him fight you from outside Germany.

    He'll not have legal insurance that will cover him. Foreign legal insurance will not cover Germany and he'll not get German legal insurance as he is not living in Germany.



  5. Do you have something in writing?

    If not then stop paying, tell them you've paid enough.

    Even if you have got something in writing, stop paying. Let him take you to court. (Get legal insurance now)

    Did you "move in" and pay rent or did you buy?

    If you rent (why buy the furniture in the first place) keep paying your rent.

    And look for another place to live.

    If you own the property, no problems.

    Either way, find a new friend.


    (I am not a lawyer)


  6. 1 hour ago, Petro6golf said:



    I never seen such petty childish complaining and whining from an entire culture of people. How Germany has lasted for thousands of years is beyond me. 



    Germany came in to being as the German Empire in 1871. This was replaced by The Weimar Republic, then the Nazis, then Allied and Soviet occupation, followed by reunification in 1990. Not so long.



  7. Some one shoots a minor Austrian Arch Duke in Serbia. The Austro Hungarians try to strong arm the Serbs in to giving up disputed land as a result.

    Serbia says fuck off, you pricks we have Russia as an ally. AH dont think Russia will back Serbia and declare war. Russia steps in on the side of Serbia.

    AH calls on their ally, Germany to back them up.

    First thing Germany does is invade France as it is an ally of Russia and the Germany don't want to be fighting on two fronts ( look how that turned out later).

    To get to France Germany had to go through Belgium.

    And this is where Britain comes in.

    Britain and Belgium have a 75 year old treaty and Britain declares war on Germany.

    Not to help the French or honour the Belgium treaty but to halt German expansion in Africa. Africa is British, dontcha know.

    Britain and Russia wage war on Germany to prevent the rise of a newly formed (50 years or so) country in Europe.

    The British King, the Russian Tsar and the Kaiser are cousins. 


    This was a war of nothing but preserving Empires for the elite.


    And Britain declared war on Germany in WW2. For exactly the same reasons. The Brits didn't want a powerful competitor in Europe and the Colonies.

    It was not about "saving the Jews". This and all the other reasons were written in to history after the war.

    Again it was a war to preserve the wealth and Empire of the elites.


    And uncounted millions died as a result.



  8. 38 minutes ago, pmd said:


    I think the underlying issue is my daughter is bored in this group. She is nearly 3 and it is a 3 month to 3 year old group. There is a boy her own age but the other children are a lot younger.  Today I asked her who she played with and she said Robbie (her imaginary seal friend) which made me feel sad. 


    In this case I'd move her to another group. Not being able to play with children her own age is an awful situation. And she will always be the oldest because the parents of any new kids coming will want them in to a group with kids of a similar age.

    Move her for this reason.


  9. 1 hour ago, snowingagain said:

    um Saturn terms and conditions 



    Sie haben das Recht, binnen vierzehn Tagen ohne Angabe von Gründen diesen Vertrag zu widerrufen.

    I'm pretty sure that somewhere in these "terms and conditions" is a disclaimer that "Saturn reserves the right...."

    And any way "Terms and Conditions" are just marketing wank. They have no legal validity and do not form part of a contract. And as long as they do not infringe upon your legal rights they are nothing more than a gentlemans agreement. 

    He bought something, he changed his mind but the supplier cannot resell this item. 




  10. Make sure you get it inspected by the local chimney sweep as poorly maintained woodburners are fatal.

    It is just like starting a fire outdoors. You need tinder, kindling and wood.

    Use solid firelighters and build a small teepee of kindling over them. Light them and gradually add larger pieces of wood as the fire takes hold.

    It takes practice. 

    Do not use any form of ignition fluid indoors.

    You will kill yourself and your neighbours.



  11. Best is the Tunnel. The very cheap ferry options are only for a specific booked crossing. If you miss that one then you miss it. There is no provision to put you on a later ferry. You need to repurchase.

    Open tickets for Ferries (1 day, 2 days, 3 days) are much more expensive.

    When I travelled through the tunnel we had a 2 day window either side of date of travel.

    If you are driving from Germany you need to factor in for the inevitable delays. Or leave 1 day early.