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  1. It looks as though our trusty Saeco Magic fully automatic coffee machine is finally about to give up the ghost. It has performed admirably these last 8 years with only one repair required, so no real complaints.   I suppose I could just go out and get another of the same or similar model, but thought I'd check here first. A friend is telling me to go and get a Jura instead of another Saeco since he swears they are better. Meanwhile I'm also being told that the cheaper versions are actually quite fine and use the same internals so I shouldn't bother spending the extra money. Hubby is thinking of maybe an AEG. I want to be able to use both beans and ground coffee, and it must be fully automatic 'cause I'm not awake and functioning until after my second cup.   Anyone have a suggestion? Help me choose... there are soooo many out there!