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  1. Can I drive while I wait to receive a German driving licence?

    I lost my wallet (licence included). Prior to this I was involved in a minor road accident which resulted in a 1 month ban. I had not yet served the ban and so had no licence to hand over to the police. I applied for a German licence (impossible to get a UK licence now) at the Landratsamt and  handed my copy of the new licence application form in to the police in lieu of an actual licence. I would have been allowed to drive if I were not serving a ban. I chose this time frame to serve the ban as I was leaving the country for 3 weeks The police were fine with this. Went back 1 month later to pick up my letter and drove with this. Went to the Landratsamt and picked up my new German licence which had been waiting for a couple of weeks. Total cost €26. German bureaucracy, I love it. Never fails to impress.  And no one asked about my address.